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In Mobile and Windows Last updated: February 14, 2023
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Discord is an online platform that facilitates communication between its members.

It lets you talk over text, voice, as well as video and stay in touch with your friends. It was launched in 2015. Initially, it was released as a communication platform for online gamers. This made gamers connect via chats, voice, and video calls with other gamers while playing.

Now with time, the application of Discord has crossed this boundary of limiting itself to gamers only. People with any type of interest are using Discord for communication. The popularity of this platform has also attracted various businesses across the world to create their communities.

Businesses create Discord communities to offer their fans, followers, or subscribers a common place to communicate. By bringing their follower base together, it becomes easy to promote their offers, latest announcements, new products, etc.

Discord is becoming the foremost choice of businesses when they plan to launch their communities. The communities on Discord are called servers.

It was popular among gamers from the time of its launch, but its fame has also reached outside gaming.

The reason for its popularity is the ability to create servers with text and voice features without extra charges. It helps businesses and influencers keep their fan, followers, or subscribers’ communities organized and consolidated. This ultimately makes it convenient when they want to announce something meant for their entire audience.

Discord also let’s consolidate the conversations or comments on social media platforms without preventing spammers dominate the conversation.

Moreover, its constant updates are also making this platform much more interesting. Its development team accepts the valuable ideas of its community.

Discord Audiences

Discord has more than 150 million active monthly users and nearly 300 million registered accounts. Most of the users on Discord are gamers, crypto fans, and NFT enthusiasts. However, a significant part of its audience is also formed by business influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, and TV shows. They share the same aim of bringing their community to a single place where they can manage it all together.

Some corporations are also utilizing the best features of Discord to make their teams work in collaboration.

According to the stats, Discord is loved by adult audiences in countries like the US, France, the UK, and Germany.

How does Discord Community Function?

As a business, influencer, gamer, or anything, you can create your community or server on Discord by signing up. Once you have created the community, you can create channels within that community.

A Channel is a kind of space that you create to let your server members communicate in and about. For example, you want your customers to talk more about a specific topic, let’s say pets. You can create a channel in your Discord community, and on this channel, people may talk about things regarding pets. Similarly, you can create multiple channels according to your need or desire.

Once your community is active, you need to assign a responsible role to one of the community members. This responsibility is designated as Discord Mod or Moderator. A Discord mod is responsible for ensuring that all the rules and community guidelines are being followed. A mod also ensures that all the members assist in running healthy communication rather than being offensive or abusive. Important information is also conveyed via Mods to the community.

Different Status Modes on Discord

Like any other social media or communication platform, Discord has different status modes you can set for your profile. These status modes give you an option to personalize your Discord account.

There are 4 pre-set status modes on Discord which are:

  • Online: Indicates you are active and ready to play and chat.
  • Idle: Indicates you are currently unavailable.
  • Do not Disturb: This mode mutes your notifications and shows your unavailability to others.
  • Invisible: This mode does not let others know when you are online. However, by setting your status invisible, you can use Discord as usual.

Besides these pre-set options, another option is “Set a custom status”. This option lets you create your personalized status using text, emojis, or a combination.

Idle Status Mode on Discord

Idle status represents that you have Discord open on your desktop or mobile but not in use for a while. It means you have not logged out from Discord. You might be aware of the term “Away From Keyboard” (AFK); idle status represents the same thing.

Most of the time, Discord automatically shows an Idle status as it detects inactivity for a few minutes. However, you can also set your status as Idle manually. By doing this, your status will appear Idle even if you are currently active. Let’s explore the steps to set this status mode manually.

How to Set the Status to Idle on Discord for Desktop?

Step1. Open the Discord application on your desktop.

what does idle mean on discord

Step2. On the bottom left corner of the home screen of Discord, you will see your profile icon. Click on it.

Step3. A pop-up menu will appear with all the status options. Choose the option Idle from the list.

what does idle mean on discord

Your Discord profile will now have the status as Idle.

How to Set the Status to Idle on Discord for Mobile?

Step1: Open the Discord app and tap on the profile icon present in the bottom right corner of the screen.

what does idle mean on discord

Step2. This will open the user setting section. Tap on the first option, which is “Set Status”.

what does idle mean on discord

Step3. The list of various status modes will appear. Choose the option “Idle”.

what does idle mean on discord

Step4. This will set your status mode as Idle.

what does idle mean on discord


It is pretty easy to set your Discord status to Idle on both mobile apps as well as desktops. Just follow these steps, and you can achieve this quickly in seconds.

You may also want to explore how to use voicemod on Discord.

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