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In Windows Last updated: November 22, 2022
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While working on a PC on a daily basis, the first thing that will keep hovering in our minds is to use more of our phones to transfer data and files into a computer.

These things will be used in our emails and other work-related items. If you have a Windows PC, then once in a while, the thought of connecting your mobile phone to a windows PC comes to your mind. 

Mobile and Desktop Connection

Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ is a great application that contains the names of your mobile phones through which you can connect your mobile phone with the Windows platform. But many of the features are not available in that application. This is why KDE Connect is suggested as the best alternative to connect your Android phone to Windows PC. 

What is the KDE Connect project?

KDE Connect software is intended for Linux OS users. It has various benefits that you can have while connecting your phone to your PC. You can have phone notifications on a desktop device. Also, you can check what is the percentage of your phone battery through the software and can perform various other things. Many companies do not widely use Linux OS. So, recently, KDE Connect has been introduced for the Windows PC and is available in the beta version on the Microsoft store.

KDE Connect is a life-saving software for you if you are constantly working on the go. KDE Connect Windows helps users share their files, reply to messages, check their phone battery level, sync notifications, and perform many other tasks directly through the PC. One can do all of this by using their laptop and not wasting time checking their phone repeatedly.

By using KDE Connect, you are not only limited to these services, but you can also be in charge of your Windows PC by running some custom commands remotely through your Android phone. How can we forget music to have a soulful working day? This software also helps you control the music playing on your computer. You can play, pause, and even skip the music using your phone.

How to download and install the KDE Connect app?

For Windows

Windows platform has introduced the KDE Connect application in their Microsoft store. All you have to do is search the Microsoft store with KDE Connect. On the top right side of the screen, click on “GET” to install KDE Connect on your windows platform. 

KDE Connect

Once the KDE Connect windows software is installed on your laptop, you can have various options, as portrayed in the image below.

KDE Connect Tool

For Android

Android users need to go to Play Store on their mobile phones, search for KDE Connect, and click the install button.

KDE Connect Android

To connect your Android phone to your Windows PC, you need to connect your devices over the same wireless network. Then it would be best if you paired your Android phone to the windows using Bluetooth, too, to have full functionality over the KDE Connect software.

As you will be using the software, you will get to explore some prominent features of KDE Connect Windows software that will help you in one way or another.

Once your Android phone and Windows PC are connected using KDE Connect, you can perform various functions like:

  • Sharing of files and links between both the devices
  • Message sending through your desktop
  • Watch your phone battery level
  • Control your desktop remotely via your phone
  • Get notifications on your desktop and reply to them via desktop only.
  • You can also ring your phone and find it on your working desk if you have lost it.

Alternate Option to Sync your Android phone to Windows PC

There are various options for syncing your Android phone to your Windows PC like: 

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Infrared connectivity of Android phones to Windows PC
  • Wired connectivity of Android phone to Windows PC for sharing of files
Wired Connectivity

These alternate options of synchronizing your Android phone to a Windows PC are different from KDE Connect. KDE Connect helps you get all of the respected features under one roof, whereas other methods require you to install multiple applications or tools for performing different tasks. This is where KDE Connect steals the deal.

Conclusion 💻📲

If you want the best throughput of your day, you must install KDE Connect windows software on your system. It will save a lot of time transferring files from your Android phone to your laptop. Also, it will remove the need for the installation of different kinds of software for work procedures.

So, what are you waiting for? Get KDE Connect freely and ease your work now and get your daily working life sorted with various functions at one stop.

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