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  • An instruction to install Chromium browser on Ubuntu 18.x version.

    What is Chromium Browser?

    With the name resembling one of the most popular browsers in the world, Chrome, Chromium is an open-source browser project on which the Chrome browser is based on.

    The major difference between the two browsers is that Chromium is open source and Chrome is the one to which Google adds proprietary features such as support for additional video formats, extension restrictions, crash and error reporting.

    When Google launched Chrome in September 2008, they also released the Chromium source code. Though Google is the primary backer of the Chromium project, people not employed by Google also contribute to it.


    It is necessary for you to access your Ubuntu system as root. Or, use an account which has sudo permission.


    • Boot into your Ubuntu system and login as root
    • Launch the terminal using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T or from the applications menu
    • Now enter the following command
    $ sudo apt install chromium-browser

    • You will get a prompt asking for your permission to proceed with the addition of disk space for the installation of the browser — type Y to proceed.

    • Wait till it gets installed and run the following command to start the chromium browser
    $ chromium-browser

    You can also run it from the applications list

    I hope this article helped you in the process of installing the Chromium browser on Ubuntu.