Thinking about migrating Joomla to WordPress in free?

Follow these steps…

If you are returning a user to Geek Flare, you will notice the change in design and URL structure.

Well, after two years of running my blog on Joomla! I decided to migrate to WordPress for many reasons.

If you were like my running blog on Joomla + K2 and would like to migrate them to WordPress then following steps would help you.

1. Migrate K2 items to Joomla Articles

If you are migrating from Joomla articles, then you can skip this step. However, if you are using K2 items, I have explained in details how to export K2 items to Joomla articles.

2. Migrate Joomla Articles to WordPress

Now, it’s time to migrate Joomla articles to WordPress using FG Joomla to Wordpress plugin.

  • Login into Wordpress Admin
  • Go to Plugins>>Add New
  • Search for FG Joomla to Wordpress


  •  Click on Install Now
  •  Click on Activate Plugin


  •  Go to Tools>>Import and you should see Joomla (FG) in import tools list
  •  Click on Joomla (FG)


You will get a self-explanatory page where you have to enter your Joomla information and once you are ready click on “Import content from Joomla to Wordpress.”

Overall process was much easier than I thought. Once you are on WordPress, follow these to optimize for performance.