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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 21, 2023
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Video consumption is on the rise, and so is the demand for video marketing.

From influencers to small business owners, everyone is trying to market their brand on social media platforms.

Getting viral on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts is easier than ever, and you should not miss this opportunity for your business.

Creating videos from scratch without video editing skills is daunting. Henceforth we have found a tool called InVideo to help you out.

Find out more by reading on.

Importance of Video Content in Marketing

Today, if you seek to learn something, you will probably open YouTube. Whether it’s news, worldwide updates, trending topics, learning cooking, or coding, everyone goes on YouTube and watches the tutorials to gain that knowledge.

It’s no surprise that YouTube is the second most popular search engine platform attracting 44% of the total searches over the internet. Over 50% of people prefer watching video tutorials to learn something rather than reading that topic.

And that’s why video marketing is essential. You can use the power of videos to promote your brand, sell products online, and reach a wider audience than text-based content. Like search engine ads, you can use advertising and retargeting rules for video marketing campaigns.

Besides, Google loves video content and promotes videos matching the user’s search intent. Not only this, other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are promoting viral video content over other forms of content.

Introduction to InVideo


InVideo is a cloud-based video creation and editing platform that simplifies the process of creating videos for your business. It’s a great tool for marketers, small business owners, video agencies, and individual content creators.

It is bundled with a massive 5000+ professional video template library. You’ll find videos for social media posts, marketing presentations, advertisements, and many other niche-based videos. You’ll also get stock-based photos, audio clips, images, and logos.

Coming to the video editing part, InVideo allows you to add text, animations, subtitle captions and transitions to make your videos more accessible and improve readability. You also have the option to add your own voice-over or select from provided audio clips.

Once your video is ready, you can export it in different formats and resolution sizes depending on the social media platform. Owing to its collaboration features, you can easily allow your teammates to work on projects.

InVideo Features

Here are some important features that set InVideo at a higher position in the video editing software list.

➡️ Ease of use: InVideo has a simple learning curve & the platform is easy to understand. You can use the drag-drop actions on the video timeline and create your videos without any video editing skills.

➡️ Template library: InVideo boasts a library of over 5,000 customizable and fully editable templates.

➡️ Easy to share: You can directly share videos on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram after production.

➡️ In-built Stock Media Library: Huge library of 8 million stock assets consisting of images, videos, and music clips. Additionally, you can repurpose marketing collateral, like articles, into videos in a single click.

➡️ Fast support: InVideo offers 24*7 instant chat support so you can continue video production workflow without any delays.

➡️ Free cloud storage: With InVideo’s paid plans, you get up to 100GB of Cloud storage for storing your videos.

➡️ Mobile video editor: Paid members get access to the Filmr– Video Editor and Video Maker mobile app.

Some other promising features include automated text-to-speech, automated voice-overs, unlimited team members, and brand presets such as color palettes, logos, and fonts.

Supported Devices

Device support for video editing is essential. If you’re working with heavier files and 4k formats, ensure you have the right system.

Thanks to InVideo’s cloud-based architecture, you can edit videos on any laptop. However, it is recommended to use a laptop with 1Tb SSD and AMD Ryzen processor for a faster editing experience.

When it comes to exporting your video projects, like most video editing apps and software, InVideo supports exporting in the MP4 format. A variety of media players can open these files, including Quick Media, iTunes, VLC Player, and Windows Media Player.

User Experience

Whether you’re a social media marketer, a business owner, or a YouTube creator, you can use InVideo for professional and personal use. Owing to its simple UI and seamless user experience, it’s one of the best free video editors for Windows as well as Mac users.

The platform’s UI is super-intuitive for video creation. It enables you to create professional videos in minutes, even if you lack beginner video editing skills. 

InVideo has pre-built stock templates, footage, images, logos, animations, and a super user-friendly editor. As soon as you login into the platform, you’ll find a bunch of pre-built stock footage that you click on to get started. To make things easy, you can use the search bar at the top and try finding the footage you’re looking for.

InVideo also gives you the settings to mix and match scenes from different templates, all within the same project. For example, if you’re looking for a real estate template but found a shoe template with the backgrounds and colors, you can easily replace the shoe images with your real estate marketing images.

Once you load the footage, you will find a video editing timeline. You can add/remove elements on the timeline, such as text, emojis, animations, transitions, and more. You also have a dedicated timeline for adding audio files or voice-overs for your video. Next, there are setting to increase/decrease the volume or fade in fade-out audio at selective timeline points.

Like any other elements, you can click on the in-built template elements and edit or remove them from the right side layer frame panel. Click the element layer and lock/unlock them to match your requirements.

Built-in Templates


InVideo comes with readymade video templates that are customizable using drag-and-drop actions. You can search for videos based on different industry types, content types, and dedicated niches.

With InVideo’s single-click features, you can remove the background of your images and apply different colors with a single click. You also get access to features that allow you to add stock media and free copyrighted music.

InVideo has in-built features for adding text prompts and converting your blog articles to videos in minutes using an AI-powered video editor. Pick up ready-to-use templates from InVideo and increase your brand awareness on Instagram and YouTube.

Customer Support

InVideo offers 24/7 live chat support, which helps you resolve issues almost instantly without delaying your video production. Besides, they also have a support email where you can raise your ticket, and their team of experts solves your problems.

You can also visit their help document website, which covers various InVideo topics. They also resolve your issues on 1:1 video calls, irrespective of the time zone. With 180+ 5-star ratings for their product on the G2 rating platform, you can trust InVideo for their support.

InVideo Pricing

InVideo is free, and you can create a free account to try your hands on the InVideo editor. Besides, it is available in two pricing plans – Business and Unlimited.

Since InVideo offers 50% discounts on the annual billing cycle, we’ll list their yearly pricing plans.

The pricing page for a web hosting service.

Free Plan

If you’re just starting your video creation process, we recommend using the free plan. It gives you access to 6000+ video templates and 3M+ standard media libraries.

There’s an in-built AI script generator and an automated text-to-speech converter. On top of it, the free plan allows you to collaborate with your teams.

Business Plan

InVideo’s business plan is well-suited for small business owners, educators, and video influencers. Unlike the free plan, there are no watermarks on your videos.

You get access to 1 million+ premium media and 20 remove background attempts every month. InVideo’s business plan allows to export 60 HD quality videos in a month, that’s almost two videos every day.

Unlimited Plan

InVideo’s unlimited plan is ideal for agencies and large video creation teams. You get all the features available in the business plan. On top of it, there is no cap on the number of HD-quality video downloads per month. You have access to 120 iStock Media and 40 background removals per month.

InVideo’s premium plans are backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can turn to customer care in case you are satisfied with their platform.

InVideo Alternatives

Although we have discussed InVideos features, here are some other video editing SaaS tools you can consider.

Here is the list of our top three InVideo alternatives.


A screen shot of a website that says anyone can make a great video that means you. is a cloud-based video creation and editing software designed to create videos easily and quickly. It is easy to use, intuitive, and popular for many small businesses because it offers many video tools in a single place.

It has an in-built speech to subtitles transcription feature that automatically translates your audio into text and adds to your videos. Additionally, Veed has a noise cancellation feature that instantly removes background noise from your audio with just a single click.


A website with a woman's face on it.

Synthesia is a modern video creation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to create videos using text. You get the option to choose from plenty of realistic-looking human avatars that narrate your written scripts and generate human-like videos.

With advances in artificial intelligence, Synthesia is gaining popularity because it’s easy to use and speeds up your video creation process. You can create various videos, such as video tutorials, training-related videos, marketing presentations, and more. Since it is based on AI, it helps you remove the setup cost of a camera and studio for recording videos.


Video creation made easy.

Pictory is an AI-powered video generation tool that helps you translate your text-based blog post into engaging videos in a matter of minutes. It automatically searches more than a million royalty-free video clips to match your video content. Even if you’re not in the mood to write the content for your upcoming video, you’re backed by Pictory’s AI voices that are pitch-perfect for your videos.

Pictory’s ability to add subtitles by uploading videos saves a lot of time manually adding subtitles in every video. Another cool feature lets you automatically extract short video snippets from long-form videos. You can easily share these short videos on social media platforms like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

Final Words

Creating videos from scratch isn’t easy for business owners. However, there is no denial in the fact that videos outperform other forms of content.

This complete review of the InVideo platform helps you understand how easy it is to create engaging brand videos.

Next, check out the importance of video marketing for your business.

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