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10 IQ Tests to Take To Measure Your Intelligence Quotient

IQ test
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Intelligence Quotient and IQ tests are some new terms which we are hearing in the new age world.

We all know that, like our fingerprints, DNA, and facial features, we all have different ways of thinking, reasoning, and remembering. Cognitive skills are these skills of our brain that define our conscious intellectual activities. They help us determine our IQ or intelligence quotient. 

IQ Test

It is believed that each one of us has different levels of IQ. Who has not heard of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein being called extremely intelligent due to their high IQ? It is said that Stephen Hawking has an IQ of 162, and Albert Einstein also had a similar score. 

Now, you must be wondering if there is a way of measuring these intellectual skills of humans. The answer to this question is again yes. Different organizations conduct many types of IQ tests to test a person’s cognitive skills.

This article will discuss IQ, IQ tests, and what kind of intelligence is measured in an IQ test. We will also discuss why IQ test scores matter and the 10 IQ tests we should take to measure our Intelligence Quotient. 

What is IQ, and why is it essential? 

The most basic definition of IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, is a measurement of a person’s intellect based on the results of specifically created tests. When we define a person’s IQ or intelligence quotient, we usually say that it is a measure of how much ahead or behind a person is when compared to their peer group mentally.

The average IQ, according to psychologists, is considered to be 100. The IQ score is estimated by administering the same test to a large number of individuals from every socioeconomic group in society, then averaging the results.


The ubiquitous question is, why is IQ so essential? Well, the answer depends on how you want to use your IQ. IQ indeed doesn’t define how a person’s career or life would be. But it surely helps to determine a person’s problem-solving capacity, retention capacity, and intelligence.

IQ helps to figure out many things according to a person’s age. For example, IQ helps to determine whether a child needs a special education program due to low or high IQ. IQ also helps employers find the right employee by assessing their cognitive skills. 

What is an IQ test?

The ratio of mental age to chronological or physical age was formerly multiplied by 100 to calculate IQ. Here, mental age refers to the maturity of the brain or according to what age our brain works. The chronological or physical age refers to the number of years we have spent on the earth.

Since its origins in the early 20th century, the IQ test as we know it today has advanced significantly. They continue to assess aspects of a person’s intelligence quotient rather than anything they have previously learned, and their goal hasn’t changed, nor has their technique.

An IQ test assesses various cognitive skills and yields a result that is meant to gauge a person’s potential and intellectual prowess. IQ tests are one of the most often used psychological assessments.

What type of intelligence is measured in a typical IQ test?

Over a century has passed since the invention of the IQ test. In the past, schools and universities used them to help identify students who required more assistance in the classroom. People also used the assessments to assist in identifying eligible people for conventional occupations and battles. Even today, IQ tests serve similar functions, except that they are employed for a far more comprehensive range of purposes.


A standard IQ test involves taking several intelligence-testing exercises. This consists of the capacity to recognize spatial relationships, short-term memory, numerical skills, and analytical reasoning. IQ tests focus on these because, in the current generation, intelligence frequently emphasizes capabilities like language, numeracy, memory, and situational awareness. Seeing connections, solving problems, and remembering knowledge are crucial aspects of intelligence. Hence, IQ tests check people’s abilities in these sectors through questions and situations.

Do IQ test scores really matter? 

We all know that IQ tests assess a variety of cognitive abilities. It yields a result meant to evaluate an individual’s potential and capabilities. Success is not always correlated with intellect. After all, IQ testing aims to assess a person’s potential. IQ tests don’t consider the other highly significant elements like aspiration, drive, opportunity, and the capacity to reason clearly under stress.

So if the question is if IQ test scores matter, the answer is that these scores do play a role but are not the protagonists. As we read before, IQ tests can only show the brain’s capability. But to make this score matter in our lives, we need to add a few more skills, motivation, and determination.

IQ tests are helpful for a variety of applications. Educational institutes and companies use IQ tests for academic evaluation and placement. Researchers and scientists also use IQ test results in cognitive research, the assessment of job candidates, and the analysis and diagnosis of cognitive deficits. Lastly, people use IQ tests to evaluate mental capacities such as attentiveness, speed, and remembrance. 

After reading so much about IQ tests, you might think about where we can give IQ tests. The solution to your dilemma is here. Below is a list of websites and organizations that conduct IQ tests. You can attempt these tests to measure your Intelligence Quotient. 

Mensa IQ test

Mensa International is known to be an organization that is made of members with IQ scores of more than 130. They say that they recognize and develop human intelligence for the good of everyone. They also offer their members a stimulating academic and social environment.

Mensa International

This test is just for entertainment purposes, where you’ll have to answer 35 questions in 25 minutes. They have questions that are broadly based on visual patterns and progressive difficulty. They have a different professional intelligence test administered by their psychologists through which they add their members. offers the world’s leading online IQ test. This test was previously restricted to businesses, educational institutions, and applications from recognized professionals. But now it is available for anyone who visits their website. provides not only your free general IQ score but also an optional in-depth analysis of your results that identify your major cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

They also report your performance in 13 different areas of intelligence. Their free exam is created by PhDs, is statistically sound, incorporates the most recent research, and can be taken on any device. It is also said that this website offers the most reliable free IQ test currently accessible online. offers an IQ test to its users, which is fast, free, and accurate. This test is for people who want to find their IQ score quickly and want it to be accurate at the same time.

Free IQ Test

The test provided by only requires your date of birth to start the test. It gives you a set of questions, and the time period in which you will solve the questions will be recorded. After completing the test, the website will provide the IQ score using the number of correct answers, time, and age. 


MyIQtested is a website that offers an IQ test designed by professionals and is completely free of cost. The best part about their tests is that it only takes users around 10 to 20 minutes to complete the test. They have unique and challenging questions that can help you find your IQ score.


MyIQtested has completed more than 10 years and has more than 1 million test takers. Another plus point of this website is that it provides a very detailed IQ score and even breaks down the left and right brain scores! 

Free IQ Test conducts its IQ test based on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale or WAIS IQ score formula. The WAIS is now the intelligence test that both adults and adolescents take the most frequently across the entire world.

IQ Test

The test is quite simple, where there are 20 questions based on the WAIS IQ score formula. You have to attempt the questions quickly as time plays an important role in WAIS. The best part about this test is that your identity remains anonymous and your score will not be shared or saved. 

Memorado’s IQ Test

Memorado is actually an application that not just provides you with an IQ test, but instead it provides you with games, activities, and much more. They include more than 20 games that are made to test and boost your competence and confidence in abilities like focus, memory, mental quickness, logical reasoning, awareness, etc.


You can take fresh IQ and performance tests every day with Memorado, which will also keep tabs on your development and point out areas for improvement. As you play your way to a more brilliant intellect, the app will also provide you with extensive insights into how you are doing on specific skill sets. offers an IQ test that has a rating of 4.67. Their test consists of 40 questions which you have to attempt in 20 minutes. Their expert IQ test includes questions that progressively get more difficult and accounts for the completion time when determining your score.

IQ Global Test

After finishing the exam, you will be given your IQ score based on global data and the population as a whole. This test is designed to evaluate a person’s intellectual capacity while excluding the cultural quirks of other nations. 

IQ Test Academy

This IQ test by IQ Test Academy consists of 20 questions. The difficulty of these questions will gradually increase and the time taken to solve the questions will be noted.

IQ Test Academy

You can see how you scored and compare it with those who have already taken the test. IQ Test Academy also gives you a certificate and performance report after successfully completing the test.

BMI’s IQ test

BMI, or the Brain Metrics Initiative, is a website that does IQ research and is known for its personality and assessment tools. Its IQ test is considered to be the most accurate online IQ test.


The test is created by BMI’s IQ research team and consists of 20 tricky questions. BMI gives a detailed Performance Analysis of your intellectual strengths and limitations and your unique IQ Certificate. offers IQ tests that have accurate testing and instant results. You will receive your score once you have successfully completed their 20-question test. After completing the test, you will also receive a recognized IQ certificate and a 42-page report that will quickly reveal your degree of intellect.

Online IQ Test

Their certified score and accreditation can enhance prospects in life right off the bat. Finally, you will obtain formal IQ accreditation from the ILL Institute.


Recognizing a person’s total ability level is crucial for determining how well they can and will do in a classroom environment and for assisting those around them in understanding their potential in academics and everyday life.

While IQ test results might provide insight into a person’s aptitude in particular areas, it’s vital to remember that other aspects in the real world are equally significant predictors of a person’s talents. These elements include work engagement, emotional maturity, and communication skills.

You may also look at these games to improve cognitive function.

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