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In Data Visualization Last updated: August 31, 2023
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Have you ever wondered about the way to create a KPI dashboard? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will walk you through the best KPI dashboard tools to help you out.

If you are a business manager, you might know the KPI dashboard. It is used to group, collect, visualize, and organize the metrics of an organization, offering a quick overview of well-being, performance, and growth.

Organizations can make informed decisions and access the success indicators with the help of the KPI dashboard and achieve long-term goals. However, don’t confuse KPI with API as both are incredibly different, but it is the story for any other time.

This article will understand KPI dashboards, how to create them, and the top tools that one must be aware of.

What is KPI Dashboard?

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard helps the business manager graphically represent metrics, actual performance, and measures. The graphic representation helps monitor performance, helping managers, departments, and companies track business objectives and their performance.

The charts and digital graphics also put light on the business, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. KPI dashboard tracks the performance of departments, individuals, organizations, and teams for analysis and monitoring. It works for:

  • Operational KPI helps focus core departments and activities such as marketing, product development, or internal projects running day-to-day management decisions.
  • The strategic  KPIs help in tracking the performance of goals and business health.
  • Individual KPI quickly measures the employee’s performance based on their skills used for appraisals.

So, how to create a KPI dashboard?

The key to designing a KPI dashboard is keeping it simple, showing trends, avoiding rainbow overload, and telling a story. Most importantly, developing a KPI dashboard is extremely easy with these points.

  • Choose the metrics and KPIs to track
  • Choose the data sources
  • Understand the users
  • Build a dashboard with graphs
  • Share it with the team

Nevertheless, with the best KPI Dashboard tools, it will be easier to create them if you know how to use them.


If you are looking for a go-to reporting tool, then Supermetrics can end your search. The tools work with all the marketing data and the storage platform and analytics such as data visualization, spreadsheets, data warehouse, and data lake.

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The significant features of the tools are:

  • The marketing platform brings dimensions and metrics to data warehousing, reporting, BI tools, and data visualization.
  • To develop dashboard and report by automating marketing reports and scheduling data transfers eliminating hours of manual work.
  • Easy filtering and organizing of data to represent it in a straightforward way.

The tool supports Excel, Google Sheet, Data Studio, Snowflake, BigQuery, and API.


Zoho KPI dashboard is an easier and quicker way to analyze and visualize data. Users can create insightful KPI dashboards for easier collaboration and data analysis to track key performance indicators, helping empower businesses.

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The tool can create powerful business dashboards using drag-and-drop features. One can easily track KPI with insightful business dashboards using KPI widgets, pivot tables, charts, and tabular views. The users can create the data to make informed decisions embedded across online platforms.

It is also easier to schedule dashboards, print, and export data for offline access. The users can dig deeper with intuitive formulas offering statistical functions and extension mathematical. Also, it is easier to access from laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.


Scoro is an end-to-end solution helping to plan the team’s time, manage sales, projects, customers, and track business results. It helps in project management, time management, finances, sales, CRM, integration, reporting, and dashboards.

The tools cover:

  • Managing time efficiency with timesheets, shared calendars, and a built-in time tracker.
  • Allocate resources and define individual capacity based on availability.
  • Minimizing double-bookings and manual updates to reflect actual capacity automatically.
  • Tracking tasks, real-time progress, events, dependencies, and more.
  • Tracking KPIs, performance, opportunities, identifying bottlenecks, and planning for the future.
  • Monitoring risks, analyzing processes, creating high-level reports.
  • Eliminating waiting or dealing for data to refresh and display in real-time.

Additionally, the tool helps in centralizing the workflow, building reports, eliminating double data entry, bookmarking, ensuring quality data, displaying relevant data, and setting unique or mandatory fields.


As the business dashboards for tracking data, Databox has made an image in the market. It is widely used for all the different tools to understand the performance of organizations. The tools can report and monitor performance easily using the KPI dashboards that work on other devices.

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The dashboard is easy-to-use and connects 70+ popular tools, builds thousands of pre-build metric visualization, and develops 200+ report templates. It doesn’t require manipulating, coding, or design to represent or visualize data. To set up the dashboard, the users can:

  • Choose the data source
  • Select specific metrics in the dashboard
  • Connect data source
  • Analyze results

Alongside, it is a one-in-all solution that eliminates the requirement of login into other sales, marketing, or support tools. The dashboard can easily track metrics from different sources, identify trends, draw correlations, and make real-time adjustments.

Databox also offers robust integration with popular tools allowing pushing and pulling data. It can integrate with Make and Zapier, database, spreadsheet, or use API to push data using on login. The visualize metric feature is a plus allowing users to view data to make sense. It uses several metrics representations such as funnels, leaderboards, heat maps, line graphs, pie charts, and other visualization types.

The users can easily toggle through data ranges to track historical and current performance on the dashboard. Using 100+ pre-built templates, users can track data and add metrics with drag-and-drop editors. It is also easy to resize data blocks, visualizations and build meaningful dashboards.


Grow is a full-stack business intelligence and no-code software that helps businesses make informed and data-driven decisions. The tool helps in data integration, modern Analytics, BI, and business dashboard requirements.

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The tool can help in:

  • Connecting, blending, and storing data from several sources such as SQL databases and data sources.
  • Automating reports, data refresh schedules, and data pipelines.
  • Exploring data and obtaining insights to make informed decisions.
  • Data visualization in different formats to make sense of it. It builds KPI metrics and data visualizations.
  • Collaborating with the team and giving access to database dashboards.

Grow can transform data from several sources, cleanse, and prepare it to develop dashboards and robust metrics. It connects the data with CRMs and databases using APIs to import data seamlessly. The tool can help in creating reliable and up-to-date visuals for the users.

It is easy to integrate with Ad platforms, CRM, databases, marketing analytics, accounting & financials, social media, and files. The tool also supports transformation such as SQL and Non-SQL for summary stats, Filter & Group, JOining, Tag, PostgreSQL, etc.


The online KPI dashboard software, Datapine, is popularly known for analytical work such as visualizing, evaluating, and monitoring KPIs. It can define targets and spot trends to ensure constant growth and optimize performance.

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The users can easily report and analyze the reports with an innovative KPI dashboard to take business decisions. The solutions offered in the tools include:

  • KPI software help in aligning departments to connect information easily view or track department work.
  • The framework helps manage, analyze, and achieve business results instead of manually working on datasets.
  • Data visualization allows the modern KPI dashboard to churn data quickly to empower organizations.
  • It also accesses business trends and insights into current performance to align activities, KPI reports, and outcomes to work on necessary strategies.

Datapine can work for any requirements, including a recent performance for various products and different marketing campaigns. The tool also offers features like smart reporting tools or email reports using interactive KPI dashboards.


SimpleKPI KPI Dashboard can quickly transform data and keep up-to-date with critical production metrics and revenue measures. Using the mountain of complex data, it can soon build a graphical, clear, and simple view that can measure the performance of the business.

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The users can collaborate with the team and clients to share accuracy and maintain transparency. The features include:

  • Embed individual KPI charts
  • Share both publicly and internally
  • 40 different chart and graphs types
  • Customize aspects to suit your brands
  • Connect your data with the app
  • Full-screen mode and presentation looping

It can help create, measure, track, and visualize KPIs for scheduling reports to obtain more significant insights.


The automated reporting software – DashThis – is compiled with several powerful features helping scale up the business. It allows users to automate their requirements and streamline their processes with customization.

The digital marketing reports are obtained from  34+ native integrated connected tools. It also comes with custom data sources features that allow users to add their data efficiently. The all-in-one dashboard can create data using the tools and update automatically. If you want to have unlimited client accounts, DashThis is a way to go.

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The cloning options and templates are the significant addition that makes it a unique product allowing users to choose preset widgets, custom templates, report templates, and cloning. Also, users can create report templates, clone reports, and use the present report template to come up with the best strategies.


Geckoboard comes with 80+ integrated tools to connect data and build real-time dashboards within a few minutes. The simple and easy-to-use tool is popular among eCommerce, support, sales, marketing companies, and investors.

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It can pull in additional data using databases, spreadsheets, custom API, and Zapier integrations. The focus of this tool is mainly on the metrics that use ranges, filters, and help in choosing visualization options to make the right decisions. It is easy to understand and build without any knowledge of coding.

The users can add goals, comparisons, status indicators, and data to highlight progress or changes as per the targets. It is also possible to rearrange, group, and resize data visualizations without using different tools.


If you are looking for a builder who can offer custom dashboards and reports for your business, start with Klipfolio. The tool works with data, functions, and formulas to deliver the correct details with visualization or modeling.

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The users can automate and customize reports and dashboards to share, track, and measure data. It can save time due to automated processes, customization, creating templates, and configuring data sources. Using PowerMetrics – lightweight BI Tools, users can quickly build reports and dashboards based on real-time insights.

The users can easily upload excel files, use pre-built REST/URL connectors SQL connectors, and update emails automatically. It connects our data securely and simplifies data aggregations for detailed and accurate reporting.

The reporting tool led to a data-driven revolution via scheduled emails, PDFs, view-only links, and Slack messages. It creates custom reports for clients, explores data visualization using accessible tabular data, and transforms complex file formats.


To conclude, the companies use the best KPI dashboard tools or software to generate reports and metrics. It allows them to make data-driven and informed decisions to take action for the company. Also, it has come as the primary essential function for the departments, including HR, to stay updated and know the proper flow for the business. So, grow your business and thrive with the best dashboards.

Read more about the business dashboard and go a step forward in the market.

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