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In HR Management Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Employees are the backbone of an organization, so it is of utmost importance to help them acquire new skills required for doing their jobs efficiently.

As the corporate work environment and technology are constantly evolving, efforts should be made to impart training to the workforce and invest in excellent employee training and development tools.

Learning and development of employees form the core aspect of any organization, and unlike popular belief, it is not a new corporate trend. In reality, the training industry is decades old and still stands strong.

Traditionally, slide and overhead projectors were used to provide training to the workforce, and the process was monotonous and challenging, especially in large companies.

workforce training

The workforce training regime has witnessed massive technological and economic-driven evolution over the past two decades.

Today, plenty of L&D tools are available in the market that boasts of modernizing the employee learning experience and providing a growth roadmap to the organizations to learn, goals, and reach their goals.

Organizations should not underestimate the importance of continuous L&D. Using modern learning and development tools; it is possible to ensure that their employees keep abreast of the latest trends and skills in high demand.

Benefits of Learning and Development Tools

Learning and Development Tools

The most common short and long terms benefits of training the employees using modern tools are mentioned below:

Immersive learning experience

L&D tools offer an immersive experience learning experience that boosts the overall productivity of the employees and reduces the chances of errors. The platform is intuitive and more engaging than the traditional training method, which could not attract the employees and instill curiosity.

Standardized training content and courses

Learning and development platforms allow the training managers to author the training courses and act as a storehouse of all the training and learning materials customized to meet your organization’s standards.

Cost Effective

The conventional training methods required a massive budget, and cost overheads were unavoidable. On the other hand, the employee training software is prized way less than the former and eliminates the need to hire third-party trainers. The repetitive training tasks are needless since the training materials, once created, can be reused, reducing the overall training cost for the employees.

Easily Accessible

Thanks to the pandemic, the corporate business environment is no longer confined to a particular geographic location or time zone. In such a work scenario, learning and development apps deliver the necessary training to employees without hassle.

If you plan to implement a learning and development environment in your organization to strengthen the team members’ abilities and potential, you need the right training tool.

We have scoured the internet and put down the best learning and development tools below, using which you can amplify employee satisfaction and productivity.


Another app worth a mention is Qandle, a comprehensive tool that simplifies the learning management process of organizations wanting to upskill their employees. It enables the training managers to design programs and manage all the online, self-paced, or classroom training from a centralized place.


It is possible to maintain the course-wise attendance record of employees by allowing employees to register themselves for the training.

Qandle offers plenty of software templates that can be customized to provide certifications to employees after training. Organizations can also ask for feedback which can be implemented in future training programs.

Qandle is equipped with the following features:

  • Qandle offers a wide range of e-learning courses and several assessment techniques to help evaluate employee performance.
  • A dedicated reporting and analytics module visually represents the training progress and effectiveness of these courses to achieve your business goals.
  • Personalized training programs for employees that focus on their skills, strengths, and weaknesses offer them a better learning experience.
  • As a cloud-based training tool, it is possible to modify and create more training programs as the company grows.

The Premium plan costing USD 80 approx, offers training and development resources for up to 50 employees.


TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS platform that helps corporates with employee training, compliance training, and onboarding. Using this platform, organizations can build interactive e-learning courses without coding and allows employees to learn new aspects at their own pace.

YouTube video

It includes content creation tools that can be used to create simple courses that reflect the organization’s brand value. TalentLMS is feature-rich, intuitive, and offers ease of use.

Besides SCORM standards to allow the authoring of eLearning content, TalentLMS also supports Tin Can API, gamification tools, video conferencing software, and eCommerce services. It also offers robust reporting functionalities and supports 13 languages, including English, Chinese, German, and French.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the features of TalentLMS:

  • Content Builder for creating and reusing learning materials.
  • Learning Paths to design rules for learners to discover and complete a course.
  • Assessment Engine to assess the employees after training completion and auto-grade them on pre-defined criteria.
  • Reliable data storage and backup mechanism on AWS.

The free plan supports only five users. The starter plan costing USD 69 per month, supports up to 40 users.


Equipped with Innovative Learning & Development Tools, Mettl can be employed to create customizable tools and assessments for training your workforce to be ready for the future.

This platform helps organizations to upskill the coding-based workforce and re-invent the development strategy for hiring coding talent.

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The Skill Gap Analysis Module enables organizations to gain insights into the coding skills of the employees and determine which skills need to be developed.

The notable features are as follows:

  • Highly advanced digital tools help identify your organization’s most skilled and valuable employees.
  • Use the blended assessment centers to spot the Strengths & Weaknesses of your workforce.
  • Build targeted training programs for your employees after identifying skill gaps.
  • Measure ROI and assess the efficiency of training programs with in-built tools.
  • Holistic assessments to evaluate knowledge related to programming languages, frameworks, logic, architecture, and others.


EdApp is a very popular employee development tool that enables companies to create training content for workforce training. It features an editable course library with tons of free training content that can be tailored to align with your organization’s standards.

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It also includes a SCORM-compliant authoring tool that enables you to create your organization-specific training content from scratch. EdApp allows you to leverage gamification and custom templates to commence the learning process for your employees.

The tool also has a Virtual Classroom feature that can effectively improve social engagement, ensuring success in the online learning paradigm. Apps make the platform easily accessible on the go, enabling the employees to complete the lessons and take the quizzes.

The platform has a free version offering 800+ courses. The pricing plans for the pro version start from USD 1.95 per user per month.


Whatfix is a digital learning platform that allows organizations to create learning programs to train their employees successfully. It also helps smooth onboarding on platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and others.

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Whatfix provides in-app guidance and interactive walkthroughs to employees, acting as a self-service knowledge center where employees continue their learning journey without any external help.

This platform boosts the organization’s ROI by showcasing the prominent product features to the employees enabling that to use the product correctly.

The key features are as follows:

  • In-app content and course creation
  • Customized learning flows for different job roles
  • No-code course creation
  • Self-service knowledge centers for tips and tutorials
  • Reports and Analytics to track the training progress metrics

You can contact Whatfix to avail customized pricing plans for your organization.


The last one on the list is Cornerstone which provides a complete learning experience to employees by offering learning, growth, skills, and capabilities in one place. It leverages deep learning and AI techniques to understand the user’s requirements and suggests personalized learning development and growth opportunities.

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The software is highly scalable, assists organizations in delivering, managing, and tracking the training of employees, and recommends the right training program to the learners.

This holistic learning management platform has a comprehensive report and analytics module for evaluating the employee’s performance in the training assessments.

Cornerstone enables you to:

  • Offer a personalized platform to your employees where they experience purpose-driven growth.
  • Provide learning opportunities to people that are valuable to your organization.
  • Get detailed data on your employee skills and find the right fit for the job.
  • Evaluate the impact of training programs on an organization’s growth and get a clear picture of employee satisfaction details.

Wrapping Up

Owing to the cut-throat competition in the corporate world, organizations need to take effective measures to upskill their workforce. The best employee training platforms mutually benefit the workforce and the organization.

They help the employees grasp the essential skills required for doing a job, which in turn helps organizations realize their goals. Each of the tools mentioned above is equipped with a set of features, and you can choose the one that you think can offer the required training to your employees.

You may also be interested in exploring employee recognition software to reward the best workers.

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