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All you need to know about creating an Instagram Broadcast Channel…

Instagram broadcast channels are a public messaging tool for creators to share announcements and messages to their followers.

This one-to-many broadcast way of conversation helps creators foster a stronger sense of community among their creators while increasing their follower engagement rates.

Instagram creators can use a mix of different formats like photos, videos, voice notes, and text messages to share messages on their broadcast channels.

They can also use polls to share with their followers. Followers can react to messages, and respond to polls. However, they can’t share messages in the channel directly.

Instagram broadcast channels are open to select creators accounts only. It’s a quick and casual way to catch up with your followers and keep them updated on what’s hot and happening with your life. You can also use Instagram broadcast channels to give them an exclusive sneak peek or a behind-the-scenes picture.

Why Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel?

Instagram broadcast channels can have several advantages for creator accounts on Instagram, like:

Build Your Community or Fan Club

As Instagram creators, it’s essential to mobilize your followers to your own fan club. Instagram broadcast channels give you a great chance to do that.

You can build your own community by keeping them entertained and updated on your life. Foster a deeper sense of community by making your followers feel they are a part of your life.

Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram broadcast channels are an additional way to share exclusive content with your followers, just on DM. In addition to posts, Instagram stories, and livestreams, you can use direct message to reach out to your followers and share exclusive content.

Not all content can be posted or updated on stories. Hence, you can use broadcast channels to build a personal bond with your followers, where it almost feels like you’re reaching out to them on DM. It calls for a more personalized experience overall.

Get Instant Feedback

Instagram broadcast channels can help procure instant feedback on a trend, or a gadget, or something else via polls. You can send out polls and see what strikes with your audience. You can use all of this feedback to create and curate content that’s more relevant and specific to your audience.

Increase Conversion Rates

If you’re entering paid collaborations with brands and businesses, Instagram broadcast channels can help drive traffic to external sites or affiliate sites. You can motivate followers to purchase more items by sharing direct links with them on the fly. However, if it’s a sponsored post, be sure to declare it using Instagram’s feature. That’s because it’s a part of their community policy.

How to Create an Instagram Broadcast Channel

Creating a broadcast channel on Instagram is pretty straightforward. However, this feature is only available to some creator accounts – and not all. Follow these steps to see if you’re eligible:

  • Click on the messaging icon on the top right of the screen
  • Click on the edit button on the top right again
  • Click on Create Broadcast Channel
  • Type in a channel name and choose the audience for your channel
  • You can also choose when your channel ends
  • Plus, you can opt for showing your channel on the screen
  • Tap on Create broadcast channel at the bottom of your screen to confirm your choices

If you’re unable to see the option to create a broadcast channel, you might need to switch your account to a creator account. Private and business accounts don’t have access to this feature. Moreover, not all creator accounts are eligible to use this feature, as it’s still being rolled out.

How to Invite Members to Join Your Channel

When you send the first message in your Instagram broadcast channel, all of your members will receive it and have the option to join your channel. If you want to invite more members to join, follow these steps:

You can share it personally, or put it up on your profile for easy access. You can’t turn off an invite link, but you can reset it to generate a new link.

Add to Stories

You can add a channel to your stories and ask people to join it.

Add a Channel Post to Stories

You can click on the arrow-shaped share button to share a channel post and upload it to your stories. When you do so, the option to join the channel will be visible on the top right of the post.

This works for your channel as well as other channels you share on stories.

How to Join an Instagram Broadcast Channel

Joining an Instagram channel can be done in four ways:

  • Click on the messaging icon, navigate to the Channels tab, look at suggestions. Click on the ones you like and click on Join. You can also click on Channels you can join > See all and tap on the one that interests you
  • Go to an Instagram page you like, and tap on Follow Channel just beside the Follow this account option
  • You can also come across channel posts or channel invite links on stories. Tap on Join
  • You can also follow invite links to join a channel

How to Invite a Collaborator or Moderator

Did you know Instagram lets you invite collaborators to your Instagram broadcast channel? That means, you can collaborate with a like-minded creator to keep your audience informed or entertained. Follow these steps:

  • Tap on channel name at the top
  • Click on People > Add next to collaborators
  • Select people from the suggestions or type in a name

Please note: You can add up to 5 collaborators

You’ll receive a notification when they accept the collaborator suggestion. Moreover, you can just click on Remove to remove a collaborator. When you remove a collaborator, they’ll still be a member.

To add a moderator, all the steps are the same. You just need to choose Admins & Moderators under People instead of Collaborators.

How to Use Your Instagram Broadcast Channel

Made your Instagram broadcast channel but have no idea on what to use it for? Instagram broadcast channels are a great way to improve your engagement rates and have a higher follower count. Hence, it’s important to use them well. Take stock of these content ideas on how to use an Instagram broadcast channel properly:

#1. Share Latest Updates or Breaking News

If you’re a creator or brand in a specific niche, you can establish authority by sharing the latest updates or breaking news. Commanding authority in your niche becomes easier when you establish yourself as a reliable source of information.

In fact, you can also share reactions or commentaries on breaking news. Instagram broadcast channels can be used for talking about new features released, new launches in the industry, or even what’s trending.

For skincare creators and brands, they can send updates on new product launches and offer valuable reviews or commentaries upon usage. For technical pages, updates on new settings or features or how to use them can be covered.

#2. Cover Product Launches or Events

Another great way to establish authority and yet do something unique in your industry is to cover new product launches or industry events. In fact, you can go cover creator events and give your audience an exclusive sneak peek into what’s happening.

You can also go to exclusive fashion shows, reveal designer launches to your audience. In fact, you can also do these for networking events that happen for tech, marketing, product, skincare, fashion, or food.

#3. Share Reliable Resources

One of the most straightforward ways to gain more followers and a higher level of engagement is by educating your audience or sharing reliable yet hard-to-find resources with your audience.

This can work very well for coaches selling courses and tutorials. Instagram is a booming place for life coaches, freelance coaches, as well as coaches in almost every specific industry. Moreover, this can also work for lifestyle creators. They can share authentic ways on how to plan a trip or what are the top places to stay in a particular location like NY or other hacks to cut costs and such.

Skincare creators can share information on product ingredients, what each of them do to your skin, and how to solve specific skin issues or how to nail specific looks.

#4. Answer FAQs

You can also use the space to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have posted an outfit and your followers want to know where they are from, you can use your Instagram broadcast channel to take such queries.

Moreover, you can also answer common questions based on your industry, clear misconceptions, and build authority. When you answer common questions in your Instagram broadcast channel, all your followers get notified of the message. That saves you from answering the same query over and over again.

#5. Drive Traffic to Affiliate Sites

Instagram is full of affiliate content creators, those who recommend and review products you can buy. They also share links of the products with you to make shopping easier and earn affiliate commissions.

As an affiliate content marketer or creator, you can use Instagram broadcast channels to share affiliate links and drive traffic to your affiliate links. Every time you share your links, your followers will receive a notification. Hence, the click-through rates and conversion rates are more when you use Instagram broadcast channels to share affiliate and external links.

#6. Carry Out Market Research

Instagram broadcast channels allow your followers to react to messages, open and follow links, and also vote in polls. Hence, you can use polls on Instagram broadcast channels to collect preliminary information about what your audience likes and prefers.

These polls, if conducted well, can serve the purpose of market research of your followers. This will not only help increase follower engagement on Instagram, but also allow you to understand your TG at a deeper level. That’s because when you do understand them, you’ll be able to create content that has a higher chance of working on socials.

Trying multiple social media strategies is the recipe to success. Learn about what is TikTok Creator Marketplace and how it is a gateway to fame and fortune.

#7. Create Themed Instagram Broadcast Channels for Different Content

If you’re a creator who likes to dabble in multiple things and wear many hats, it might be best to have a number of Instagram broadcast channels to fulfil different content needs. You can have one for skincare, another for lifestyle, and yet another for new products you review.

This is for advanced creators and requires a complete content strategy. However, use this content idea with caution, as you would rather not create too many channels and end up spamming your users. That’ll increase your unsubscribe or unfollow rates, and dip your Instagram engagement.

#8. Plan Livestreams or Divert More Traffic to Them

You can also use Instagram broadcast channels to plan livestreams for your audience. In fact, broadcast channels will help increase more engagement and attract more users.

You can also use polls to plan livestreams. That’s because this will give you ample scope to cover topics that’ll let you increase loyal followers and connect with them on a spot they feel interested in.

When you plan livestreams or use polls in Instagram broadcast channels to divert more traffic, you build a stronger sense of community and increase engagement on your livestreams.

You can also motivate audiences to ask you questions in livestreams. As a creator, you can also get a blue tick on Instagram to solidify your social media presence.

An Additional Marketing Funnel

Think of Instagram broadcast channels as yet another marketing funnel that can help you increase engagement or drive higher conversion rates. While it’s a given that it’s useful to creators on Instagram, is it a good idea for followers?

As an Instagram user, I can often miss out on an important update or launch. Being notified of a message that discusses a launch, covers an event I’m interested in, or directs me to a new trending product is helpful.

That’s because, without this notification, I’d have completely missed it. It also gives me a personalized feeling of interacting with a creator, like I’m friends with them, or I’m a part of their life and I can see the surprises unraveling in my DM. It’s a great way to keep me engaged!

Next up, why not start a channel on WhatsApp? Know all about a WhatsApp channel and how to create, find, and follow a channel!

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