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In Windows Last updated: November 17, 2022
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When you purchase a new device, it comes with some inbuilt apps. Some apps are undesirable, and you wish to uninstall them from your device. However, doing that is not possible for all of these apps.

Sometimes these inbuilt apps take up a lot of space and cause storage troubles. But do you know that you can use unlocking apps to unlock and then remove these apps from your device?

Let’s gather information about this and see how we can remove these locked pre-installed apps from your device.

What are Undeletable Files and folders, and how do they impact users

Undeletable files are malware, spyware, and trojan files on your device. They may also be standard files that your system might be using, so deleting them from the device may not be possible. A few signs may indicate that the file or folder you are dealing with is undeletable.

These signs include messages from the system indicating that the action you are trying to perform cannot be completed. Once you get any such messages from the system, you realize that the usual methods cannot delete the file or folder. 

These undeletable files may take up space that you may otherwise use for other storage purposes. Some of these undeletable files may be malware that may harm your device and your images and videos. Removing these undeletable files is necessary if you want to resume using your device properly. 

Undeletable files are generally spyware, malware, adware, or Trojan files. They are also standard files currently being used by the system, preventing them from being deleted.

How do you know if the files are undeletable? Many different system messages may appear on the screen indicating that the files are undeletable.

About IObit Unlocker

Once you understand what undeletable files are and how getting rid of these files is an important task, you must now search for ways to help you remove these undeletable files from your device.

IObit is the perfect answer to all your queries about unlocking and deleting blocked files. Let’s understand the basic features of IObit and gather information about it. 

#1. Start Program

Select the file which you want to unlock and then open IObit Unlocker. You can see the ‘Add’ button in its interface, where you can add any file to that software. In addition to the ‘Add’ button, this software lets you unlock files and folders by dragging and dropping them into the interface.


#2. Unlock Available Choices

They give five solutions for locked files/folders. You have the option of immediately unlocking it by pressing the ‘Unlock’ button, or you may click the drop-down button that is located next to the ‘Unlock’ button to choose one of the following additional actions:

You have the option to Unlock & Delete, Unlock & Rename, Unlock & Move, or Unlock & Copy the file.

  • If you pick ‘Unlock & Delete,’ the application will immediately delete the locked file or folder.
  • A new window will appear when you click ‘Unlock & Rename’ from the menu. All that is required of you is to type in the new name, followed by a click on the ‘Unlock & Rename’ button.
    • To simultaneously rename more than one file or folder, you must pick each file individually, input the new name, and click the ‘Apply’ button. Click the ‘Unlock & Rename’ button after you have renamed all files and folders.
  • When you pick ‘Unlock & Move,’ the application will transfer the locked file or folder to the location designated as the target folder.
  • When you choose ‘Unlock & Copy,’ the application will copy the locked file or folder to the location you defined as the target folder.

#3. Forced Mode

If you cannot unlock the file or folder in regular mode, you must use the Forced Mode feature by checking the box located before it. All processes connected to it will end when you go to Forced Mode.


Using IObit is the perfect option for you to unlock and delete any undeletable files as it has many benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Easy to understand
  • Friendly user interface
  • It does not affect other apps while uninstalling the undesirable and undeletable ones. 
  • Works smoothly without any issues with removing the apps that are not desirable. 

About IObit App

The primary purpose of the IObit app is that it helps you in removing files that are otherwise not deletable. IObit Unlocker empowers you to manage files on your device as per your will. 

It not only serves the purpose of unlocking and deleting the undeletable files, but it also comes in handy in performing tasks such as ‘Unlock & Copy,’ ‘Unlock & Rename,’ ‘Unlock & Delete,’ and ‘Unlock & Move.’

It provides you with easy ways that you may opt to manage the files and folders on your device. It helps to keep these files safe and available for you. 

Once you discover undeletable files on your device, you may move them to IObit and let the app perform the remaining magic.

Once you put these files into the IObit Unlocker, you get access to other operations such as renaming, unlocking, copying, or moving. 

Other Alternatives

4-dots software

The 4-dots software is another solution to resolving your troubles associated with undeletable files. You may also use it for antivirus scans and the detection of malware. It functions to help you in unlocking and then removing the undeletable files. 


The software is compatible with Windows and hence facilitates removing, unlocking, moving, and deleting unwanted apps. A simple mouse click is sufficient to help you unlock and uninstall the undesired app, file, or folder. 


The LockHunter tool works to remove the undeletable files and folders from your device. Removing these files from your desktop by unlocking and then deleting them is more accessible with the LockHunter software.

Not only this, but it also functions to remove malware and other files that may otherwise be harmful to your device.



  • It gives you detailed information about the process of locking a folder and file. 
  • It gives information about processes involved in blocking the deletion of specific files. 
  • It enables you to delete, copy, unlock, and rename a file on the device. 
  • Aids in the removal of the locking process from the hard drive. 
  • It is compatible with both 32 as well as 64-bit windows. 

What’s interesting to note is that LockHunter does not entirely eradicate the app causing trouble. It sends this deleted item to the Recycle Bin, so you may get the app, file, or folder back in case you removed it by mistake. 


As discussed in this article, deleting unwanted and malicious files are sometimes a very tedious process, and not most of us know how to do it.

But after reading this article, you can now delete those files quickly. It does not just help you delete those files and gives you a couple more options to perform on such files.

Next, you can check out free antivirus to protect your PC.

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