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In Digital Marketing Last updated: September 18, 2023
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Instagram is a lively place to share pictures/ videos, and connect with friends or followers. But often, commenting randomly on posts invites unnecessary discussions and arguments.

With more than two billion active users per month, Instagram reaches far and wide, especially among the youth. It is the second most interactive social media platform after Facebook and is highly preferred among influencers for its introspective functionalities.

Social media is an all-time powerful mode to publish personal thoughts, pictures, or videos for the global public. In the same way, anyone can put remarks as comments💬 on such posts in support or against them. Here, the ideal model provides worldwide reach to an individual for a healthy discussion.

But sometimes, people go out of their way to comment in bad taste👎, which causes unwanted chatter and opinions. Well, Instagram has a feature that allows you to hide the comments option on your posts, and thus, you can avoid controversies. Let’s dig deep into the matter.

Instagram as a Platform to Connect

Amongst many networking sites, Instagram is gradually making its way to be preferred as the most suitable place for social campaigns and creative advertisements. Flexibility with innovation in features💫 is one of the primary reasons for it to become the talk of the town.

download instagram app

The makers of this social media app have uniquely concentrated on popularizing it as a photo📸 and video-sharing platform in the public domain. The app is hand-in-hand globally as people find it interesting to take a snap and instantly upload it on the post with a location tag.

What makes it different from other platforms are the intriguing filters enabled with the mobile camera📱. So, without the need for an image editing tool, you can directly capture the photos/ videos from your Insta login and upload them to your feed.

Besides offering an image editing facility, you get the choice to share the image or videos in preferred sections of posts, reels, stories, or live content. Stories last for 24 hours🕛, while others stay as long as you delete them.

Instagram has also launched Vanish Mode on profiles, which lets you message and share images, videos, etc., with others. But once the conversation ends, the complete chat, including the files, gets deleted.

These simplistic yet intriguing features, flawless interface, and easy accessibility make it the first choice for young adults to engage with their peers. They can follow each other or form connections and communicate via personal texts or comment on posts as well.

Toxicity and Unwanted Opinions

We like to engage with people on our social media posts when they willingly appreciate our efforts and give meaningful reviews. Once you join Instagram, it quickly gains traction when you start watching👨‍💻 reels and stories from knowns and unknowns.


It is a perfect medium to find your long-lost friends or relatives and form many more new connections and followers. You get to know each other by posting and reviewing pictures or short videos and expressing your feelings or opinions by responding with hearts or comments and creating Instagram stories.

Some people prefer to showcase a jolly nature and avoid being negative by either ignoring what they dislike or replying privately. But many Insta users are too blunt with their words and do not hesitate to write rude and sarcastic texts. This can become uncomfortable as well as unwanted.

That is why people, while sharing their lives on social media, also want to introduce some online privacy. You may also choose to hide your Instagram followers and not let anyone view the list. This feature intends to safeguard your privacy by not allowing others to create perceptions about your likes or dislikes.

Random interactions with people often create friction due to variations in the thought process of every individual. This is one of the negative aspects of Instagram. It provokes the users to create interesting Reels and Stories while also making mockery🃏 or insignificant heated arguments on others’ posts.

Why Disable Comments on Instagram Posts?

Interestingly, people tend to criticize more than embrace others, sometimes in a comical gesture, while other times in envy.

post on instagram

Now, if those viewpoints are sent as a personal message, one can reply or ignore them. But any comment added to a post is visible in public📢 discourse. A word in good faith is always welcomed, while inappropriate statements cause depression and dissatisfaction.

You can settle the comments made by close friends. However, every connection may not be a known person, and strangers can also make comments. While some users ignore the trollers on their posts, there are a few sensitive others who get offended by such undesirable conversations and feel distressed.

There are some people who deliberately use the platform to make objectionable comments on others’ posts and embarrass them. This instigates the creators to completely refrain from such interactions.

It is obvious that you cannot instruct every individual🧑‍🏫 to react in a specific way on your page. On the other hand, to stay relevant with your branding or only to cheer your mood, you cannot corner from sharing Instagram posts.

A busy schedule is another factor that prompts users to disable the comments on posts. It is when they cannot invest enough time in conversational replies to those comments💬, irrespective of whether the statements praise or critique them.

They feel not replying to a comment might be perceived as ignorance by followers. It may ultimately tarnish their brand image and result in business loss.

One of the ways to get rid of such comments is to disable them completely. We will explore more about the procedure to hide or disable the commenting feature on Instagram posts. But let us first find out what other options the platform offers to the users.

Can You Restrict Who Can Comment on Posts?

restrict people on

Yes. Now, you can let out that sigh of relief and continue reading in peace!

The general purpose of Instagram or any other social media platform is to spread the content among like-minded people. The algorithm works in a way to promote the content according to the preferences of an individual.

While there are multiple statistics📈 that work in the backend to fetch categorical posts to your feed. In the same way, your posts also get views from multiple ends, and people can share, like, and comment on them.

Mostly, people get uncomfortable with unwanted comments on their posts by random profiles. Many Instagram users often complain that these are spam profiles that unusually disgrace other users’ posts to create controversies.

Here, Instagram has a privacy🔏 control setting by which you can control who can comment on your post. By choosing the appropriate option in your profile settings, you can allow your followers, who you follow, or both to comment on your post.

By default, the platform allows everyone to comment on your post, which you can alter anytime. If you are aware of one or a few culprits who readily attempt to disrupt your posts, then you can alternatively choose to block those specific users from commenting.

Steps to Control Who Can Comment on Posts

Follow these steps to block individuals from giving publicly visible comments. You may also choose between your followers, following, or both can comment on the post.

Step 1. Open your Instagram mobile app, and click on the Profile icon given in the bottom right corner of the screen.

click on profile icon

Step 2. Hit the three stacked lines button next to the create button on the top-right corner to raise the menu options.

click on settings and privacy

Step 3. Choose the “Settings and Privacy” option to open the list of settings.

settings and privacy options

Step 4. Scroll down🔽 a few lines and tap on the “Comments” option in the “How others can interact with you” section.

comment controls settings

Step 5. Here, you can hit the “Block comments from” option to block specific profiles. Enter the initials in the search🔍 bar to get the person’s profile in the list, and hit the “Block” button next to it. You can keep adding names to this list to block these persons from commenting on your post.

blocked commenters

Step 6. Return back to the previous Comments Control section, and enter the “Allow comments from” option. Here, you can choose any one between “Everyone,” “People you follow,” “Your followers,” and “People you follow and your followers” options.

allow comments from

Step 7. Return to the previous section and switch the button on/ off in front of “Allow GIF comments” to allow or turn off comments on your GIFs in posts and reels.

Return to your feeds and start posting. Anyone you have blocked from commenting will not get to know about the changes, as their comments will only be visible to them.

Steps to Restrict an Individual on Instagram

This is an alternate method of blocking🔐 or, rather, restricting a person to react to your posts. It precisely controls the person by limiting them from commenting on your posts, which will be visible to you and the person.

So, the major difference between the restriction and the blocking comment feature is that the creator of the post can view the comment posted by a restricted person👮. In contrast, the comment posted by a blocked person will be visible to them but not to the creator of the post.

The similarity between the two features is that both a blocked or restricted person will not get to know about their comments being controlled by the post creator.

Step 1. Open your Instagram account on your smartphone, and search for the person’s profile from the search icon🔍 given at the bottom.

search the person

Step 2. Open the person’s profile, and click on the three dots at the top-right.

click on three dots

Step 3. Click the “Restrict” option from the menu items displayed and exit the profile.

click on restrict option

Now, you can post without being bothered by unwanted chatter.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Comments on Instagram Posts

The developers at Meta have offered significant ways for Insta users to deal with comments on posts in the privacy settings. So, if the trouble-makers are few known profiles👤, you can block them with ease. You can also limit your post comments to only your followers or who you follow by selecting a suitable option in the comments control settings.

But sometimes, our close ones also do not spare us from trolling on the podium. They do not care about what they say and whether the other person likes it. In such cases, disabling the comments is much more suitable than allowing anyone.

However, there can be many positive aspects of allowing every opinion on your page📟 as you get to know the other side of the matter. But sometimes, it is more suitable to turn off the interference of others while you create your reels and stories.

There are different ways that you can apply on your Insta mobile app to disable the comments. It includes specific steps to disable comments on live🎥 content, stories, or reels, as well as before or after posting on the platform.

Disabling Comments on a Viral Post

So, you have posted something on your Instagram page, and it is attracting a lot of trollers and spammers. Then, instead of removing the post, you can choose to disable the comments feature for that particular post.

Step 1. Tap on the Instagram icon on your mobile to open it, and click on the profile picture icon👤 at the bottom left.

Step 2. Scroll to the post, which is getting undesired comments.

Step 3. Click on the post to open it, and hit the three dots given on the right side of it.

choose turnoff commenting

Step 4. Click on the “Turn off commenting” option from the functions displayed.

You can check the “Comments are off” gets highlighted under the post. All the previous comments will also be removed. Good riddance!

Disabling Comments Option Before Posting

If you do not wish to face any comments on your next post, then prefer to disable the function well before publishing it to the public.

Step 1. Open the application and hit the “+” icon at the bottom centre to create a new post.

Step 2. Choose an image/ video or whatever you wish to post, and click the “Next” button at the top-right.

click on next button

Step 3. Edit the post and use filters if needed, followed by clicking the “Next” button again.

Step 4. Click on the “Advanced Settings” ⚙️option, and switch on the “Turn off commenting” function on the next page.

click on advanced settings

Step 5. Go back and hit the “Share” button at the top to post the content.

comments are off displayed

Your new post will not have a comment section, and you can review it with the caption “Comments are off” below the post.

Ways to Hide Undesirable Comments

Instagram offers a specialized system to control🕹️ what may get featured alongside your post. It may not be feasible for you to completely disable the comments option on your post. Probably, you want to interact with people about your post, but at the same time, you feel hesitant about undesirable arguments with negative approaches.

These steps will guide you to hide comments on Instagram that carry specific words or phrases selected by you.

Step 1. Sign in to your Instagram application and open the profile section from the bottom left.

Step 2. Tap on the three stacked lines on the top-right.

settings and privacy options

Step 3. Choose the “Settings and privacy” menu item, and scroll down to click on the “Hidden Words” option. By default, the “Hide Comments” option is turned on to filter out harmful and offensive comments.

hidden words settings

Step 4. Turn on the “Advanced comment filtering” option, as well.

Step 5. Turn on the “Hide Comments” options🥷 under the head “Custom words for messages and comments.

manage custom words and phrases

Step 6. Now click on the “Manage custom words and phrases” option.


Step 7. Type one or more words or phrases separated by a comma in the space provided on the next page.

words added for restriction

Step 8. Click on the “Add” button to add the words to the filter.

Go back to the Home Screen, and now your posts will only display filtered comments.

My Thoughts: Should you Disable, Hide, or Block Comments on Instagram? When!

Instagram is a majorly accepted medium for its highly interactive interface and ease of creating posts, stories, or reels. It has features that let you control how your brand👨 image gets publicized.

The posts that involve people engaging in conversation get more views and followers. Therefore, it is not always advisable to turn off comments on Insta posts entirely and avoid interactions since you may lose to competitors as well as lessen engagement. Alternatively, you can ignore the trollers or reply🗨️ to them in a few words, which makes them feel heard.

However, some people intentionally make derogatory remarks on posts to initiate arguments🙅‍♂️. It may negatively affect the viewers and followers. In such cases, it is most suitable to block comments from such people.

On the contrary, if your post contains anything sensitive that you think should be shared with others, you may limit🛂 the comments to your followers or followers. The trusted individuals may understand you well and provide realistic opinions in the comments.

Also, read about how you can hide your Instagram followers and retain privacy.

Learn all about Vanish Mode on Instagram for secure and temporary conversation.

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