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  • Why should you learn Digital Marketing?

    No one can deny the fact that digital growth has brought a paradigm shift in the way marketers have revolutionized their practices to boost conversions and increase audience engagement.

    Obviously, I am talking about the evolution of digital marketing.  I would not mind considering digital marketing as an art, as it filled with innovation, new tactics, and overall creativity.

    Do you have a knack for the cyber world, but at the same time, do you detest complex programming and mathematics? Allow me blindly recommend you to learn digital marketing online!

    Roger that, we are in the same boat and, believe me, it is a golden opportunity bag a new and impressive skill-set. All I can predict is that there is an extremely high potential for the future and the odds of building a successful career drastically high. Therefore, as a kick-starter, let me recommend to you some of the best universities and their courses to learn digital marketing online.

    Online education has its perks, unparalleled to the campus learning where you are entitled to factor in practicalities such as relocation, housing, budgets, and transport. International universities are increasingly extending their courses in an online environment, making remote education more feasible and preferable.

    Digital Marketing is a highly compatible course, which can be taught remotely.

    First, Let’s explore some of the best universities that offer digital marketing courses online.

    University of Illinois

    Coursera has a partnership with the prestigious Illinois University; therefore, the credibility of this course is never a question. While this course covers several interesting topics such as product-strategies, marketing mix, and mobile marketing, it never fails with the fundamentals such as SEO and Social Media.

    Also, to have hands-on practical experience in this very course is like a cherry on the cake!

    University of Vermont

    The University of Vermont has several global accreditations making it a reputed University in the United States and across the globe. It offers a fantastic program aimed at absolute beginners who wish to learn digital marketing online. The 8-week course is called Online Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate.

    The key aspects covered in this program are Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, Web and Market Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Capstone. These eight weeks could provide you with an amazing kick-start with your digital marketing career in a good start-up.

    The tuition fee for this course is pegged at $1695; however, you can enjoy several discounts and scholarships if you are an American National.

    I would strongly recommend you for enrolling in this digital marketing course if you are interested in building a foundation for your further education in the same field.

    University of Toronto

    The University of Toronto is one of the leading global universities offering a variety of different programs. Certificate in Digital Marketing Management is one such, where students have to cover three core modules. These modules include foundations of digital marketing management, search engine marketing, and social media strategy. These concepts are taught well in detail!

    This university is well known for its world-class faculty, and I am sure this program is no exception!

    The best part of this program is its flexibility, where you have the time of 3 years to complete all the modules and be eligible for the certification. If you wish to experience Canadian culture, you can also take a module in the campus. Indeed, a digital marketing certification from the University of Toronto will definitely shine on your CV.

    University College Berkely

    UC Berkely holds a high reputation and is an elite University in the United States. Nonetheless, it also has high rankings worldwide. UC Berkely offers a robust certificate program in digital marketing, enabling students to gain high-quality exposure.

    Marketing management, research, strategy, and social media marketing form the core of this course, making it ideal for an intermediate to apply. The university is well known for its faculty of business administration, and this program enjoys lectures and tutorials by some of the best lecturers who are professionals in their respective fields.

    Ideally, this course can be completed in less than two academic years, which includes 150 teaching hours. The program is flexible, where you can schedule your online lecture streaming, examinations, and other components according to your convenience. Last but not least, you can also plan to take classes on the beautiful campus situated in San Francisco.

    University of Pennsylvania

    UPEN or the University of Pennsylvania is popular for its Wharton Business School.

    A course called Digital Marketing Certificate Program is remotely offered here for students of all nationalities. You might be amazed by a variety of course subjects you get to study to learn digital marketing online. These options are centered on different fundamentals such as ‘Marketing Analytics and Tools’, ‘Customer Relationships,’ ‘Selling Ideas,’ and ‘Social Media & E-commerce.’

    The entire course takes 24 weeks to complete, and in my opinion, it is a beneficial course if you are considering digital marketing as your mainstream career.

    A certificate from UPEN is a thumbs up for your resume. However, you must note that the course fee is pegged at $2340, which can be high for certain students. Hence it is important to invest in this course after considerations and comparisons with other courses as listed.

    Cornell University

    Well, we have heard all praises about Cornell University, haven’t we?

    Cornell University is famed for its use of cutting edge technology and best in class faculty. Now, it also offers a brilliant online Digital Marketing Course. The entire program is divided into four modules, and the completion time is just two months. Although this course is aimed at future entrepreneurs and marketing managers for their professional development, anyone who has a keen interest in this field can take it. This course has an upper edge when it comes to practical exposure, as its one module is entirely focused on the implementation of digital marketing strategies.

    The chief lecturer/tutor in this course is a Harvard Alumni, what else do you need?

    It goes without saying that a certificate from Cornell is more like a priced possession, which could convince many recruiters in your favor. With excellent benefits, tuition fees for this course priced at $3600, but its reputation makes it worth every penny.

    University of Washington

    Last but not least comes the coveted University of Washington on our list. This university popular in the United States and boasts of proficient faculty. Certificate in Story Telling and content strategy is the main course offered by them.

    As the name suggests, this course is more centered on building a student’s creative writing and copywriting skills and effectively marketing it to prospective clients. The best part about this course is the hands-on experience it offers, where a student can perform brand audits, create content strategies for real clients and learn to master the use of web-based tools such as Google Analytics. Indeed, it is a technical course!

    The University of Washington offers scholarships for eligible students. This course is designed to last eight months and can be taken both online and at the campus of the University of Washington in the bustling city of Seattle. I will definitely recommend this course if you are well versed in the fundamentals or have taken free online courses.

    How about learning for FREE or at a lower cost?

    The list mentioned above is mainly comprised of paid university certifications that facilitate the learning of digital marketing online. Yes, the tuition fee can be extremely high for some, while some hobbyists who just want to experiment with their interests. Therefore, I would also like to introduce some online digital marketing courses which are cost-effective, and some are entirely free.

    Google Digital Unlocked

    There is nothing more enriching than learning about a painting from its artist itself! Similarly, if you are a fresher, digital marketing is all about winning over Google and its policies. There can be no better teacher than google!

    Google offers a certification program over 25 courses in Digital Marketing. I would confidently recommend this course if you are looking for a straightforward way of learning online.


    Udemy is a renowned platform to learn fundamentals and concepts quickly. The following course is impressive for a start and establishing a good foundation. As far as the course contents are concerned, it can be understood that they cover a wide range of topics, from website branding to social media strategy.  Hence, it is an excellent pick for beginners.



    Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree is a fantastic course for students who are trying to venture into the professional fields. It covers several topics such as Social Media management, search engine optimization, and personal branding. However, what makes this course unique is its approach toward digital marketing as a legit career option.

    They provide support with interviews, CVs, linked in, and employer connections.


    There are more than 1.3 billion videos on Youtube! Amazed? Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded. With more than a whopping 50 million content creators, I am sure you will find your guy who has an amazing portfolio of digital marketing tutorials!

    First-hand experiences of the creators usually inspire YouTube tutorials; hence it is a great way to delve into practical aspects of digital marketing. Creators give tips and hacks which are often not discussed in mainstream educational courses. Hence do check out YouTube. Well, let me recommend some good channels:

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary is an amazing creator who is well known for creating free videos for learning digital marketing online. As a confident speaker, Gary is known to impress every viewer he has ever had.

    Neil Patel

    Digital Marketing Youtube Channel

    Neil’s Youtube is well known for its descriptive videos about marketing trends. As an owner of a popular free digital marketing tool, Uber Suggest, I can vouch that this guy has got tremendous experience in this field. If that does not impress you, I am sure his attractive thumbnails will!

    Hogan Chua

    Hogan Chua might not be as known as the predecessors in the industry, but you cannot underestimate this creator. Australia based Hogan has a niche audience of young students who wish to see long engaging videos about WordPress, E-commerce, and SEO techniques. His hour-long videos cover all essential topics with practical examples and live demonstrations


    To sum it all, there are many ways to learn digital marketing online, both free and paid. Undoubtedly, paid courses are more reputed and detailed. But, it is wise to take a free course first and judge your interest in the subject before making a substantial investment.

    In conclusion, I would like to wish you good luck on your venture of learning digital marketing online. There is no rocket science involved in acquiring these skills, and, it is reasonably easy to find a suitable course online. It is an exciting field and extremely lucrative if dealt with seriousness and dedication.