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The blue tick was once coveted to be a symbol of prestige and originality, as only companies and famous personalities were allowed in Meta’s blue tick club. Now, from February 2023, you can get that blue tick at a subscription price! Read on to learn how to get a blue tick on Instagram and how the move will digitally help you.

Remember when finding someone who looked just like you was a mind-blowing experience? Nowadays, stumbling upon your doppelganger online can be freaky for a whole different reason – identity theft. The problem is real and scary. Moreover, social media platforms are trying to fix it by adding new features to keep our identities safe.

Just like that, one of the pioneers, Instagram, added the concept of profile verification in 2014. However, Twitter introduced the concept of blue tick or profile verification back in 2009. Since this article is based on Instagram, we are going to take a look at how you can get a blue tick on Instagram,

Allow me to shock you with the fact that Instagram has more than 1.6 billion accounts by April 2023. So, just imagine how hard it would be for someone famous to secure their identity. That’s when the blue tick was created in order to make it simple for users to find renowned and genuine accounts. Mostly, as mentioned previously, those verified users are celebrities, public figures, businesses, and multinational corporations.

Significance of Instagram Blue Tick?

The blue tick has other synonyms, too, like blue badge or Instagram verified badge. Moreover, the blue tick is not just a random tick appearing on your profile. It’s a proof of legitimacy, popularity, and online fame. A type of brand protection of sorts. The blue tick appears next to the account name in searches and whenever the Instagram account owner comments on posts.

Clearly, identifying the user as an official profile is the badge’s primary function. Because it stops impersonation and identity theft, Instagram verification is only available to those people or businesses who are either famous or the one’s have proper identity proof (the paid blue tick)

Instagram provides a verification check for accounts representing well-known companies and influencers when there is a high risk of the account being impersonated. This will make it easier for Instagram users to deal with real businesses and individuals they want to follow.

Back in 2018, Instagram started letting users request verification. Additionally, if an account has a blue tick, that means Instagram has manually cross-checked the profile and the details of the users. This is another one of Instagram’s methods to assist in protecting the privacy of its users.

Instagram considers a number of factors when deciding whether or not to provide the verified blue tick when someone requests it. If there is a significant possibility that the accounts will be impersonated, that is one of the key considerations they take into account.

To be eligible for the blue tick verification, individuals must be public figures, such as brands, celebrities, or influencers. Moreover, there is another method to get a blue tick is by paying. But there’s a catch here. You won’t get a blue tick just by paying. You have to submit some documents to prove your identity, too. 


Obtaining the Instagram-verified sticker has various benefits, some of which are stated below:

  • The Instagram tick makes it easier to draw attention to your brand’s exclusivity.
  • It’s a simple approach to improving your Instagram growth, increasing your following, and raising brand exposure.
  • Verification raises the professionalism of a company’s or influencer’s online profile, thereby generating additional collaborations and business prospects.
  • Instagram may offer priority customer care to some verified users, enabling faster resolution of account-related problems.
  • The blue check mark assists in preventing others from using your account to commit fraud by preventing people from pretending to be you and protecting your privacy.

As you can see, adding this simple blue tick to your Instagram profile can significantly impact your efforts to raise brand recognition and grow you are following on the social media platform. Now that we have seen the advantage let’s take a look at


#1. Real

To be eligible for verification, your Instagram account must be connected to an actual person, a well-known figure, or an acknowledged company or entity. If you are someone pretending to be someone else, then I’ve bad news for you. You won’t be able to get a blue tick. 

#2. Original

Instagram only allows users to have one verified account at a time. You must, therefore, choose the primary account to go through the verification process if you have multiple firm accounts. Or you can delete the Instagram accounts that are redundant.

#3. Public Profile

You cannot have your private profile on Instagram, as the Instagram badge is only for public figures and celebrities.

#4. Complete

The requirement states that it needs to have a profile picture, a bio, and at least one Instagram post in the feed. When asking for verification, the account must be used right away.

#5. Notable

To be eligible for verification, your Instagram account must be linked to a well-known brand or person, have a lot of searches, or make frequent news appearances.

Along with the above requirements, you also need to agree to Instagram’s Terms of Service and the platform’s Community Guidelines. This suggests that if you have previously been banned for breaking these guidelines, it is unlikely that your verified profile will be approved.

How to get Verified on Instagram?

The first and most important requirement is that you must spend $8 per month in order to get a Verified Account.

  • Log into Your Account
  • Once in your Instagram profile, tap the “Menu” button located in the top right corner, then tap the icon for “Settings” and tap “Account Center”
  • Tap “Meta Verified”, located near the bottom
  • Pay the amount and fill out the application
  • Tap “Send” when you have completed your application

And congratulations, you’ve done it; the verification process is on the way!

Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram

  1. Do not use third-party services to increase followers. If you want more leads and sales for your business, you should use reputed marketing tools.
  2. Don’t add links in your bio to other social media channels.
  3. Don’t give false information.
  4. Don’t break Instagram’s rules and policies.

While being genuine and having original, meaningful content makes a difference, you can also use Instagram analytics tools to monitor the success of your campaigns.

How to Increase Chances of Verification?

Instagram makes it quite clear that even if your account satisfies the requirements for verification, there is no assurance that you will receive the blue checkmark. It’s a good idea to put the following advice into practice to give yourself the best chance of being accepted:

#1. Complete your Bio

A full profile is one of the first things Instagram considers when deciding whether or not to verify your account. Make sure you complete the bio containing all the necessary data.

Use an Instagram Bio Generator or get help from some AI to build the ideal bio for a distinctive and expert profile. Or if you aren’t too good with words, there are many good professional bio generators that can be used.

#2. Become Newsworthy

Your account must be newsworthy in order to meet Instagram’s fundamental requirements for verification. Getting your name in the news is one way to do this. To get your name in the media, you can send out press releases and a media kit.

For even greater exposure, you can connect with regional media outlets and other significant publications.

#3. Improve your Internet Presence

Work on enhancing your web presence to make it more searchable. It decreases your chances of having your account verified if your name only appears on Instagram.

By using a service like Thrive Themes to optimize your website and other social media accounts, you may raise your online visibility and become more noticeable in web searches. In addition, you can participate as a guest in movies and podcasts as well as write articles as a guest for other reputable websites.

It’s a good idea to connect with all of the professionals you’ve worked with in the past on LinkedIn because it’s such a crucial professional network. When you do this, you may be able to connect with those people and personalize your outreach campaign by using any of these LinkedIn message templates as well as by taking advantage of an increase in network with LinkedIn groups.

#4. Grow your following on Instagram

According to a lot of social media marketing professionals, getting an Instagram-verified account requires a certain number of followers. Instagram hasn’t verified or clarified this, though.

Although there isn’t an obligatory need for Instagram verification, having more followers does give you a more recognizable profile. If you want to get the blue check on Instagram, you must continue to grow your reach and increase your following.

#5. Post Regularly

The requirements specify that you only need one post to be taken into account for blue check verification, but in theory, you should hold off on applying until you have a more established Instagram profile.

You need an active account with a significant following if you want to be well-known online. This is an essential indication of your merit, and it will significantly increase your chances of being accepted.

Use a variety of carousels, pictures, videos, reels, and Instagram stories to change up the types of posts you publish. You can increase the reach of your posts by including trending hashtags.

#6. Increase Engagement

Participating with your followers will also improve your chances of receiving the Instagram blue badge. The majority of social media platforms view interaction rates as a strong indicator of being real.

For other users to view posts from consumers who utilize your goods or services, Instagram advises encouraging your customers to tag your brand in their photos. Utilize the newest Instagram story features, such as polls and Q&As, to entice your followers to interact with your account more frequently.

Author’s Verdict

There are benefits to becoming an Instagram-verified user. Utilize the advice in this article to improve your chances of approval so you can begin taking advantage of the numerous advantages that come with having the blue checkmark next to your name on Instagram.

Keep in mind that by concentrating on creating high-quality, captivating content that your audience will love and appreciate, you may still achieve fantastic achievements on the platform regardless of whether you receive the blue check or not. 

Next up, learn how to mute someone on Instagram for a cleaner & more customized feed.

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