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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 8, 2023
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LinkedIn read receipts have an impact on your networking approach. Read further to know what and also understand how they work.

The first thing you expect after sending a WhatsApp text is two blue ticks. Why? Because it gives assurance that your text is read. This blog is pretty much related to it because here we’ll talk about the read receipts on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a versatile and business-oriented platform.

This extensive site has more than 930 million users. These numbers are enough to justify its popularity and significance. LinkedIn constantly improves and adds new features as a professional portal for a better user experience.

Read receipts are one of those features LinkedIn brought for its users. The primary goal of this function is to enhance messaging experience and make networking easier. But everyone may not be familiar with its power. So, in this blog, we will help you understand the LinkedIn read receipts function closely and know its benefits and drawbacks. 

Importance of read receipt in online communication

A woman is holding a smartphone with text messages on it.

Read receipts have certainly brought a revolution in virtual communication. Most people around the globe prefer texting over phone calls. Text messages make conversation easy and accessible. Additionally, read receipts have impacted online communication widely. 

It keeps users updated with their current message status. Read receipts are like bandaids at certain times, especially when you have shared anything urgent or essential. This feature lets the sender know whether the receiver is reading their messages or not. Consequently, they can take any further steps if needed. 

How does LinkedIn Read Receipts Function?

Read receipts are, by default, enabled on LinkedIn. The working of LinkedIn read receipts is different from other social media sites. While other social media sites show double ticks, blue ticks, or seen, LinkedIn has a unique concept. 

Read receipts

LinkedIn shows a grey tick once your text is sent to the receiver. Other people can see your mini profile picture on the right side of the screen when you open and read the direct message. 

Additionally, users also get to control the typing indicator with read receipts. In other words, when you enable read receipts, the users can see a typing indicator when you are texting or replying. While on the other hand, when you disable read receipts, the users can neither know if you read their text nor see a typing indicator.

However, there are a few exceptions you must know about LinkedIn read receipts:

  • Even if your LinkedIn read receipts are enabled, it is not applicable until you accept a message request.
  • Linkedin displays read receipts and typing indicators for direct messages only and not for InMail messages. 

Overall, LinkedIn read receipts working is simple to understand like other sites: the critical difference and a few expectations.

Turn on/off Read Receipts on LinkedIn

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn read receipts are a helpful feature. But it is not for everyone. Read receipts indirectly adds pressure to reply, and it becomes difficult to avoid particular messages.

Fortunately, LinkedIn understands the user’s behavior. Hence, you can quickly turn this feature on & off. Here are the steps if you are wondering how to turn off or on LinkedIn read receipts feature.

Steps to turn on/off Linkedin read receipts on the web

Step 1 – Login into your LinkedIn account on a web browser.

Step 2 – Click on Me at the top of the page.

Step 3 – Now select Settings & Privacy.

View profile settings & privacy.

Step 4 –  Click on ‘Data Privacy.’

Data privacy settings in google chrome.

Step 5 – Then select ‘Read Receipts and typing indicators’ under Messaging Experience.

How to improve your messaging experience

Step 6 – Now, choose the preferred option.

Steps to turn on/off LinkedIn read receipts on the phone

Step 1 – Launch the LinkedIn app and log in if needed.

Step 2 – Tap your profile icon at the top left corner.

Step 3 –  Choose ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Data Privacy.’

data privacy

Step 4 – Now, below Messaging experience, select ‘Read receipts and typing indicators.’

data privacy settings

Step 5 – Use the toggle to make desired changes.

delivery indicators

Impact of Read Receipt

Read receipts are vital in online communication and networking, especially on platforms like Linkedin. As we know, LinkedIn is a professional portal. As a result, it becomes essential to understand the opposite person’s behavior in messages and read receipts to assist.

Networking is crucial to grow and make the most out of LinkedIn. Read receipts helps you to know whether your connection has read your text and get valuable insights into their engagement and interest in your messages. 

Additionally, read receipts also let you measure your connections’ responsiveness and let you make improvements in follow-ups and approaches. Although read receipts give so much power to users, it still comes with a few drawbacks. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using read receipts.

Benefits of Read Receipts

A cell phone with a group of people on it.
  1. Enhanced communication Read receipts provide real-time confirmation when a message is read. This approach helps you to make effective communication and reduce assumptions.
  1. Better networking Knowing your message has been read lets you know their interest and build confidence to continue with follow-ups and make meaningful professional relationships.
  1. Timely follow-ups – With read receipts, you can understand your connections better. As a result, you can reply to their texts swiftly, which increases your chances of grabbing an opportunity.
  1. Message tracking Read receipts helps you track the delivery and read the status of your messages. It is valuable insight as it helps you know your outreach’s effectiveness and improve communication strategies.
  1. Professional etiquette You can know if a connection has read your message with read receipts. It assists you to avoid unnecessary follow-ups, which enhances your professional etiquette.

Drawbacks of using Read Receipt

  1. Privacy concern – A few users may feel uncomfortable knowing their actions can be tracked. Consequently, it raises privacy concerns and limits engagement and messages.
  1. Pressure to respond – Read receipts pressure the recipients to respond swiftly, which might not be possible for busy people.
  1. Misinterpretation Visibility of read receipts can give anxiety to the opposite person, as the text is read, but they haven’t received any reply. This approach brings chances of misinterpretation and misunderstanding between two people. 
  1. Lack of read receipts from others – Although you have enabled read receipts, it isn’t essential even if others have. This leads to one-sided communication and potential frustration when you don’t receive the same confirmation.


LinkedIn read receipts is a typical time-saving feature. This function helps you to know where you should improve your communication. You can understand who’s interested in communicating and how to get more replies. Read receipts assist you in building more genuine connections as you can follow up and ignore messages based on them.

In this blog, we discussed the steps to turn LinkedIn on and off the read receipts feature, which will undoubtedly help you improve your LinkedIn journey.

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