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Programming has never been easy.

It is a continuously and quickly evolving field. Several important things go into a programmer’s, regardless of the language. Programming isn’t simply applying some functionality via typing several lines of code. Instead, it is the art of surviving and creating wonders while on the way to achieving success.

To stay relevant and meet new challenges, programmers need to take care of a lot more things than they think they ought to. Besides having a robust programming knowledge and a firm understanding of related technologies, programmers need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and conventions about their respective programming language(s).

Every day, the world of programming has something new to offer. Hence, leaders of their respective crafts like to keep the community updated via blogs, websites, and newsletters. As the world moves towards an age where people are connected more than ever, it is essential to stay updated to survive and thrive.

There are a seemingly large number of resources that facilitate learning Java. However, not all of them can satisfy their objectives very well. Hence, it is quite challenging to pick the best ones from the herd.

No worries, as we’ll help you to know some of the best ones for staying ahead.

BTW, don’t get confused between Java and JavaScript.


CodeGym offers a course for beginners and intermediate programmers who want to learn Java, and also an online portal for all programming learners.

Students who learn Java on CodeGym, begin to write code from the very first lessons, since studying on this resource is primarily a programming practice, not just theory.

The course is divided into levels and quests. Each level contains short lectures and lots of coding challenges. CodeGym has more than 1200 tasks of varying difficulty. Some of them are just to reinforce the learned theory, while others are for learning the concepts of programming in practice. There are also many complex problems, and students have to think a lot to solve them.

And the most exciting tasks are mini-projects with step-by-step instructions. As a result, you will create a very serious program. For example, a classic video game, a restaurant emulator, a link shortener, and so on.

One of the coolest features of CodeGym is a smart validator that instantly checks the correctness of the student’s code. If something went wrong, the “virtual mentor” sends the student tips and advice with suggestions on how best to solve the intractable problem.

If after that the students still have difficulties, they can click on the help button that will transfer them to the Java Community. There the students can ask a question about a task or about programming in general. Either other students or someone from the CodeGym team will answer it.

The community of programmers and students at CodeGym is really large and quite active. In addition to the Help section on the CodeGym website, there is a Java Blog where you can find a lot of interesting materials about Java programming and more, as well as a Game Section where you can practice creating classic video games with step-by-step instructions.


Now, Java is maintained by Oracle. And it has a blog dedicated to Java.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Yeah, it is. Because we are getting to learn from the developers and maintainers themselves, we can find the latest updates on Java in the blog without searching all the internet.

Top leaders and employees from Oracle will write the posts in the blog. We will find various posts like how companies are using Java, what happened in the past years to Java, tutorials to learn Java, updates on Java, how to integrate different tools in Java, etc.., whatnot. We will find almost all types of posts related to Java.

The blogs posts are small and sweet for busy programmers like us. Hence, we can read a blog post in 5 minutes or so. But, you will get the content from the blog post. So, you can follow the Oracle blog if you are using Java in your life or are enthusiastic to know more about Java.

Finally, the Oracle blog will keep you up-to-date in the Java world.

Info World

Info World is a blog from IDG Communications which has several categories of technical posts. You can find posts related to different programming languages like Python, R, Java, etc.., and posts related to software development, cloud computing, machine learning, etc..,

It has a separate section called Java World for Java lovers. So, all the posts in this section are related to only Java. We can find different posts on Java’s latest news, tutorials like how to do stuff in Java, features of frameworks, tools, reviews of new features, tools, and videos related to Java. You can find almost everything to improve your knowledge in Java.

The blog will help you stay up-to-date similar to the Oracle Java blog in language and news in the Java circle.

Inside Java

Inside Java is not a regular type of blog to learn new stuff related to Java. It’s a separate blog dedicated to sharing the news and views on Java. All the news and views will be loaded from the Java team at Oracle.

All the posts in the blog are related to the latest Java news and views of Java team members at Oracle. So, you will be reading, listing, seeing the thoughts and views of Java developers themselves. If you follow this blog, you will know what’s happening inside Java, as the title says.

There are links to different YouTube playlists in Inside Java. You will random videos related to complete Java. Follow this blog if you want to stay up-t0-date about what’s happening inside Java.

Adam Bien

Ever since the release of JDK 1.0 back in 1995, Adam Bien has been working continuously as a freelancer Java expert.

His blog posts are read daily by thousands of Java professionals, learners, and enthusiasts worldwide. You will find everything related to JavaFX and Java EE on the dedicated blog, along with other useful Java information.

Most of the blog posts feature videos that make the learning process more straightforward and efficient. Also, several ebooks are also available on the web resource. Adam Bien regularly adds interactive web events and workshops on the blog, which are even better to learn and advance in Java.


Another essential web resource for Java programmers in Baeldung. The dedicated Java website is an excellent option for anyone looking to seek the latest Java news, updates, and professional advice. In addition to offering Java-focused articles from a diverse range of Java professionals and experts, Baeldung provides useful learning courses.

Baeldung focuses specifically on HTTPClient information, Jackson, Java, Persistence, and REST APIs. Typically, multiple high-quality articles are added to the website each day.

In addition to tutorials and guides for Java, there are several in-depth tutorials on Spring Framework.

Java Revisited

Curated by Javin Paul, a Java professional with several years of industry experience, Java Revisited is another opportune blog to follow. It offers various excellent how-to and step-by-step Java guides. Therefore, it is a convenient learning option for both beginners and seasoned Java programmers.

In addition to Java, the blog also focuses on FIX protocol and Tibco RV.

One of the major highlights of the dedicated Java blog is the encouragement of readers to conduct interviews with Javin. Among all the queries asked, Javin collects some of the most relevant ones and converts them into detailed blog posts.


The jOOQ blog focuses on Java, SQL, and jOOQ. The massive stockpile of information at the blog primarily consists of how-to articles and step-by-step guides. Owing to the versatility of the same, there is something worth learning for Java programmers of every skill level.

The frequency at which articles get published on the blog is infrequent. However, it isn’t an issue as there are already hordes of articles to begin with. The sidebar allows users to easily navigate their way to some categories, including Java and Other Languages, Thoughts on Programming, and SQL Tricks and Tips.

Thorben Janseen

Operated by Thorben Janssen, Thoughts on Java is yet another Java blog for newbies, veterans, and everyone in between. Specializing in Hibernate, Janssen is a Java professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Two new blog posts are added to the dedicated Java blog every week. The blog posts cover everything ranging from Java news to in-depth guides.

In addition to the articles, one can also benefit from various online courses, workshops, and YouTube videos available at Thought on Java.

Moreover, Janssen also offers on-site and open classroom training. Signing up at Thoughts on Java unlocks cheat sheets, downloadable ebooks, and printable Hibernate tips.

Vlad Mihalcea

Vlad Mihalcea is one of the most famous Java experts and skilled professionals. He is a dedicated blogger and mentor with a reach of over 75k visitors a month. With a diverse range of articles available on this blog, there is something worth learning for Java developers of all levels. Recent articles at the blog aim at Hibernate.

In addition to the blog, Vlad Mihalcea is the author of the book High-Performance Java Persistence. The book entails a discussion about batch updates, connection management, fetch sizes, Java data access frameworks, and Java data access performance tuning. Amazingly, the content of the book is inspired by the very posts published on the blog.

To sum up, Vlad’s blog is a must-visit for every Java developer. In addition to the new articles published every week, the blog boasts on-site training, tutorials, and a video course.

All Set!

The resources mentioned above will ensure you stay relevant in the industry by continuously improving your Java skillset and knowledge base. And, if you need to learn something new, you can always get your desired online course at Udemy.

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