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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: September 20, 2023
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Laptop mounts for cars are another significant move towards the mobile workspace where employees do not have to be chained to their desks to be productive.

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for a mobile workspace­ is gaining popularity, just like the latest tre­nd that goes viral. It’s not merely a change­; it’s a revolution that is transforming how we work.

No more mundane office desks for you. Inste­ad, picture yourself tackling your tasks from the comfort of a park be­nch, laptop in hand. Or imagine being at the be­ach, toes buried in the sand, with your table­t serving as your virtual office. You might eve­n find yourself lounging in a hammock, effortlessly re­sponding to emails on your smartphone. This is the harmony of the mobile workspace. 

What’s causing all the e­xcitement? It’s our increasingly digital live­s where work takes the ce­nter stage. We are now able to collaborate with colleague­s around the world, participate in virtual brainstorming sessions, and acce­ss essential data with a simple tap on our mobile­ devices. The mobile­ workspace is like a superhe­ro cape, giving us the power to work anywhe­re and be productive and fle­xible. It aligns with our modern lifestyle, where work and leisure­ blend together.

So, what are laptop mounts for cars, and which are the best ones out there for a mobile workspace? Read on to find out!

What is a Car Laptop Mount?

A car laptop mount is a multifunctional gadget that can safely and conveniently boost productivity while on the road. You can use it to keep your laptop or tablet inside your automobile.

Simply mount it to the inside of your car, and it turns your car into a mobile workstation with convenience beyond working from home, as it enables you to use your laptop hands-free when you park. You can adjust these mounts for the best viewing angles and ergonomic comfort, allowing you to work or have fun without worrying about compromising your posture and comfort.

Benefits of Car Laptop Mount

  • Stay Productive While Travelling: A car laptop mount allows you to convert your automobile into a mobile workspace. During your journey, catch up on emails, participate in online meetings, or work on crucial papers. This can lead to an increase in productivity that may significantly impact your day.
  • Operation without Hands: Safety comes first, and this mount makes sure you maintain both of your hands on the wheel and both of your eyes on the road. You can use your laptop without being distracted while driving, lowering the danger of collisions and guaranteeing that you do it in a secure manner.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Bid adieu to awkward, hunched-over positions. Adjust the mount to your favorite viewing height and angle for ergonomic comfort. Your productivity is increased as a result, and your neck and shoulders experience less stress.
  • Universal Compatibility: You may utilize your current laptop without making any further purchases thanks to the compatibility of these laptop mounts with a variety of computers.
  • Installation is Simple: Mount installation is simple. It effortlessly detaches when not in use and firmly fastens to the interior of your automobile without causing any harm.
  • Stability and Durability: The mount is made of high-quality materials and is built to endure the road’s shocks and vibrations while keeping your laptop safe and guarding against any harm.

An Important “Disclaimer” – “Safety First, Productivity Second!”

While a car laptop mount can undoubtedly be a productivity booster, we shouldn’t forget that safety must come first. Stationary vehicle usage or delegation of laptop operation to a passenger is the only acceptable means of utilizing a laptop mount. Keep this in mind to ensure safe travels.


Never compromise your safety and the safety of others, so make sure to avoid using your laptop while driving. Distracted driving, a leading cause of accidents, can be easily prevented with a car laptop mount. This mount is specifically designed to enhance your commute’s efficiency and security by enabling you to work during breaks or when parked.

On the road, a car laptop mount is a revolutionary tool for those who want to get the most out of their drive time. Why? Because it offers a secure, comfortable, and quick way to work or make the most out of your leisure time while commuting. Just remember, safety should always come first when using any gadget in your car.

Featured next are the best laptop mounts that you can use for transforming your car into a mobile workplace!

AA-Products T-100AP

The AA Laptop mount works with a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, vans, SUVs, cars, and more. With an extensible back and front bracket, the ABS plastic P-Tray is sturdy and long-lasting. Also, it can accommodate laptops with screens up to 13 inches in size.


  • The movable control arm bar allows you to find the ideal position for your laptop, tablet, or notebook. You can simply turn your tray a complete 360 degrees or tilt it 180 degrees.
  • Flexible aluminum tube fast-release with telescoping. Using clamps and fasteners, you can vary the height from 24 to 36 inches, optimizing the amount of area it covers in your car.
  • All you have to do is fasten the stand’s base to the rider seat bolt using this technique of installation to avoid drilling.

You can use it for tablets, ultrabooks, and laptops to perform your work while commuting. The product has several options for connecting brackets to cater to the car of your choice. The best part is that you don’t need to drill for the installation of the device!

CTA Digital Laptop Arm

Compatible with laptops of length dimensions less than equal to 17’’, these laptop arms are perfect for law enforcement vehicles, delivery vehicles, and much more! With a sleek aluminum body, the product weighs around 2.75 pounds.


  • Lock and anti-theft features are available in the product, which locks your device firmly in position.
  • The arm is flexible and can be rotated freely to adjust the proper position for work. The slide-adjustable laptop holder tilts or rotates 360 degrees for portrait and landscape orientation. 
  • Showcases a drill mount that installs easily to your vehicle seat rail.

The packaging includes 1 laptop holder,1 set of mounting hardware, and 1 set of keys. You also get a warranty of 365 days along with the model!

AA-Products T-70N

This universally crafted laptop stand, created with in-car laptop or tablet use in mind, has a dimension of 14.7 x 11 x 4.3 inches and a mass of 5 pounds. It has been crafted from forged aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable.


  • The level metal tray is sturdy and long-lasting and lets you perform administrative duties like reading and writing.
  • Specifically built to perform and endure high jerk movements.

You can surely check it out for your own use and enhance your mobility! From its customer reviews on the Amazon marketplace, it should not disappoint.

Bracketron Universal

Anyone who wants a reliable laptop holder for their vehicle, truck, or van should choose the Bracketron Universal Vehicle Laptop Mount. You may continue to use the mount’s minimal vibration and simple installation while traveling.

The mount is 16″ x 12″ x 27″. Just slip the mounting plate in, move the passenger seat bolt out, and tighten the bolt. Mounting the telescopic arm on the mounting plate may achieve a comfortable height.


  • This mount can accommodate laptops and PCs ranging from 10 to 17 inches. Its construction utilizes heavy-duty 30-millimeter aluminum tubing and high-strength alloy locking joints.
  • With the one-handed locking control lever on the sure-grip panhead deck, you and your passenger may simply change the computer’s tilt. 
  • It can be quickly removed from your car. The lower arm’s telescopic extension ranges from 13 to 21 inches for simple installation.

Furthermore, the LTM-SA-102 Telescoping Support Brace for further support and the LTM-FM-101 Universal Floor Mount are optional extras. You may buy each of these things separately.


Laptops, notebooks, and tablets up to 17″ in size and 11 lbs. can fit on the roomy 14.2″ x 11.9″ tray. The flexible tray clips lock your laptop in place and allow for easy disconnecting while you’re on the road, and the vented surface boosts airflow to your device for adequate cooling


  • This creative laptop stand contains 3 separate mountings, with wide compatibility with trucks, vans, automobiles, and SUVs. It is intended for vehicles having exposed floor seat bolts. To offer a firm workstation, the sturdy base securely anchors to the passenger side’s 0°, 90°, and 45° angled seat bolts.
  • You can adjust the telescopic pole from 18.5″ to 26.3″, and at its greatest position, the arm bracket allows for 9″ of movement along the pole.
  • By removing the thumb screws, the fast disconnect mechanism enables the stand to easily separate from the base, restoring the passenger area’s functionality.

The manufacturer supports strong steel construction with a 3-year warranty and provides helpful tech support for any queries or issues.


Easy Installation, USB-powered fan, adjustable height – 3 highlighting features that this product right here is all about! Your laptop can be conveniently and securely mounted on a laptop car mount made of aircraft-grade aluminum and steel without the need for drilling. Also, the mount connects to the rail at the base of the passenger seat, ensuring your safety.


  • Different laptop models with screens up to 17 inches can fit on a universal tray. Four adjustable clamps hold the laptop firmly in place on the tray. You can also place tablets on the tray.
  • Full motion design ensures that the laptop perfectly positions itself to fit your needs and the limitations of your car, guaranteeing pole positioning through joints with locking teeth even when driving.
  • A built-in USB-powered fan increases under-laptop airflow to keep your laptop cool.

Work for hours without straining your neck and spine. Thus, a comfortable setup is essential so that you can work with optimum productivity and comfort. The best part of this is that you can, in fact, install the whole setup in 10 minutes or so. 

Mobotron MS-526

Decked in a black-and-silver shade, this portable laptop mount stand, with its extensible back and front brackets, makes it simple to secure laptops from 10″ to 17″. Ensure that the passenger seat rail remains flat and the bolt remains visible to the eye for access. To add further, you absolutely need no drilling for setup.


  • Heavy-duty, readily adjustable telescoping aluminum tube (30mm) that ranges in size from 14″ to 21″.
  • Enables 360° of horizontal and 180° of vertical tray adjustment.
  • Hand-Control pan rotates 180° and 360° in both the vertical and horizontal axes. You can quickly install and remove using levers that lock in and release.

A fantastic solution created for security guards, truck drivers, police officers, and any other business that uses mobile devices in their vehicles is the product. Each package includes a varied mounting kit with three different mounting choices to better meet your individual requirements.

Arkscan MHDR10

The laptop tray measures 12.5″ x 10″ and can accommodate various computer models, such as Windows, Mac, and Chromebook. Two safety straps are provided to secure the laptop to the tray.

When you and your family are driving and traveling, you can use your computer or watch movies for a relaxing journey, allowing passengers to remain productive.


  • You can simply secure the laptop into any position for the best viewing angle and usage position thanks to the swivel joints and adjustable elbows.
  • The mount is completed with hard black anodized aluminum for attractive appearances and maximum protection. It is constructed of top-quality aluminum to ensure sturdiness and longevity.
  • You can firmly mount any headrest with metal rods using the mounting clamp, which is constructed of 6061 CNC-machined aluminum.

As this is compatible with Laptops, Apple Notebooks, and Windows Notebook computers, it’s surely a great option to check out!

Final Words

The need for productivity has no boundaries in the fast-paced society we live in when time is a valuable resource. The search for a mobile workstation has led us to identify the top laptop mounts for vehicles.

Each of these provides a special balance of security, practicality, and adaptability. The way we use our trip time has been completely changed by these laptop mounts. Even while traveling, they help us to remain effective, efficient, and connected. These mounts ensure that we may work comfortably without compromising our physical well-being. Thanks to the adjustable angles and ergonomic designs.

But it’s important to keep in mind that safety is a top priority. While these attachments offer a great way to increase in-car productivity, you should only use them when the car is stopped. Safe driving should always come first since distracted driving can have serious implications.

Thus, a new era of mobile productivity has arrived! They have given us the ability to manage our time effectively. Whether it is for business, fun, or just keeping in touch. You may improve your commute, maximize your trip time, and guarantee that you drive safely by picking the appropriate laptop mount.

Therefore, strap up, maintain concentration, and let your automobile serve as your ideal mobile workstation with these best laptop mounts for our car!

Next up, the best wireless CarPlay adaptors to make driving safe!

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