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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your invitations, then ditching the traditional text invite for an impressive video invite is the way to go.

First impressions have an impact, especially when it comes to any kind of invitation, be it for a wedding, a birthday party, or any other special event. The invitation sets the tone for your event and ultimately makes a lasting impression on your guests.

In recent times, the popularity of video invitations has been on the rise, and for a bunch of right reasons. This form of invitation helps capture the attention and imagination of the guests instantly and creates that required excitement for the event.

And that’s why we’ll be looking at the best invitation video makers in this post to help you easily create memorable invitations.

What is an Invitation Video Maker?

As the name suggests, invitation video makers allow you to create steller-looking invitations to send your guests instead of plain text-based ones. These tools can be used to create video invitations for various events, such as:

  • Weddings 💍
  • Birthday Parties 🎂
  • Baby Showers 👶
  • Business Conferences 👥
  • Anniversary Parties 🎉
  • Festival Gatherings 🎄
  • Graduation 🎓

You can choose from various customizable templates and design elements to start creating your video invite immediately. Talk about announcing events in style!

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Benefits of Using Invitation Video Makers

For a tool like this, it’s expected to have a lot of benefits. I am sure you already know some of them because they’re obvious, but here are some of the most prominent ones.

#1. Make a Great First Impression

I’ve touched on this before, but it’s worth saying again that being a little “out of the box” and unique in your approach can help you make a great first impression. In this case, it’s a video invitation.

A video invitation stands out among traditional invitations that are plain and boring.

#2. Ensure More Guests Show Up

Have you ever hosted an event and invited many people, but only a handful of them showed up? This is not to be 100% certain that your invitation was bad or boring, but hey, there’s a possibility, right?

As humans, we love attractive things, and a video invitation comes under that category. 

#3. Create Memories That Last Lifelong

It makes sense to try and make everything look great when it comes to your special day, like your wedding. When time passes by, you might look back and remember all the things you did to make it enjoyable and memorable.

A video invitation can add to it by helping you create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Now that we know a little about these tools let’s jump into the list and find out which would suit you.

Steve AI

Create personalized video invitations for various events by using Steve AI. Its platform offers a range of templates you can customize to your liking by adding your own text, photos, music, and more.

It’s incredibly easy to use, even for people with little to no aesthetic knowledge. All you do is, pick a template, generate a script with the help of their AI, make edits wherever applicable, and you’re done.

The video invitations are designed to be visually appealing and engaging, making it easy for users to capture the attention of their guests and make a lasting impression and customize it by adding their own flavor.

You can access over 1,000 animated characters, expressions, and actions. The range of features this tool provides makes it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses.


Out of the many video-creating options FlexClip provides, invitations are one of them, and it happens to be their most popular tool.

You can create attractive video invitations with it for several occasions, and it’s super simple to use regardless of your experience with video editing.

You can pick one of the many ready-made templates designed to suit specific themes and styles and start creating your masterpiece. The templates can be customized enough to make them completely your own by adding text, images, and other elements.

Moreover, you can access their library of music and perform various editing actions, such as trimming, cropping, adjusting the color, and changing the entire look of it.

Once you’re done creating the video, you can download it in various formats or share it directly on your preferred social media platforms.

FlexClip is trusted by companies like Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox.


You can access many templates within the interface of InVideo that contains pre-made graphics, text boxes, music, and more. You can edit, change and replace them as per your own requirement and finish with a beautiful invitation to send to your guests.

All of the templates are designed by professionals to ensure your video looks polished and stylish from the get-go.

One of the key benefits of using this tool is that you get a lot of flexibility to incorporate your preferences in your invitation. It provides many design tools to change fonts, colors, and layouts. 

Additionally, you can add transitions and choose from various exciting animations to further spice it up.


Enjoy a user-friendly interface to create your video invitations on Animaker. It’s a popular tool loved and trusted by many users worldwide, including companies like Amazon and HP.

Not to mention, this tool has won various awards over the years, and I believe one of the reasons is its vast amount of features. You get numerous templates to choose from, over 100 million assets, 100+ music tracks, and so much more.

There’s also a very cool character builder that’ll allow you to create characters in a jiffy. This is a great feature when you want to include a cartoon version of yourself in the invitation.


You can create dynamic invitation videos that’ll look stunning on all digital devices, all with the help of VEED.IO. It’s super easy to get started and takes just a few clicks.

Simply upload photos and background music before utilizing many elements, such as transitions, effects, and text styles.

Alternatively, you can select from a bunch of templates if you don’t want to start from scratch. Also, it allows you to use a webcam recorder if you fancy recording your clips that way.

Exporting the finished video is simple, and you get a bunch of different formats to choose from.


Promo gives you everything you’d need to create an invitation video that’ll stand out. It has a simple interface yet is packed with some of the best features out there.

Here are some of the main highlights of the Promo:

  • 110+ million stock photo and video library
  • Stylable text options
  • Customizable template divided by occasions
  • Royalty-free audio tracks to use in your invitation video
  • 100s of fonts and color palettes

Once you’re done creating your video, you can instantly share it across social media or download it to your system in the format of your choice.

The tool is completely online, and you can try it for free.


Used by companies like BBC and Sony Music, Renderforest is a free invitation video maker that has little to no learning curve. It allows you to create a memorable invitation within mere seconds, all thanks to the many templates available.

You’re allowed to edit and personalize them as per your needs by adding different colors, fonts, images, and more.

This tool is backed by many raving reviews from long-time users, so you can be sure it’ll serve your purpose well.


Eliminate the guesswork when it comes to creating great invitation videos with Flixier. It has all the tools you’d need to create engaging and memorable invitations to send to your guests.

One of the many amazing features of this tool is the possibility to import clips from cloud storage services to help you gather clips from your friends and relatives if needed. Additionally, you can also record yourself using their webcam feature to add a personal touch to it.

Flixier’s editor allows you to perform various editing actions, such as cropping, trimming, rotating, and more.


You can use Typito for various events, including conferences, weddings, and birthdays. It allows you to match the mood and theme of the occasion perfectly, and the entire process takes no more than a few minutes.

The templates that Typito has are all different designs and styles to fit your requirement. I love the fact that it gives you more than 20 different formats and aspect ratios to choose from, which include 1:1 square and 9:16 vertical, among others.

As a free user, you’d be able to access all the features, but the only downside will be that your videos will have a watermark. To remove it, you’d have to get on their premium plan.


Simple, fast, and flexible are the attributes that best describe Smilebox. It has over 100 templates, and you can customize them as per your requirement. 

All of the templates are easy to edit, and you can do personalization like:

  • Adding photos
  • Adding captions
  • Adding a logo and business signature
  • Changing text and font
  • Changing colors
  • Choosing from a huge library of music tracks

Every file you work with on this tool is stored safely on their drive, and you get the leisure of having unlimited storage capacity.

Closing Thoughts

Videos are a great way to capture people’s attention, so it only makes sense to capitalize on that fact and create video invitations as well.

The above invitation video makers will help you create cherishable memories and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Next, check out these stunning tools to create memorable video collages.

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