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In Mobile and Privacy Last updated: December 9, 2022
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Monitor the activities on any Android device with these efficiently hidden keyloggers.

A keylogger is a software or application that enables you to record every activity on a device on which it is installed. A keylogger monitors and records such activities without the knowledge of the device user.

It is a common feature in most spy apps built for Android devices. You can use it for various investigations, monitoring your kids while using mobiles, or tracking the activities of your employees.

How does a keylogger work on Android?

The whole process of monitoring and recording is automated in these keyloggers. It is a kind of spyware that relays the recorded activities in real-time from the device.

An Android keylogger logs certain keystrokes, web history, social media talks, call history and more. It records and measures the activities throughout all these aspects. It offers a wide set of highlights such as websites visited, GPS locations, calling, voice messages, live surroundings, etc.

How to install a keylogger on an Android device?

To install a keylogger on any Android device, you just need single-time physical access to that device.

  • Most of the keylogger or spy apps are not available on Google Play. As a result, you must first enable app installation options from third-party sources.
  • You need to install the app by permitting the monitoring of the phone.
  • Once you do all this, you can use the keylogger account for necessary configurations, such as monitoring apps.

This configuration will enable the app to run in the background and record all the activities. You can later log into the desktop version of this keylogger app and view all the details of the activities.

Why do you need a keylogger?

The reasons for installing or using a keylogger may vary from person to person. Let’s explore some most common reasons for using keyloggers.

  • Parents may want to protect their children from cyber crimes. Keyloggers allow parents to monitor their social media interactions, geo-location, call details, web history, etc. All this makes keyloggers useful for parents.
  • Employers or business owners may also want to verify whether their employees are properly utilizing their working hours. They may also want to know if their workforce is honest enough for their organization. For this reason, employers also use such apps commonly.
  • Cybercriminals also use keyloggers to steal passwords, bank details, financial information, etc.

You can find a wide variety of keyloggers for your Android device. Let’s explore some of the best options that you can go with.


MSpy is an excellent keylogger for Android that can help you stop interactions that can be potentially dangerous. It is an easy-to-use application.

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MSpy works with Android apps and features such as Call Logs, SMS, contacts, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It can monitor every keystroke on an Android device. It works in the background and offers updates about the activities every 5 minutes.

Also, it works with all the major messaging apps, location apps, and more.


uMobix is another great keylogger for Android that is compatible with all Android devices above the Android 4.0 version. This application can capture all the keystrokes and monitor various activities in real time.

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uMobix helps in monitoring call logs, activities on social media apps, web history, SMS, photos and videos, GPS location, and more. It features automated updates without physical interaction with the device or this app.

This keylogger also comes with a few extra features for parents to monitor their kids’ activities on their devices.

KidsGuard Pro

ClevGuard presents KidsGuard Pro for Android for monitoring the activities of your loved ones. This application is designed for parents who want to protect their kids from cyber dangers.

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It lets you track the complete social media data to keep an eye on the social activities of your kids. With this keylogger, you can monitor, Telegram, Skype, Line, Discord, and more social platforms. You can track the device’s location, phone calls, web content, etc.

It comes with an optimized interface that makes the monitoring process quite easier.


Whether you want to monitor the activities of your employees or your kids, Hoverwatch keylogger for Android is the right solution. It assists you in recording calls and monitoring SMS, camera, MMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, web activities, and geo-locations.


The best part is that you just need a single account and can monitor all the devices with it. It displays activities in sequential order. Sign up with Hoverwatch, and you are ready to Spy in just 2 minutes.


Spyera is a strong and undetectable keylogger that works as a completely hidden application. It works in the background without any knowledge of the device user.


It can help you find Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Instagram, Gmail, and more passwords. Using this app, you can have live call recordings, live call listening, surrounding recordings, hangout call recording, etc. You can easily spy on various social media activities.

Along with Android, this app is perfectly suitable for iOS, Windows, and macOS devices.


Ensure your kids’ complete safety while using digital devices with Tispy. It is a perfect keylogger for Android devices that enables you to monitor your children irrespective of their location.

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You can monitor your kids’ activities on various chat apps and text messages. You can track their web history along with call logs and geo-location. Tispy lets you view their passwords even if they use them in hidden characters.

You can also track their live activities and control various contacts and applications. It also comes with a health monitor, which lets you conveniently monitor your children’s health.


Spyic is a spy app that comes with a strong keylogger function. It is ideal for spying on your Android devices and recording the user’s activities.


It records all the keystrokes on the target Android device and tracks all the activities on social media apps. With this app, you can explore passwords and login details. It can help you monitor GPS location, Photos, call logs, web history, and more.

You can Sign up for free and install this application.


Try Cocospy as a keylogger for your Android device and record every keystroke input anytime.


With this keylogger, you can track GPS location, Photos, call logs, keystrokes, text messages, web history, Snapchat, and more. This app is ideal for parents and employers to track the activities of their kids and employees respectively.


If you are looking for a keylogger that can monitor your kids or employees without root, iKeyMonitor is the ideal solution. It is compatible with Android mobiles, tablets, etc.

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It can help you record keystrokes, call history, SMS, website history, surrounding, call records, geo-fencing, GPS location, etc. You can also monitor activities on various social media platforms.


Refog is another wonderful keylogger for Android devices that is ideal for tracking your kids. It can track your device on a map and provide you with information. It lets you monitor SMS messages and call logs, record conversations, and more.


Just create an account with Refog, install the application, and monitor all the activities remotely.


Capture every keystroke on your Android devices with eyeZy. It records every time a user hits the key. It delivers information about the apps in action along with the date and time details.


eyeZy works with all the major social networking apps and can monitor chats that take place there. It can also help you monitor GPS locations.

Final Words

This article will help you understand keyloggers and find the right one for your Android monitoring needs. Ethical and sensible use of a keylogger can help you safeguard your assets, whether it is about your kids or your organization.

You may also want to explore the best spy apps for Android and iPhone.

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