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Put your child’s brain to good use by allowing them to learn multiple languages at an early stage of development and growth. Kids’ social, cognitive, and academic skills become sharper when you let them learn foreign languages on Mondly Kids.

With the growth of the internet and information technology, the world has become a global village. Here, people from different languages come together to make a living. Remote work also accelerates the mixing of people from several cultures and languages.

Hence, parents are willing to teach their kids in prominent foreign languages so that children can break regional boundaries. Mondly Kids make that happen without squeezing your child.

Why Do Children Need to Learn Multiple Languages?


Outstanding Cognitive Skill

Education and child development researchers have established through many discoveries and papers that bi or multilingual kids are better at cognitive skills when comparing them with monolingual peers.  

Better Focus

Focus helps your kid learn things faster. When you let them learn multiple languages between 6 months to 3 years of age, they face the challenge of focusing. When they successfully learn two or more languages and use them correctly, your kid can focus better than other kids. 

Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking


Scientific research shows multilingual kids are good at creativity, science, and brainstorming. 

Problem-Solving and Arithmetic Skills

Alertness is the key to learning more than one language. Alertness also helps an individual with reasoning, arithmetic, and problem-solving.  

Put Brain to Good Use

Instead of encouraging kids to use the internet and smartphone for videos and games, let them learn new languages on a gamified platform like Mondly Kids. Your kid will appreciate your smartness at a later stage.  

Better Vocabulary and Language Skills

Bi or multilingual kids get intensive training on various tenses, sounds, and dictionaries. Hence, their vocabulary and language abilities are better than monolinguals.  

Quicker Response

Multilanguage training makes your child habituated to quicker cognitive functions. Hence, your child can respond to threats, fear, and other emotional situations faster than others.  

Communication Skills

Not to mention, your kids can effortlessly communicate with both international and regional audiences. 

Better Social Life

Multilingual children can blend in and mingle with a society that embraces people from different countries, cultures, and dialects. 

How Does Mondly Help Learn New Languages Effortlessly?



Mondly gamifies the whole language learning journey. Your kids feel an inner hunger to complete more levels of learning just like they are playing their favorite smartphone game. Here, kids will develop foreign language skills instead of learning useless skills.  

Learning With Fun

Since the app is suitable for kids under a year to teenagers, the fun factor is an important consideration. When the content is boring and serious, kids feel the pressure of formal teaching at school or college.

But, when they enter the gamified environment of Mondly Kids, they forget the challenge of getting good scores or passing exams. Here, kids only need to learn new things that are specifically good. 

Family-Friendly Content

Family-Friendly Content

The developer and content creator of the Mondly Kids app perform multiple scrutinies to ensure the learning content is suitable for the soft mind of the kids and teenage pupils.  

Less Supervision From Parents

There is no obligatory requirement for parents to assist the kid during learning on Mondly Kids. Hence, your children can become more self-reliant. Self-paced learning is also the new normal for the digital age. 

Effortless Learning

The app does not force kids to learn languages in any preset schedule. Whenever your child feels they need a break from your regular schedule, they can start learning on this app. 

Advanced Learning Technologies

YouTube video

Mondly introduces the latest IT innovations like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in language learning. Hence, kids feel more connected to the content in the digital age.

So, you might ask what this app is. Find below 360° information on the Mondly Kids app.  

What Is Mondly?

YouTube video

Mondly is an on-demand language learning software. It is accessible via web browsers, mobile apps, and tablet apps. Currently, the standard app lets you learn up to 41 languages.

It offers a dedicated app just for youngsters. Let us learn about it below:    

Mondly Kids

YouTube video

Mondly Kids is a specialization of the Mondly app. The learning sections and content are according to the latest scientific knowledge of child education and psychology. Hence, your child can easily get started learning new languages almost immediately.

The app presents learning content in front of your child in a playful and interesting app environment. Thus, children do not feel that they are going through training in a new language. They feel more like playing games. But, in this game, they acquire language skills.    

Download: Mondly Kids for Android | iOS

Download: Mondly for Android | iOS

Top Features of Mondly Kids


App User Interface

Mondly Kids come with an attractive UI. The followings are the features that make the app flawless:  

Creative Design and Illustrations

Creative Design and Illustrations

The app UI is colorful and lively. Kids learn about their immediate environment, like villages, rivers, animals, cities, schools, roads, amusement parks, etc.

Moreover, the pathway of the learning topics matches perfectly with the illustrations on its home page.  

Drag and Drop UI

The app does not require the user to type extensively. Kids can just drag and drop the right answers on the correct box. 

Completely Touch-Based

Kids of the digital age like gadgets that are fully touchscreen. It has been observed that children learn on tablets and smartphones faster than on laptops/desktops. 

Thus, better touch compatibility of the app helps children navigate the course content without any barriers. 

Parental Access


Parents can create an account on the app and type in their birth year to proceed to payments. They can enter credit or debit cards for secure payments.

Data Privacy

The app secures in-transit and at-rest data through the toughest protocols and encryption software. Thus, your data can not reach any third party. Moreover, you can request the deletion of your data from the server when needed. 

User Experience Features

The followings are the features that define the user experience on this app: 

Real-Life Topics

Real-Life Topics on Mondly

The language learning path contains 11 topics like animals, fruits & foods, family, professions, schools, and more.

Your kids go through 200+ interactive lessons and learn 500 phrases and words. There is more! Your child’s learning journey includes 365 lessons in a year.   

Game-Based Learning


The learning content has been designed and delivered like games that kids love. Also, there are popular cartoon characters that motivate your kids. 

Exciting Background Music

App’s home screen, content page, quizzes, flashcards, etc., come with exciting and unique background music that kids love. 

The app also includes professional voiceovers and native pronunciation for foreign languages. 


Activities on Mondly Kids app

There are two different activities in the Mondly Kids app. These are Daily Lessons and Weekly Quiz.

Daily learning lessons encourage the child to enter the app daily to learn new content and earn points. And the Weekly Quiz helps you and your child assess their progress frequently.  

Layered Content

Layered Content on Mondly

The content is available in an organized fashion. For example:  

  • First, kids get access to lessons on a topic. 
  • Then, they unlock exciting and interesting conversations. 
  • Finally, there is content that helps kids develop a strong vocabulary.  

Benefits of Using Mondly Kids


Mondly development team has made this app just for kids and teenagers. Its benefits are endless, but the followings are so obvious: 

  • Your child gets almost complete learning content as a kid from this app. No need to invest additionally in a tutor for that specific language.
  • You can learn as a whole family. This increases the engagement between parents and children.
  • Mondly Kids is free, provided that you subscribe to the Mondly app. Hence, you save money too.
  • A team of experts has created the learning paths and content. Therefore, you can stay assured of high-quality content delivered effortlessly.
  • Kids earn leaderboard points by completing lessons. Hence, they grow a sense of healthy and positive competition at the early stage of brain development.
  • Children get used to real-life situations, conversations, and things. 
  • You are investing in your child’s career development by making them multilingual. Because bi and multilingual professionals are now dominating the global economy through leadership roles.         

Languages to Learn Using Mondly Kids

Mondly Kids is the ultimate app for learning various languages in bite-sized content. At the time of writing, the app enables you to teach your kid up to 33 languages, including highly business-oriented languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Danish, etc.

So far, 100+ million users use Mondly for foreign language learning and skill development. This has been possible due to so many languages covered in the learning content of the Mondly and Mondly Kids apps. 

Mondly Kids Pricing

Mondly pricing plans

The usual cost for Mondly Kids is $9.99 per language per month. However, you can get it for free if you just sign up for any of the Mondly premium packages mentioned below:

  • $9.99/month/language
  • $47.99 for 12 months for one language

Sometimes, Mondly runs a special offer that will get you more than 33 languages per month for 12 months at $47.99.

YouTube video

Mondly Kids premium access will be the same as the Mondly premium package validity. Additionally, you also get advanced content like Mondly AR and VR-based language learning.

All the 12-month packages are annual commitment deals. It means the Mondly app will charge your Google Play or App Store account upfront for 12 months. Therefore, to help you decide whether you want to commit for the whole year or not, you can first get the monthly package.

Mondly may also offer you 7-day unlimited access to all the premium content. It is a personalized deal. If you are eligible, you will see this on your Mondly or Mondly Kids app.      

Mondly Kids Alternative

It is easier to claim an app is the best in its domain without comparing it with its worthy competitors. We are not here to do that! We are here to help you make an informed decision based on our in-depth research. Hence, you need to look at the following alternatives to understand how powerful Mondly Kids is:     

Busuu by Chegg

YouTube video

Busuu helps your child learn additional languages to the first language for free through YouTube videos and smartphone apps. It offers languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, and 8 more that are popular worldwide.

The app is more convenient than YouTube videos. However, the app lacks smart and technology-guided learning methods like flashcards, gamified content, etc. Your child will require your assistance whenever they need to learn foreign languages from Busuu.    

Gus on the Go

YouTube video

Gus on the Go is another popular app to help kids become bilingual or multilingual. It comes with a story-based learning pathway. Hence, kids get more interest in foreign language learning.

Currently, the app offers 30 languages from regions like North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. There is also a section for vulnerable languages like Ingush.

The mobile and tablet app for Gus on the Go is available for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire OS.    

Why Do We Recommend Mondly Kids?

We’ve researched various options during our search for an advanced, cost-effective, and efficient mobile app that helps kids learn multiple languages via fun-filled lessons; we have found Mondly Kids more effective because:

  • It is a modern app with intuitive content.
  • Mondly Kids introduces kids to the latest tech l, like AR and VR.
  • It does not demand too much parental intervention for learning.
  • Its content is family-friendly and easily touches the minds of your kids. 

Final Words

So far, you have understood that Mondly Kids is a truly intuitive app that enables your kids to learn multiple languages at an early stage of development. You just need to set it up at the beginning, and your children will pick it up independently. 

Yes, it is that simple! No need to invest extra money in separate courses for foreign languages. Also, kids learn by playing while they can focus on other subjects too.

You can download the app now and get started with its free premium trial for 7 days. If you like it, you must go ahead with a paid subscription to enjoy its benefits for your kids. After all, it is your children’s future! 

You may also be interested in the best parental control apps for child safety and parental control gadgets to track growing kids.

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