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Whether you want to do an employee background check or track down someone’s data such as phone number, address, etc., finding people online has become easy.

If you have the right tool, you can easily find information about a person for your personal or professional use. Maybe you lost contact with your old friend and want to reconnect with them or find a relative. There are lookup tools available that will help you get relevant information.

Businesses and landlords can use these tools to do background checks on a person to check if the person is who they claim to be or do they have any criminal records, etc.

What are Person Lookup Tools, and What do they do?

People look up tools and search engines to get all the person-related information in one place. These apps are affordable and provide fast results when you need information urgently. Most apps are free to use, at least for basic searches. You might have to pay some fee or buy their paid subscriptions for additional detailed information.

Person lookup tool provides the following types of information:

  • Location and Contact details: Name, Phone Number, Location, Address, etc.
  • Personal Details: Social Media Accounts, Relatives, Associates, Marriage Status, etc.
  • Public Records: Criminal and Court Records, Birth and Death Certificates.
  • Work and Wealth Records: Income, Interest, Previous and current Jobs, etc.

Benefits of Person Lookup Tool

Here are a few benefits of using a person lookup tool:

  • These tools will help you find and contact your long-lost relative and friend. You can find out where they are, what they are doing, and even their contact information.
  • These apps can also help you protect your identity by searching yourself and finding if your data available for everyone to see is correct or not.
  • You can quickly identify unknown persons calling you or a business before buying to check who they are.
  • The apps allow businesses to run background checks on potential candidates before hiring them to find out about their criminal records, finances, businesses, etc.
  • Landlords use these apps to rent their property to a suitable person.

Person lookup tools vs. Social Media

You can find information about a person on social media, but it doesn’t give detailed information that person lookup tools provide. Social media accounts can also be fake, and nowadays, most people keep their accounts private and thus restricting access to their information.

Following are some of the best person lookup tools available:

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a tool to discover someone’s identity online. The software helps you find out if the person behind the internet is who they claim to be and assist you in searching for names, address, emails, etc.

Social Catfish offers the following features:

  • Name Lookup: The platform is used by most for Tinder lookup. People use it by entering a person’s name and country of origin. It then shows relevant information through public databases, social networks, government data, etc.
  • Reverse Image Lookup: This feature allows you to do an image search by uploading the same. The tool then starts searching the image and going through the database to find a perfect match.
  • Phone Lookup: This feature gives the most relevant result, as only one person with the phone number can be.
  • Address Lookup: This feature allows finding property information like property deeds, valuable financial insights, etc.
  • Email Lookup: Using this feature, you can avoid scams by confirming the authenticity of buyers and sellers. 
  • Username Lookup: This feature is mainly used by organizations to authenticate customers before making any deal or sales with them
  • Opt-out: This feature allows you to remove your information and stop potential stalkers from accessing their data.

Social Catfish is a very easy-to-use platform; all you need to do is enter the information and get relevant results. 


Spokeo, first started as a social network aggregator, was founded in 2006 and currently has over 20 million monthly users.

Spokeo offers the following features:

  • Spokeo People Finder: It allows you to enter your name and get detailed results. You can add additional information, like phone number, age, marital status, etc., to narrow the search.
  • Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup: If you have a phone number and want to find out whose it is, you can enter the number on the app, giving you their name, address, and other available data.
  • Spokeo Reverse Email Lookup: By entering the email, the tool will give you a person’s social media profiles, public images, blog entries, videos, etc.
  • Spokeo Court Records and Criminal Records: This feature allows you to find information about a person if you know their court or criminal records.
  • Spokeo Sex Offenders and Records: This feature checks for a person if they are convicted of a sex crime.
  • Spokeo Marriage and Divorce Records: If you always forget the anniversaries of your friends or family, this feature is perfect for you. 
  • Spokeo Family History Lookup: It allows you to find your relative with whom you have lost contact.
  • Spokeo Work and Health Data: This feature gives search results like lifestyle preferences, current and previous employment, investments, and property ownership.
  • Spokeo Enhanced Report: This feature gives a detailed report on behalf of fees like professional licenses, UCC filings, corporate affiliations, bankruptcy filings, etc.
  • Spokeo Opt-Out Feature: If you don’t want your public data, like marriage, divorce, etc., to appear on the app, you can request information removal.

Spokeo is only available for Android users for now. 


TruthFinder performs a background check on a person through hundreds of millions of records like social media networks, public records, etc.  

TruthFinder offers the following features:

  • TruthFinder has directories for background checks, criminal records, family trees, public records, etc.
  • The app offers a dark web scan to do research on yourself and find if your personal data has been compromised.
  • It provides transparent information regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The platform offers good customer support service available on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm.


Whitepages is one of the popular online people finder websites to look up an old friend or to investigate someone’s background. 

Whitepages offers the following features:

  • Whitepages has various features for tasks like finding a person, investigating a Tennant, looking up an email or address, and checking/finding a business.
  • The platform has two plans: Its premium plan offers features best for individuals or small business owners, while Whitepages tenant check is for landlords.
  • Whitepages premium helps businesses verify a person’s authenticity, background check, criminal records, etc.
  • Whitepages Tenant Check hep landlords get FCRA-compliant background information.

The platform provides good customer support through FAQs, premium-focused help, and assistance.


Intelius provides various public records and background check information of US citizens. 

Intelius offers the following features:

  • The app allows you to do a background check on yourself. By entering your name, you can see what information is available to others.
  • You can also search potential dates to find out what public records are available on that date.
  • It allows you to do a background check on a person to see if they are who they claim to be or not.
  • With the app, you can find criminal or traffic records of someone if available.
  • The map search feature of the platform allows you to research the neighborhood or place you are moving to. You can search your address and find crime statistics in your area, popular establishments, etc.

It is more than just a background check, too, by providing you with various features and search results.


411 is a popular tool providing online directory assistance and other information source services. 

411 offers the following features:

  • The tool’s directory includes phone numbers, persons, addresses, and other details.
  • It offers a survey platform to find out popular restaurants, shops, or other places in an area.
  • The data aggregator of the platform pulls data from many telecommunications operators.

It allows you to find information on yourself or others using People Search, Reverse Phone, Reverse address, and Business search.


PeopleFinder, founded in Sacramento, California, in 1998, is a data-as-a-service provider. The platform can do various background checks with just a name, phone number, or address. 

PeopleFinder offers the following features:

  • It offers a reverse phone lookup feature to check who calls you from an unidentified number. 
  • It has an Opt-Out feature to remove the information from the website so that no one can get valuable information about you.
  • The information provided by PeopleFinder is about 95% accurate.
  • By entering the name and city of residence, you can find out the criminal records of a person.

This platform helps you access information from around 43 million public documents.


InfoTracer is popularly used for its criminal background check service. At a very affordable price, it provides various public information access. 

InfoTracer offers the following features:

  • Unique Search Choice: With the platform’s search tools, you can get public data such as name, phone number, address, etc.
  • Facial Recognition search: This unique feature allows search based on a person’s photo.
  • Targeted Lookup: If you want specific information about a person, such as their criminal record, you can search by court judgment, asset, warrant, etc.
  • Dark Web Scanning: This feature digs deep to find hidden images, videos, arrest records, and compromised documents of a person on the dark web.

You can get help from their customer service 24/7 through call, chat, or email.

Instant Username

Instant Username is an open-source web application to determine if the username is available on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. 

Instant Username offers the following features:

  • It allows you to generate the most suitable and relevant username.
  • The platform performs username searches on over 100 platforms.
  • It assists you in registering your username on every social media.

Instant Username is a free and very easy-to-use platform.


People look up very convenient tools to find information about a person. These details can be very essential before renting your property to someone, hiring a new employee, or moving to a new neighborhood. The article has given you a list of popular and best tools. You can go through each one before selecting the best one for you.

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