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The lack of space and small open areas has made the indoor vertical garden famous. You can say that an indoor vertical garden is one of the best architectural innovations of all time.

Who does not love growing beautiful plants which make the surroundings vibrant and green? Plants are not just good for the environment, but they are also good for the well-being of the people. But the most common problem faced by people these days are issues related to the space for growing plants. 

In this situation, an indoor vertical garden comes to your rescue. These vertical gardens come in different forms and are suitable for different homes. They are also ideal for diverse climates and various seasons of the year.

In this article, we will discuss vertical gardens and how viable it is to have an indoor garden in your house. We will also discuss the different benefits of an indoor vertical garden and what plants you can grow in these gardens. Lastly, we will discuss the nine best platforms to make indoor vertical gardening smart and easy. 

What is a Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden or green wall is a garden in which plants can be grown vertically using the gardening technique of vertical gardening. The plants root in a structural framework attached to the wall or a vertical framework. They get their nutrients and water from vertical support instead of the earth.

This type of gardening uses a creative and highly effective growth technique using bottom-up and top-down supports for many plants in both tiny and large garden spaces. 

Vertical gardening is an excellent technique to highlight any region or even conceal one that is not appealing. The interior or exterior of any building can have a vertical garden or green wall installed.

You can build a vertical garden to maximize your use of space by creating a garden that grows up using raised beds, containers, or trellises. These gardens use vertical, upward-directed plant growth to best use the available area in any cramped environment.

How viable is it to have an indoor vertical garden?

We know vertical gardening is popular since it is ideal for urban environments and individuals seeking a high yield. Building an indoor vertical garden is highly viable. Utilizing vertical gardens will increase your harvest.

The risk of germs damaging your crops and the threat from pests are much diminished with an indoor vertical garden. An indoor vertical garden adds variety, beauty, and outstanding beauty to your outdoor space. 

It would be best if you remembered a few things when opting for an indoor vertical garden. Firstly, It is important to remember that plants cannot grow vertically. Therefore, you must initially start the seedlings horizontally. The decision to go vertical ensures that the plants are well-aerated and, if necessary, provide the most sunshine.

Additionally, you must select potting soil to aid in hydration and nutrition. Lastly, indoor vertical gardens can be more expensive than typical gardens. But the results of an indoor vertical garden are worth the cost! 

What are the benefits of an indoor vertical garden?

There are numerous benefits of indoor vertical gardens. These gardens offer multiple aesthetic, monetary, physiological, and ecological advantages over ordinary gardens. Using a vertical garden, you can maximize and utilize every square foot of space, especially in crowded and cramped metropolitan locations.

Also, vertical gardening is a great way to cultivate food in regions with limited space. The indoor vertical garden technologies offer efficient, straightforward, and environmentally friendly ways to raise fruits, vegetables, and herbs, improving food security for urban people and communities that lack agricultural acreage.

An Indoor vertical garden reduces dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and absorbs pollutants to improve the quality of the air inside. Even in small places like window sills, balconies, front doorways, and so forth, growing plants vertical impacts the air quality.

Buildings with green walls have better insulation, reducing the need for energy to heat or cool them. An energy-saving indoor vertical garden keeps a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

You may make the most of limited space and reclaim unused areas using vertical plants. Empty space can be transformed into aesthetically beautiful and creatively engaging by adding a green wall.

What type of plants can you most preferably grow in an indoor vertical garden?

You can grow nearly every plant in an indoor vertical garden. This includes succulents, perennials, herbs, flowers, and vegetables. However, you need to consider these greens’ flexibility because you are growing them vertically.

Your indoor vertical gardens would be more suited to producing vegetables like tomatoes or bitter gourd than growing shrubs with stiff wooden stems. The plants’ developing habits are the subsequent item to consider.

It would be best if you chose plants that have similar growth requirements. You can select just plants that like the sun or only plants that prefer the shade. The growth of the slower-growing plant will be hampered if you position the faster-growing plant adjacent to the slower-growing one. A vertical planter cannot hold enormous plants unless it is a sturdy framework, so keep that in mind.

Below is a list of 9 platforms that can make your indoor vertical gardening smart and easy. 


Gardyn is an award-winning company well known for its four steps indoor vertical gardening process. All you have to do as an indoor gardener is to grow, harvest, enjoy, and repeat. Gardyn’s indoor vertical garden systems provide plants with the ideal light they require throughout the day in any setting with the aid of high-quality and reasonably priced LED lights.

The most recent advancements in hybrid farming, created by Gardyn and scientists at McGill University, enable us to grow plants vertically without soil, completely altering the scale and volume at which we can produce food. Gardyn’s also have machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to take care of the crops around the clock.


The mission of Rise is to connect people by helping them grow healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables that they can be proud of. Rise offers indoor vertical gardening solutions with cutting-edge lights, wifi enabled, synced with Alexa, and a modular system.

They also have a self-watering system and also include a starter kit along with the vertical garden. They also have the design of plants, grow, harvest, and repeat. The rise has featured in many famous magazines and won awards for its groundbreaking innovations in indoor gardening. 

Just Vertical

Just Vertical assures you with more than 200+ varieties of plants through its indoor vertical garden solutions throughout the year. All you have to do is to plug in the indoor vertical garden, add the pods and water to it, and enjoy the fresh harvests from the garden. The best part about Just Vertical’s Indoor Vertical Gardens is that they make gardening affordable, beautiful, simple, and bountiful. 

Click & Grow

With Click & Grow’s Smart Gardens, even the busiest families can grow plants 365 days a year. They take care of the watering, lighting, and nutrients while you savor the harvest. All year long, you can enjoy the enchantment of gardening, the tastiest flavors, and the most delightful scents. Click & Grow use Smart Soil that provides your plants with the ideal atmosphere for growth.

The plant roots always have access to water because of the Smart Soil’s constant water distribution throughout the nanostructure.

It ensures that plants receive the ideal combination of water, oxygen, nutrients, and the perfect pH level. The growing medium is free of pesticides, fungicides, and other hazardous components and is constructed of natural, renewable ingredients.


The hydroponic growing method is used in Nutritower’s indoor vertical gardens. It is a way to grow plants without using soil. In hydroponic farming, water performs tasks, including supplying nutrients to the roots of the plants. Plants require nutrients, light, carbon dioxide, and water to thrive, all of which the tower provides.

Utilizing traditional hydroponic methods in a vertical, gravity-fed system is how vertical hydroponics operates. In the same area, vertical farming can grow substantially more food. In addition, Nutritower contains a patent-pending lighting system and an active hydroponic system.

Miracle-Gro Twelve

Leafy greens and herbs that are fresh and readily available from the stem are promised by Miracle-Gro Twelve. They maintain the perfect indoor growth conditions for leafy greens and herbs with their all-in-one hydroponic system. All you need to do is plant, feed, trim, and serve to make the plants grow in water. The app will also remind you when to harvest and enjoy your vegetables.

Tower Garden

You can grow your food with Tower Garden’s vertical aeroponic garden systems without any time investment or learning period of traditional gardening.

With Tower Garden HOME, you can produce greens and herbs indoors or use Tower Garden FLEX to cultivate a wide range of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers. Their models each occupy a space of less than 3 square feet. Tower Garden is the ideal technology for school gardens since it enables dirt-free indoor plant growth.


Buyers of Supragarden’s indoor vertical garden systems can take advantage of three exciting perks. Their organic decoration, air purification, and hydroponic food production. It uses a watering system, modular plant stages, LED grow lights, and vertical hydroponics growing technology.

With a vertical hydroponic garden, you can produce food plants like tomatoes, salads, herbs, and chilies quickly and effectively. Using these vertical gardens may assist in filtering the air because plants are highly effective at indoor cleansing air.

Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots is the first organic gardening firm in the United States. Their goal is to reacquaint every family and child with their food sources by enabling them to discover the wonder of doing it themselves without the aid of a garden or backyard. Numerous well-known businesses and publications have also given their indoor gardening goods recognition. Pick your seed kit, hydrate it daily, watch it develop, and harvest it.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, an indoor vertical garden is an innovation that is helpful in the current times. For people who love to grow their plants and vegetables but face the problems of cramped spaces, the platforms mentioned above offer vertical garden systems which come to the rescue. Indoor vertical gardens not only grow plants but also help in purifying the air.

The best part about these gardens is that they are boastful and beautiful simultaneously. If you’re thinking of having your own garden space, you must consider this excellent option of vertical gardening. 

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