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In Hosting Last updated: May 25, 2023
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Getting Hurtworld hosting servers offer high-performance and ultra-fast gaming experiences. 

Today, games are one of the major means of entertainment among people. Given the high demand, a wide variety of online games are being created and distributed for people to access globally. 

Survival games stand at the top of the list. Developers are creating several games based on this genre, each with a unique style, format, graphics, and fanbase to keep up with players’ enthusiasm and interest. 

Hurtworld is one such game with powerful gameplay and advanced graphics. 

And to play this game, you need a high-quality server that can offer top-notch performance, speed, and sufficient resources.

Let’s discuss the game and why getting a Hurtworld hosting server makes sense.

What Is Hurtworld?

YouTube video

Hurtworld is an open-world hardcore survival FPS game focusing on strategic map control and competitive gunplay.

It is a multiplayer game developed and published by Bankroll Studios on Dec 10, 2019. It has a wide range of fan base and is built for hardcore gamers that aim to punish. 


Hurtworld is a survival game where you start as a simple guy having no weapons or tools to defend. The night you see is cold, and you need to collect wood to start a campfire. You will travel a little bit the next morning, where you will find boars. 

In the game, the environment plays an important role. You will find various biomes with multiple climates and seasons. There, you will need to fight for your survival. Let’s say you are in the desert and thirsty. Suddenly, you face dangerous sandstorms. On the other hand, in the north, there is a risk of freezing. 

To survive different circumstances, you will need to look for equipment and resources to meet your needs. Also, you will have to manufacture vital objects, build your house, and repair vehicles. You can choose from various tools and weapons.

Once you have the vehicle, you can travel the world faster and track enemies sooner. You can have your own farm where you can grow food to survive and gain strength. 

Why Do You Need Hurtworld Hosting Server?


Modern video games need more graphics and high performance. But this consumes a lot of resources. While playing a game on your PC, you can face troubles like lagging, slow network, instant shutdowns, errors, and more. And there will be no one to help you professionally. 

To overcome such issues and play this fantastic game with more efficiency and fun, getting a game server from a reputable service provider will be handy. The game hosting will give you high performance and a lag-free gaming experience on top of amazing features. It helps you maintain your speed, quality, dedication, and interest in the game.

In addition, Hurtworld server hosting plays an important role in securing your files and saved games during mishaps. A reliable game server helps protect your server and data from DDoS attacks, giving you high network availability and low ping servers so you can play without interruptions.

Minimum System Requirements


To play the powerful games of Hurtworld, you must have the following on your PC:

  • 64-bit processor and Windows XP 64 OS
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 4 GB memory
  • Intel HD 4600 or GeForce 460, or Radeon HD 5850
  • directX for version 9.0c
  • 2 GB available storage space

Now, let’s explore some of the best Hurtworld server hosting providers.


Play your favorite game with the Nitrado game server hosting platform and get the flexibility of controlling the settings and managing the servers. It offers an easy-to-use control panel with different functions like installing plugins and mods. 



  • You will get fail-safe and high-quality server hardware.
  • Nitrado provides daily backups, so you never miss any data or saved games and configs. 
  • It also provides the shortest internet routes. Hence, you will get the lowest pings. 
  • You can switch between games anywhere, anytime.
  • Upgrade or downgrade the server whenever you want.

Rent a Hurtworld gaming server now at a starting price of $4.09 for 10 slots. You can renew your subscription whenever you want and create your own subscription according to your requirement.

Host Havoc

Rent a Hurtworld game server from one of the premium server hosting platforms – Host Havoc. It offers better network availability since it is established in 11 cities worldwide. Thus, you will get reliable facilities with true redundancy. 



  • Host Havoc maintains a 99.9% uptime by housing its infrastructure in the industry’s best data centers with reliable uplinks. 
  • For expert users who prefer to manage the server can get full FTP access and access to a web-based file manager. 
  • You can configure the server’s launch parameters.
  • With any data center you choose, you will find complete DDoS protection.
  • You can easily install oxide plugins, workshop content, and more.

Choose your server now from 30 to 100 and order your game server. Avail yourself of a 3-day money-back guarantee and instant setup. 

Blue Fang Solutions

Experience better gameplay with Blue Fang Solutions by choosing your server type and name and adding your Steam64 ID, if any. 


All the servers run on a normal CPU priority that gives you priority based on the list. You can use high CPU priority to set up your game server processes first. 

It has data centers across the globe, including New York, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Strasbourg, London, Sydney, Singapore, and more. Each data center comes with DDoS protection to protect your server from unwanted threats and make it available 24/7. 

Survival Servers

Renting a Hurtworld game server from Survival Servers will offer you an instant setup option to quickly get up and start playing after registration. With this platform, you will get a powerful game panel that comes with power-packed features.



  • For power users, Survival Servers come up with full FTP and web-based file manager access.
  • You can switch between locations and games anytime, anywhere, easily. 
  • You can opt for an automated or custom server restart option. 
  • Get server notifications and the latest versions of mods.
  • Survival Servers use powerful Intel or AMD CPUs with ultra-fast NVMe drives.
  • It houses its infrastructure in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, France, Germany, and Singapore. In every data center, you will get DDoS protection. 
  • Configure your server with custom launch parameters.
  • Easily access third-party tools and install plugins and mods. 

Configure the server according to the requirement and order it now with some add-ons and start playing with your friends. 


Get a high-performance hosting partner to rent a Hurtworld server and experience the best offerings and gameplay. LOW.MS offers 10 GB memory for free, along with free server migration from other hosting platforms. As soon as you complete your order, LOW.MS sets up your server for you within minutes.



  • LOW.MS uses only the latest Intel CPUs, giving up to 5 GHz of processing power to your server. It combines with Intel SSDs and DDR4 memory for high performance and reliability.
  • It spreads over eleven locations to provide the best service possible, like low ping, high availability, etc. 
  • All the servers offer a minimum of 10 Gbps DDoS protection, eliminating interruptions to gaming via Corero SmartWall. 
  • Its cutting-edge control panel lets you manage your server settings and status from a single window. 

Start your Hurtworld journey today at a starting price of $7.80/month. If you want to get a refund because of any reason, you can apply within 5 days of registration to get a full refund. 


Order a Hurtworld gaming server from GTXGaming and take advantage of the powerful control panel to manage your game server easily. 



  • GTXGaming uses Intel CPUs ranging from E3 processors to the latest i7 or i9. It also uses AMD Ryzens for powerful performance. 
  • It covers the globe, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. Each data center comes with enterprise-level DDoS protection.
  • You can switch between available games easily.
  • It saves a clone backup file in the offsite backup machine when your server restarts.
  • Experts will get full FTP access.
  • You can create a sub-user and give permissions to manage your game server.

Rent the Hurtworld game today and play it immediately after registration.


Get your Hurtworld game server from one of the premium hosting platforms – ServerBlend, and make it ready in a few minutes to play unstoppable. You will get high-performing, dedicated servers with 30+ slots. In addition, it provides reliable networks with low ping. 


ServerBlend offers a TCAdmin control panel to manage your settings and configure them according to your use. Power users can access FTP; the server supports full mod, including oxide and plugins. Moreover, you will get DDoS protection with your server.

Order your game server today and avail yourself of a 7-day refund. 


If you like playing hardcore multiplayer survival games without interruptions, Pingperfect is your best bet. Almost every system is automatic, so once you complete your order, it will start setting up your server in no time.



  • Pingperfect has data centers across the world to offer reliable networks and functions.
  • It offers 1 GB of web space that you can use to advertise the server. 
  • Its easy-to-use game panel comes with an intuitive design and simple configuration options. 
  • Power users will get full FTP and file browser protocol access.
  • The custom in-house backup system stores your saved games and configs, so you never lose any data. 

Get your Hurtworld game server now and start playing with your friends. 

Streamline Servers

Order your game server hosting now from Streamline Servers and avail yourself of different functionalities and a powerful control panel. It allows you to configure and manage the settings of your server whenever you want.



  • The servers are designed by gamers for gamers, providing a lag-free gaming experience. 
  • It offers a one-click install system so you can install any add-ons easily from the Mod Manager.
  • It has various data centers, from North America and Canada to Asia, offering free DDoS protection to your server to secure your data. 

Choose your slot from the availability and order the Streamline Servers now and share it with your friends. 


Host your favorite Hurtworld game with RoxServers and get 24/7 assistance. Save your time in configuring and managing settings with its powerful control panel. You will get DDoS-protected networks, so you can use the server with security and access it anytime you want. 


RoxServers supports PC, Linux, and Mac. There is no limit on SSD disk space; you will get up to 32 GB RAM and a CPU frequency of 3.9 GHz. In addition, you will get oxide 1-click installation support, full FTP access, 99.99% uptime, etc., and 4-60 players can access it. 

AGS Hosting

Rent your Hurtworld now and allow AGS Hosting to set up your server within minutes so that you can start playing your game right away. You can add your Steam workshops, if any, to your server to enjoy different mods of the game. It keeps your saved games and configs safe in the offsite server. 


AGS Hosting covers the globe, giving you the best service with higher uptime and low ping. In addition, you will get DDoS protection for all the servers to make your server available every time. AGS Hosting uses the latest hardware, such as i7 5GHz, 10GB networks, and NVMe. 

Order the highly affordable Hurtworld server and get a complete refund if you place the request within 72 hours of purchasing. 

Nitrous Networks


Get a Hurtworld server from Nitrous Networks with never-ending features like unlimited RAM, players up to 200, and more. It supports various plugins and oxide mods. 

All the servers are protected with DDoS, so your server will be available 24/7. Nitrous Networks offers free web hosting, free MySQL, and 7 server locations worldwide. Configure the server by defining and choosing some menus and start your rental.


MyBlackBoxHosting offers a premium dedicated hosting platform for Hurtworld so that you can enjoy your gameplay without any interruptions. You can generate your own map with the help of a procedural map generator. In addition, you can have cross-travel support to play your games by choosing different options and maps. 


Furthermore, you will get automated mod support and an update tool. MyBlackBoxHosting offers a backup system for your saved configs so that you never lose any files. You can schedule messaging systems, Steam updates, restarts, and more. 

Good Game Hosting


Rent a Hurtworld server from Good Game Hosting and avail of instant setup. You can edit the command line, install maps and mods, change server settings, and secure your files. It uses super-fast hardware for high performance. 

Additionally, you can upload files using FTP and use an advanced editor to edit your server configuration. Good Game Hosting offers cutting-edge technology like SSD-only servers for top-notch performance.

Furthermore, it has tier-4 data centers less prone to failures and built robust and fault-tolerant. These servers also offer 99.995% network availability so that you can access your games any time you want. 



CD KeyZ offers a cheap rental option for Hurtworld game servers. It comes with 10 to 50 player options and supports 25 locations. Once your order is complete, your game server will be ready within minutes, allowing you to play without interruptions. 

You can use the server admin panel to manage and change settings whenever you want and enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. You can check different server lists along with countries and supported maps. 


Choose your favorite plan and rent a Hurtworld game server from 1GServerHost. It offers guaranteed server performance, including 5.2 GHz of AMD Ryzen 9, 128 GB DDR4 32000 MHz dual channel, and NVMe PCI Gen 4.0 of 7000 MB/s speed. 



  • Instant setup within minutes after a successful registration.
  • Unlimited player option.
  • A custom control panel helps you configure and change settings whenever you want.
  • Switch between games anywhere, anytime.
  • Get a backup server for your saved games and configs.
  • It offers game features, such as automatic restarts, backups, updates, and more.
  • Config editor forms allow you to configure your server at any moment.
  • It supports all maps, DLCs, and mods. 

Rent your server now at a starting price of $15/month and get a money-back guarantee within 72 hours of purchasing. 

Gaming Evolved


Gaming Evolved offers a high-performance server for your Hurtworld game. It includes a fast setup, steam workshop id, additional sub-users, full control over the control panel, advanced settings, full FTP access, free DDo protection, and more. 

Rent a Hurtworld game server today and experience the gameplay with your friends. 


Hurtworld is a multiplayer game that can take your survival test to the next level. With a reliable and high-performing game server, you can play such robust games with more convenience, security, and precision. You will get powerful servers, ultra-fast CPUs, SSD drives, and many other features. 

Thus, choose the best Hurtworld game server from the above list and have a powerful, lag-free gaming experience with your friends. 

Next, check out the dedicated game servers for gamers and streamers.

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