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In Business Operations Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Jira Software offers a new way of project management and communication between team members so they can effectively execute each task and complete projects with speed.

This is one of the best project management tools with amazing features, specially designed for agile teams to build workflows, track progress, and deploy the final project in time.

But what if you are looking for something that Jira Software doesn’t offer?

Since different businesses have different needs, budgets, and goals, a single tool might not suffice for everyone.

That’s why I’ve come up with some of the best Jira Software alternatives to help you choose the perfect tool to meet your project management needs.

Notable Features
Unified platform, faster setup, automation
Task focus, flexible planning, collaboration
Centralized project hub, data visualization
Zoho Sprints
Agile collaboration, timeline tracking
Project & bug management, categorization
Integrated tasks, agile planning
Visualized workflows, automation, templates
Timeline tracking, detailed data visualization
Real-time insights, task management
Task management, time tracking
Hybrid collaboration, annotation tools

Before that, let’s talk about;

What Is Jira Software?


Jira Software is a powerful project management software that helps agile teams to handle complex projects and make them look simpler. In addition, it allows your team to organize tasks, collaborate with other members, and work on the project efficiently. 

Features of Jira Software:

  • Timelines: You can use the timeline to add epics and map work items, releases, and dependencies. It keeps your stakeholders and teams in sync. 
  • Scrum boards: It helps your teams break complex and large projects into simple, manageable pieces of tasks so that teams can work in sprints and ship projects faster. 
  • Kanban boards: DevOps and agile teams commonly use these boards to get started quickly with their projects, visualize the workflow, and maximize efficiency.
  • Reports and insights: The dashboards and reports in this software provide critical insights into your work to enable your teams to stay updated on everything. 
  • Flexibility: Jira Software offers anatomy and structure, customizable workflows, integrations, and applications, giving you the full flexibility of managing every task. 
  • Security: Jira Software’s security is backed by enforced 2-step verification, SAML SSO, automated user provisioning, etc. This ensures your organization has 99.9% uptime and unlimited storage without any risks. 

While Jira Software offers great features, the learning process can be tough. It is specially designed for software developers, which means it is not easy for everyone else to manage their projects. Small-scale companies with few team members may find it overwhelming to use. This is why it is important to know about some alternatives to Jira Software that can ease the process and meet specific requirements.

What to Look for in Project Management Software?


Choosing the best Jira Software alternative for your business is not that difficult. Just select the tool that offers the right feature you need at your pricing range.

  • Ease of use: Whether you are a small or large company, or an individual, choose a platform that is easy to understand and easy to use. This will help you save effort and time. 
  • Templates: Almost all project management software offers templates that help you customize your workflow and the dashboard according to your use. 
  • Core features: The product must offer features like customizable workflows, agile reporting, integrations, clean dashboards, and more. 
  • Pricing: Some tools offer a free subscription for individuals, while others are paid. Similarly, some are affordable for small-scale businesses, while others are more suitable for large businesses. So, choose one that comes within your budget.

Now, let’s dive into the best alternatives to Jira Software.


Let your team work together better by connecting the right processes, people, and information with Smartsheet’s single platform. It offers 60x faster project setup time, cuts down manual effort, and enhances efficiencies across multiple projects. 

Your project may seem complex, but Smartsheet makes it simpler. You can easily unite people on your team behind a common goal so everyone can work in real-time. The tool also ensures each member understands the project’s progress and their contribution towards it.


Smartsheet enables you to eliminate legacy and siloed approaches by utilizing the project management platform for all your needs. It offers a modern approach to managing projects regardless of the methodology, process, and type. Also, it supports hybrid work that drives better collaboration, processes, and communication to empower teams and individuals. 

It helps you:

  • Utilize a flexible and customizable platform
  • Eliminate manual and repetitive processes with automation
  • Standardize your work for success
  • Create a better collaboration experience that allows you to work smarter and enhance visibility. 

Integrate Smartsheet effortlessly with the different services and platforms you use. With its cutting-edge integrations, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jira Software, you can bring all the data and context into a single platform. This helps you deliver the work with greater efficiency. 

The tool is free for general needs. Also, you can take a free trial of the paid versions starting at $7/month/user for advanced features.

Bring all your work to a single platform and let your teams focus on their tasks, projects, and processes to achieve a common goal. From brainstorming your unique ideas to executing them efficiently, helps you set goals, navigate processes and projects, and complete everyday tasks efficiently. helps you plan, manage, and execute strategic work with ease. It also gives you a collaborative and organized way of managing projects. In addition, you can easily allocate and schedule resources to maximize your work efficiency. 


Furthermore, you can track, collaborate, and plan on a portfolio or project from a single place with’s flexible project management software. You can also choose your ways to visualize the projects and tasks based on the workflows with’s 10+ views, including Kanban, Gantt, and more. 

With the help of real-time dashboards, you can make informed decisions using more than 30 widgets that can display specific info on the dashboard. Moreover, you can create a workflow for your business needs with no-code building blocks. Also, choose from 200+ pre-made automation recipes to enhance your work efficiency. 

Start your free trial today and avail yourself of unlimited boards and users. The platform offers a free plan along with paid plans starting at $8/seat/month.


Bring your project teams together to track, plan, and collaborate on a project in a single place – ClickUp. It helps you organize your projects, track goals and progress, collaborate with teams, and optimize team resources.

Accelerate your project’s fresh plans and execution using ClickUp AI. In addition, generate outlines, summarize notes, draft documents, and more with AI tools. Track your project with various views, such as Gantt, Board, List, and more, to make your project planning easy.

Furthermore, you can add comments to the document or task, collaborate effectively with your team, and build alignment on the project. The tool makes it easier to share attachments, chat, and assign comments with multiple action items. Plus, you never miss anything with the notification functionality. 

ClickUp offers features such as workload, priorities, home, custom statuses, checklists, task templates, docs and wikis, task dependencies, goal tracking, and more. Additionally, you can track time using a global timer supported by desktop, Chrome, or mobile so that it will be easy to set clear expectations.

Use ClickUp for free or choose a paid plan starting at $7/month/member to get more advanced features with unlimited usage. 

Zoho Sprints

Allow your team to adopt a collaborative and iterative approach to work on projects with an agile project management tool – Zoho Sprints. It allows your distributed teams to brainstorm and work together remotely on any device and provides important notifications on events in real time with its social feed. 


Zoho Sprints offers transparency and productivity that allows team members to identify bottlenecks and understand the ways to produce more value while reducing unproductive activities. In addition, it allows you to bring your agile teams and business tools into a single platform. You can sync the code repositories, get contextual reports, and integrate with CI/CD tools. 

Get a 360-degree view of the progress and track the schedules. You can also compare the actual timeline of the sprints with the original timeline; and hence, get the projected timeline based on average velocity. In addition, you can integrate it with Zoho tools and other business tools, including Github, Bitbucket, Zapier, Jenkins, and more. 

Avail the forever-free benefits or choose a plan starting at $70/user/month. 


Spending less, plan less, and do more with Backlog by Nulab, a project management, bug management, and bug tracking software solution that helps you focus on the things that matter. Get all your projects, teams, tasks, and files along with collaborators in a single place. 


You can quickly edit plans and access progress with a few clicks and visualize the timeline of the entire project with ease. Nulab allows you to manage tasks and workflows using boards. It also provides you with burndown charts that let you see the work to do and the time left at a glance. 

Furthermore, you can put child tasks under major tasks to let your team stay organized. Creating custom categories is now easy with Nulab, which fits simply into your team’s workflow. Allow your team to get notifications on the latest updates in the workflow. 

Try Nulab for free for small projects of up to 10 members, or choose a paid plan starting at $35/month for up to 35 users, 1 GB storage, a subtasks option, and 5 projects. 


Deliver projects faster with nTask – a fully integrated and powerful project management solution that will help enhance your work efficiency as well as productivity. It will easily put your plan into quick action by analyzing all the project details in a few steps. 

It allows you to define your project goal, set a billing method, allocate resources, and decide the rate of your project. It makes connection and communication possible for your agile teams with its chat features. Share project updates with your team members using team chat and bridge the communication gap. 


Furthermore, you can plan, assign, and organize tasks instantly in your projects to see the progress and the time left to complete each task. To this, you can create to-do lists, unlimited sub-tasks. With nTask, you can gain transparency, become flexible, and get organized by setting task dependencies and milestones, optimizing progress, and more.

Moreover, it offers never-ending features, including financial summary, dock view, document management, custom colors, alerts, and notification. It teams up with many other software to provide more quality service.

Try it free for 7 days or choose a paid plan from $3/month onwards.


From the beginning of a project to its completion, Trello allows you to manage your project, keep track of task completion, and gain a complete view of statistics. 

Whether it’s about to-do lists or complex workflows, Trello’s custom fields provide an effective way to meet your needs and save time. 


You can combine custom fields with Trello’s built-in automation and supercharge your project boards. It can handle repetitive tasks like adding team members, creating cards, or tracking due dates. 

You will find several ways to visualize the projects, such as a timeline, table, dashboard, and more. This helps you view the progress of the work and remaining tasks, giving you the flexibility to see the project status. 

Jumpstart your board using a template designed by the Trello team. In addition, Trello offers 200+ integrations that enable you to keep your work maintained and organized in a single place.

Trello offers a free plan for individuals or small teams. Or, you can choose a paid plan starting from $/user/month. 


Experience the powerful project management software – Notion, and enjoy managing your projects without the chaos.

Notion brings clarity to the projects and accelerates them with AI-powered and connected tools so that complex projects look simpler. 


The software allows you to view your project status in a timeline so that you can see the bigger picture and solve dependencies to hit deadlines. Further, you can capture each detail of your project in a table and view the deadline on a calendar. 

With Notion, it is easy to choose the exact data you want to monitor. Let your teams view individual tasks only or the items marked on a priority basis. Whether it is a task, subtask, status, dependencies, database views, progress bar, or due date, Notion allows you to catch big and small details with ease. 

Use Notion for free and enjoy unlimited blocks. Or, choose a paid plan starting at $8/month/user for more features.


Manage multiple projects at a time efficiently with Asana. It empowers your cross-functional teams to align with mission-critical goals and supercharges brainstorming and strategic planning to help you achieve your goals. 


It allows you to prioritize your work based on real-time insights. It enables you to create repeatable processes and keep everyone on the same path using tools. Additionally, you can track your project progress regardless of who is working with whom. 

You can see all the tasks in a single place, from project planning to product deployment. It allows you to identify roadblocks and prevent them before they happen. This helps you hit the delivery time always. Furthermore, you can track leads, customer relationships, account details, and more in one system. 

Get Asana for free or choose a paid plan starting from $10.99/month/user for advanced features. 


Enable your team to be more organized with the Ora task manager. You can easily manage your project from beginning to end and bring your project team together on a single platform to streamline tasks using different cards. 


Ora lets you choose from a wide range of assigned labels, layouts, and drag-and-drop cards for a comprehensive and clear view of the tasks to do on a given timeline. It also provides solutions for highly customizable and adaptive projects so that you can start quickly and choose from add-ons based on project needs. 

With Ora, you will get features like time tracking and estimates, automation, image or video annotations, task relationships, repeating tasks, milestones, custom fields, and more. The built-in integrations and automation let you stay calm and do your job faster. 

Use Ora for free or choose from plans starting at $6/month/user. 


Manage hybrid work on a single platform – Hive, and collaborate with your teams easily to complete projects. 

Hive simplifies workflows for complex projects by offering powerful annotation and proofing tools. You can use action and project templates for your repeatable tasks to reduce your work.


The platform offers different views, including Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, Table, Portfolio, and my actions to track baselines, map out timelines, and execute plans. In addition, you can track the progress in real-time and automate goal tracking. 

Furthermore, get better clarity across your organization, make action plans, and integrate Hive with your business tools to get more flexibility in project management. You will find all the information in a single centralized dashboard to boost productivity. 

Get this software for free, or choose a plan starting from $12/user/month. 

Final Words

Jira Software is undoubtedly a robust project management tool to manage projects, choose and configure boards, customize workflow, and do more. 

However, Jira Software might not suit every business, be it the complexity of using it, budget, or anything else. 

If that’s the case with you, you can choose any of the above-mentioned Jira Software alternatives for efficient and easy project management.

Next, check out game-changing project management podcasts for advanced leadership and strategy.

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