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  • Happy to introduce gf.dev to you…

    Geekflare tools have evolved in the last two years. Thanks for your support and love!

    Initially, Geekflare tools were focused on mostly performing a site speed test, but today it got more than 30 tools. Earlier, tools were hosted on a subdomain (tools.geekflare.com) and very excited to let you know now tools got own domain – gf.dev

    I managed to secure that short premium domain name from Google Registry.

    What is gf.dev?

    gf as you can guess, its short of Geekflare.

    I was looking for a good dictionary word with .com, but you can imagine how hard it finds one. I dropped the emotion for .com and went ahead with the modern one. First, I thought to choose .io like geekflare.io, but later I got introduced to .dev by Google and rest, you know.

    gf.dev currently has more than 30 tools for performance, security, networking, and SEO. It helps webmaster, site owner, security analyst, web engineer to test the website, troubleshoot the issue, and improve the performance.

    Test. Troubleshoot. Improve. – is the tagline. Do you like it?

    Let’s check out some of the popular tools.

    Website Audit

    Geekflae Website Audit leverage many open source technologies, including Google Lighthouse, to check the given site against more than 40 metrics in performance and best practices. You can either select to simulate the test from a desktop browser or mobile.

    The result contains overall performance, best practice scores, and some of the following essential metrics.

    • Total time is taken to load the complete page
    • Total time is taken to serve the first byte
    • Is HTTP/2 enabled
    • Can load the webpage and all the resources over HTTPS
    • Image size
    • Render-blocking resources
    • Minifying CSS and JS
    • DOM size
    • JS execution time
    • network payloads
    • Front-end JS with known security vulnerabilities

    and, a lot more.

    Here is the result preview.

    What do you think about it? Why not try to test your site to see the results?

    TLS Scanner

    Security vulnerabilities are on the rise. And, there are many due to misconfiguration or not using secure parameters in webserver for SSL/TLS. Geekflare TLS Scanner can quickly scan the given site and show the following results.

    • Supported SSL/TLS protocol (including TLS 1.3)
    • Server preference for protocol and cipher
    • If vulnerable to CRIME, BREACH, FREAK, DROWN, LOGJAM, etc
    • Certificate trust chain
    • SSL session ID support
    • Certificate details

    PING Test

    PING is one of the essential methods to test the connectivity during troubleshooting. If you are expecting your website or IP to work worldwide, but that’s not the case, then you can quickly do online ping.

    Traceroute Test

    Sometimes ping is not enough. Especially when you are troubleshooting network performance or investigating the route, it takes to connect from a certain location. Perform a traceroute to your site or IP from the UK, US, and India.

    Secure Headers Test

    Most likely, you will be implementing OWASP recommended secure headers when dealing with payment, transaction, or sensitive information.  Post-implementation, you can test those headers.

    What’s upcoming?

    I am working on more than ten tools to get it added in the next few months. Some of the tools would be around WordPress and Security. Stay tuned!


    I hope Geekflare tools help you to test and improve your site and online business. If you like what Geekflare is doing, then spread the words with your friends, colleagues.