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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 18, 2022
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As you step your foot in the corporate world, you must have come across the term ‘LinkedIn’ profile. Knowing a LinkedIn profile and its basics is essential in today’s world.

Wherever you go, you may encounter people working in the professional world asking you about your LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn details. What is the reason behind the popularity of LinkedIn? Why is it essential for you to own a LinkedIn page or account? 

This article will explain all the essential details of a LinkedIn profile, how to create one, and all the details that one needs to put up on the profile for successfully completing a LinkedIn company page. Let’s not waste more time and dive into the ocean of knowledge. 

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online service that one can operate by using websites and mobile apps. The fundamental purpose behind using LinkedIn is to create a professional network and to push you for career development.

Job seekers can post their CVs on the app, and employers can search for potential candidates through these LinkedIn profiles. Creating a LinkedIn profile is important for a successful journey and a brighter future. 

Over time the popularity of LinkedIn grew, and so did people’s interest in creating an account on LinkedIn. It helped strengthen the professional background of a company and an individual. The mutual search of recruiters and job seekers ended at a single place, ‘LinkedIn.’

What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

A LinkedIn company page is a page that is wholly dedicated to individual organizations, companies, and institutions. A LinkedIn company page provides access to its members so that they can discover and connect with the companies over the LinkedIn network.

The LinkedIn company page provides information about the brand, career opportunities, services, and other aspects of the particular company. 

Company Page

This will help the job seeker know every little detail about the company they are deciding to invest their trust in and determine if it is the perfect fit for them. Every company should create a LinkedIn company page to expose their company to a larger audience and gather more people to join their organization. 

Criteria for creating a LinkedIn Company Page

To create a LinkedIn company page, you should first begin with creating a personal LinkedIn profile.

It should fulfill the following mentioned requirements to be eligible for the creation of a company page:

  • Your profile should be at least seven days older. Creating a company page with a newly created profile is not possible. 
  • All the information you mention on the profile should match your original information. Use your first and last names for the creation of your Linkedin profile. If you do not follow this, you may be abstained from creating a company page on LinkedIn. 
  • LinkedIn should mark your profile status as ‘intermediate’ or ‘all-star.’ This status progresses as you keep on adding more information to your profile. 
  • To create a company page, you must have multiple connections to demonstrate your networking skills. This is also a symbol of the fact that the profile thus created is not fake. 
  • Use a unique company email address on your profile. 
  • You must be listed as an employee in your company.

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page?

As you may have understood by now, creating a LinkedIn page may be very beneficial for the growth and popularity of your business. Before creating the page, there are specific requirements that you must keep in mind that are mentioned in the earlier parts of the article.

Now that you understand the essential criteria behind creating a LinkedIn company page let’s get information about the steps you need to follow to do the same.

Steps for the creation of a LinkedIn Company Page

  1. Visit the Interests section that you will find at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. From the drop-down menu, select companies.
  2. Click on the ‘Create’ button that you will find in the ‘Create Company Page’ box. This box will be located on the right side of the screen. 
  3. Enter the official name of your company as well as the work email address. 
  4. Click on the ‘Continue’ button. The next tab will ask you to enter details about your company. You may enter an overview or detailed information about your company here. Mention all the essential features, specialties, products and services offered, and everything else that makes the company special and unique. 
  5. Upload your company’s logo and a banner image so that your page stands out from the crowd. LinkedIn users see your logo when they browse through searching for your profile. Ensure all your employees add the company’s page on their profile to help you reach a wider audience. 
LinkedIn Company Page

6. The next step is the creation of a catchy background image. You should also feature a key message on your page. You may use all the available graphic design tools for designing a banner image. 

7. Post updates about the company from the company’s LinkedIn page. Plan and schedule all the updates you want to post on the company’s LinkedIn page. These contents should be eye-catching and should draw the attention of the audience. 

8. Promoting the page is necessary if you wish to attract new followers. 

Encourage the people in your company to update the company page on their profile. They must also share every single company update to increase the audience base. 

Add a link to your LinkedIn company page in your email signature. These can also also be promoted in blogs and posts. 

You can add showcase pages as they are an extension to your company pages. You may use these to highlight certain brands and products. This may help your business grow and also contribute to the popularity of your company’s LinkedIn page. 

Geekflare Page

Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Page

By now, all the basics behind creating a LinkedIn company page, the primary purpose, and the instructions must be apparent to you. As you proceed further, there is a lot more that you need to learn.

What is all the information you need to update on your LinkedIn company page? What’s necessary, and what can be skipped? Let’s take a step-by-step guide to every piece of information you should fill up on your company’s LinkedIn page to make it a big hit. 

Fill out all the Page Details

Always remember that the first impression is the last one; hence, you need to make sure that you cast a good impression on those visiting your LinkedIn company profile. Upload a logo that signifies your brand and gives essential information like the name, location, and what the company does. 

You may also encourage your employee to put the same logo as their display picture to increase the brand value. Upload a background image that gives information about your business so that people may be sure what they are getting into. You may also upload other pictures indicating your business and your purpose behind creating the LinkedIn company page. 

Encourage Employees to Connect

It will be great if your employees mention the LinkedIn company page on their LinkedIn accounts. This will help spread the account to a more extensive audience base. It would help if you also encouraged them to share the company’s LinkedIn page with their friends and family so that they may further pass on the recommendation, thus increasing your LinkedIn page’s audience base. 

The more audience you may reach, the more you will be able to gain views and popularity on your company page. This will be good for the reach and reputation of your company’s page. 

Showcase Pages

You can create separate showcase pages for different products. Showcase pages are like add-ons to your original company page. Showcase pages assist you in featuring your products and services individually over the internet to help you reach a wider audience. This will also help you to get a specific buyer persona so that you may be more product specific with your customers.

Showcase Page

Showcase pages help you stay focused and provide in-depth knowledge about your product to the buyers. Not just this, you also get entitled to creating a personalized experience for your audience who may be interested in purchasing your products. Therefore, showcase pages are perfect for the audience interested in a particular category of products or services.

Call-to-Action Button

The call to action or the CTA button includes the following things: 

  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Visit Website

These five options were added to the company’s LinkedIn page with a motto to connect more audiences with the company. If someone is curious about a particular product or wants to gather more information, they may visit the CTA option and get their queries resolved. 

Page Admin

You may come across page admin and paid admin roles for a LinkedIn page to manage all the activities on a LinkedIn page. A member can simultaneously be a page admin and a paid admin. You can assign these roles to the members, advertiser, and your employees. 

Page Admin

Types of admin

  • Super Admin
  • Content admin
  • Curator
  • Analyst

Paid media admins

  • Lead Gen Forms Manager
  • Sponsored Content Poster
  • Landing Pages manager 

Interaction with Audience

Interaction with the audience is a must if you wish to expand the base of your company. The more people interact with your company’s LinkedIn page, the more you see your company page grow.

Keep adding information, tips, and tricks that may interest the audience and help you gain engagement. Always ensure that the language is easy to comprehend and understandable. 

Keep Track of Demographics

Demographics is a free reporting tool available through LinkedIn that helps you keep track of the insights of your company’s page. The intuitive interface is designed to keep track of visitors’ behavior to your website. It supports a check on the eight dimensions of professionalism, which include: 

  • Job title
  • Job seniority
  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Company
  • Company size
  • Country
  • Location

This helps you to gather more accurate information about the visitors to your website. This way, you can create compelling content and campaigns to reach more audiences and positively affect them. 


Referral Traffic

When someone visits your page by getting references from other sources, they are called referral traffic. Referral traffic also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall statistics of your page and helping you improve your rankings. A good amount of referral traffic indicates that the audience is getting good reviews about you from different sources and are visiting your page.

Positive Engagement

Not just the management of your page, engaging with other company pages, clients, and customers are also essential if you wish for your company to grow and prosper. Positive engagement leads to growth and helps you to attract lots and lots of people to your company and commodities.

You should like, comment on, and interact with similar accounts and clients to ensure proper engagement on your LinkedIn page. 

Upload PDFs or PowerPoints

Give the viewers a clear insight into what your page is all about. You may use interactive PowerPoint presentations to do the same. You may also upload brightly colored PDFs and images so that the concept behind your page becomes clear to the audience. They may gather more information about your company and decide on your services. 

Respond as Your Page

If you receive any remark, comment, or inquiry, stick to replying to the text as the page and not as an individual. You are representing a company there, which should be evident in your reply. Don’t reply in a hurry; stay calm and composed. Plan the text in your mind and then type and send it across. 


Use Rich Media

Understand that pictures and videos attract the human mind more than anything. The human mind feels comfortable with the usage of images, and hence it will be best if you upload pictures and videos related to your business on your page. This way, people will not only have an insight into your products but will also show more interest in the services. This not only increases engagement but also attracts new customers.

Tracking Links

You may attach links to your website or LinkedIn company page at the end of your blogs, posts, articles, etc. You may then track these links’ activity and the traffic they invited to your page. These links will help in attracting more people to your page.

Also, if someone visits the page after reading a specific article, you can be sure that they are curious about the product. This increases the value and analysis of your goods.

Short Updates

Millions of users are on LinkedIn to promote their brands and hire new candidates. In such a rush, getting noticed is essential. Hence, ensure that you post regular updates. Make sure these updates are short, crisp, and to the point. This will save the audience time and give them the impression that you are pretty confident about your products and services. 


Content Suggestions Tools

The content suggestions tool will provide information about the content your current audience engages with. This way, you can alter your choices and fit them to the consumers’ demands and preferences. Sometimes following the trend is more important than posting the regular stuff. 


Using the correct hashtags is essential if you want a good amount of reach and reactions to your posts. The more relevant the hashtags will be, the more audience you will attract to your page. Therefore ensure to add relevant hashtags and don’t repeat them consecutively. Experiment, think of new hashtags, and then use them at the end of your posts. 

Product Community

Tag your product in the community where it belongs. E.g., if you are a company dealing with ceramics, tag yourself in the ceramic product community. This way, your company’s page will appear in the search bar whenever someone searches for ceramics on LinkedIn. This helps you reach out to more people and promote your company and products more. 

These are all the essential information that one needs to mention on their LinkedIn company page and check regularly. If followed religiously, all these steps will help grow your business and help you attract more audiences to the page. 


LinkedIn has immense potential to help you grow your business by connecting with the right prospects and resources.

Creating a LinkedIn company page is an easy task. The actual effort lies in the maintenance and growth of the page. It would be best if you were vigilant with the statistics, understood your audience’s interests, and created everything accordingly.

Once you successfully create a LinkedIn company page and the growth begins, you will automatically learn the basics and take your company to greater heights.

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