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Typically, we consider LinkedIn to be the platform where people go to get jobs and hire the right talent. But there’s so much more to that. I’ve rounded up the top 20+ LinkedIn statistics that show it’s the perfect platform for B2B marketers, cofounders, entrepreneurs, recruiters, as well as working professionals.

Let the LinkedIn statistics below show why LinkedIn is one of the most effective networks B2B marketers and business decision-makers rely on:

On May 5, 2003, LinkedIn was launched as the world’s first professional network. Fast-forward to 2023, and it’s the largest professional networking platform, with its presence in 200 countries.

LinkedIn has 950M+ Users Worldwide

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. With 950+ million users across 200 countries, it still continues to be one of the most popular social media networking sites, even 20 years after its initial launch.

206+ million users are in the US, 36+ million users in the UK. France has 27 million users, Italy has another 18 million, Australia has 14 million, the Philippines has 12 million users, and South Africa has 11 million users.

Even Indonesia has 24 million LinkedIn users, and Mexico is close behind with 21 million more users. Brazil has 67 million, Singapore has 3 million LinkedIn users, and all other countries have a user base of 2 – 8 million users.

The United States has the Highest Number of LinkedIn Users

There are 200 million LinkedIn users in the United States alone, which makes the country the platform’s top leading market. That’s because an increasingly high number of companies are listed on LinkedIn.

Moreover, 75% or more recruiters are looking to fill the right positions through LinkedIn. Hence, the platform has 200 million users in the US and a high number of active users who are applying for jobs.

India takes second place when it comes to audience reach, with 99 million LinkedIn users as of April 2023. LinkedIn’s popularity in India has seen an increase since its Microsoft acquisition.

In fact, LinkedIn has also launched several useful career toolkits to attract recruiters and candidates on the platform. It offered free Premium trials for up to 3 months to attract new users and keep them active. China takes the third place in LinkedIn statistics.

43% of LinkedIn Users are Women

LinkedIn is the second leading B2B networking platform, and as of January 2023, Statista noted that 43% of LinkedIn users are women. Men and women use social media networking sites differently.

As a Born on Instagram creator, I’ve noticed that women are more popular users of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Snapchat.

While these social media sites continue to attract more women, LinkedIn, with its 57% male users, seems to be one of the social media platforms that attract more men, like YouTube or Twitter (now X).

LinkedIn Witnessed its Highest Revenue Growth in 2022

LinkedIn came into being in 2003 and started looking at revenue generation seriously only in 2005. When it filed for IPO in 2011, it was generating $500 million in revenues. It was later acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Since then, it has tried to be more than a job-searching platform. By acquiring, it has expanded into the education sector with LinkedIn Learning.

Coming back to some important LinkedIn statistics, it has generated a revenue of $14.5 billion in 2022, which is an increase of 26.2%. This is the highest percentage increase LinkedIn has seen since its inception in 2003.

49.16 Million Users have LinkedIn Premium

As a LinkedIn Premium user myself, I can confirm that LinkedIn Premium is better than regular LinkedIn. With a premium subscription, you can see who has viewed your profile, and you can send messages (inMail) to users who aren’t your connections yet.

LinkedIn Career, LinkedIn Business, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core, and LinkedIn Recruiter are the different types of premium services that exist.

49.16 million users used LinkedIn Premium in 2021 to get better jobs, generate more leads, and hire the right talent. This figure is sure to have increased by now.

60% of LinkedIn Users are either Millennials or Gen Z

Statista looked at the distribution of LinkedIn users by age group and found 60% of users to be between the age groups of 25-34. I went ahead and categorized the age groups as demographic cohorts popular to us as Gen Y or Gen Z.

The U.S. Census defines Gen Z as “the youngest generation with adult members (born 1997 to 2013)”. As for millennials, or Gen Y, they’re defined as “anyone born between 1981 and 1996” by Pew Research Center. Being a Gen Y myself, I see how LinkedIn continues to be at our fingertips.

In addition, users between 18-24 made up 22%, whereas users above 55 made up only 3% of the audience.

LinkedIn gets 16% Web Traffic from its Top 2 Referrers

16% of LinkedIn’s total web traffic is web referral traffic, brought in by its top 2 web traffic referrers: and But what is web referral traffic?

Google Analytics Help defines web referral traffic as traffic that lands on your site “through another source, like through a link on another domain.” So, to circle back to LinkedIn statistics, here’s the break-up between LinkedIn’s top two sources for web referral traffic:

  • gets LinkedIn 9% of its web traffic
  • brings in another 6%

4/5 LinkedIn Business Members Drive Decisions

LinkedIn is home to 65+ million business decision-makers. Not only that, 63+ million companies have their business page listings on LinkedIn. That makes it a great place to find your next leads or stay ahead of the curve. You can always be ahead of your competitors by knowing what the next big thing in your industry is going to be like.

In fact, this makes LinkedIn a great place for marketers as well. Whether you’re looking for conversions, engagement, or brand awareness, LinkedIn continues to be the most effective channel.

Moreover, LinkedIn was also rated as the #1 platform for B2B lead generation. You can build your brand for free, capitalize on the social selling trends, and increase your revenue.

63M Companies & 131K make LinkedIn a Robust Community

LinkedIn’s more than 950M+ users, 63 million company listings, 131 thousand schools, and 40,000 skills.

While these are impressive LinkedIn statistics, what’s remarkable is they help 45% of recruiters identify the right talent and fill jobs with suitable candidates. High schools and colleges are on LinkedIn to build brand awareness to potential recruiters and increase both placements and admissions.

However, you might be surprised to know LinkedIn has never branded itself as a community. But, it has always acted as a strong community of people. That’s because, on LinkedIn, we help each other find the right jobs, make the correct decisions, and drive business decisions.

We also help each other with the right product or service feedback, use the platform to air grievances, engage with customers, market our products, and find the appropriate mentors.

2.7 Million Business LinkedIn Pages Posted Weekly

LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B marketers. Out of 63 million companies that have their business pages on LinkedIn, 2.7 million are active every week!

That’s because:

  • LinkedIn pages that post every week see a 5.6x rise in followers
  • LinkedIn business pages are a great way to build your business awareness for free
  • LinkedIn’s statistics show a 75% increase in Live events
  • LinkedIn member engagement is at its highest, with a 25% increase in YOY

In addition to these LinkedIn statistics, there’s more content on LinkedIn than ever before. With creator culture and influencer marketing, 11 million users have switched on creator mode, and 36 thousand newsletters come out of LinkedIn. If you’re considering creating one, it might be a strategic time to do it, as 29 million people subscribe to a newsletter on LinkedIn.

For all of these reasons, it’s the perfect time for business pages to reap the benefits of engagement, brand awareness, and conversion by being active on LinkedIn.

25% More Public Conversations are Happening on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn feed now has more content than ever, with an induction and increase in creators, newsletters, and live events. 25% more public conversations are happening on the platform.

Not only that, LinkedIn has recently announced AI-generated collaborative articles, which invite experts to contribute to these topics. As these articles start ranking for the top 10,000+ keywords, LinkedIn is inviting more experts by promising creators with a top voice for their contributions.

Not only are they increasing public conversations on LinkedIn, but they are also helping the platform rank for millions of SEO-based articles. This is especially important as all other publishing sites continue to take a hit after Google’s Helpful Content update.

LinkedIn’s innovative engagement approaches (like the one we just mentioned) help increase public conversations and encourage users to spend more time on the platform.

LinkedIn’s Popularity with 51% of Adults with Advanced Degrees

LinkedIn attracts 51% more adults with a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree like an MBA, a PhD, a PGDM, or an ME.

Not only that, LinkedIn Learning encourages industry professionals to keep upskilling themselves. If they haven’t completed high school, they are less likely to be on LinkedIn. In fact, a mere 10% turn up on LinkedIn as compared to a whopping 70% that goes to YouTube or another 64% that goes to Facebook.

While it’s hard to determine for what purpose this demographic is using YouTube, it’s an interesting comparison as YouTube has adequate educational materials at par with LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn is #1 for 40% of all B2B Marketers

40% of B2B marketers reveal LinkedIn as the best channel for driving high-quality leads. That’s because LinkedIn is one such networking platform that allows marketers to target users through demographic marketing and reach the audience that’s involved in the buying decision.

Not only that, LinkedIn Ads allows you to target your target audience at every stage of the funnel. You can use LinkedIn messaging, native or dynamic ads, lead gen forms, and sponsored content.

Conversational ads get you 4x higher open rates while doubling the engagement you’re getting through traditional email options.

A 2-3x Rise in Brand Attributes makes LinkedIn the Place for B2B

LinkedIn Ads can help your brand attain 2–3x lift in brand attributes with a 33% increase in purchase intent. You can reach a higher scope of audience with LinkedIn Ads—known as the LinkedIn Audience Network—members on third-party apps and sites.

B2B marketers love LinkedIn’s targeting feature to reach and expand professional audiences. You can also find your target audience on LinkedIn using Matched Audience and study behaviors of similar audiences with Lookalike Targeting. These unique features with sophisticated B2B targeting and measurement tools make LinkedIn a B2B marketer’s dream space.

Around 50% of Marketers in the U.S. use LinkedIn

As of 2019, 48.8% of marketers residing in the U.S. were using LinkedIn for generating high-quality leads and closing deals.

The % is sure to have increased this year. That’s because marketers who use LinkedIn see a 2x increase in their conversions. Not only that, LinkedIn’s cost per lead is 27% lower than Google Ads.

LinkedIn has its highest number of users in the U.S. B2B marketers have a chance to tap into 200 million users in the U.S. through LinkedIn’s Network. Moreover, LinkedIn is witnessing more active users in the country than ever before. Marketers can take advantage of 9x touchpoints to convert them into leads and subsequently into conversions.

LinkedIn is Available in 26 Languages

When a social networking platform is available in local languages, it ensures more personalized user experiences. Your users feel like you care, and your reputation as a brand is solidified. Also, it’ll help target new audiences and form deeper connections.

In addition to English, LinkedIn is currently available in the following languages:


LinkedIn has 19,500+ Full-time Employees

Spread across 36 offices, LinkedIn has 19,500+ full-time employees to ensure you have a seamless experience on the platform.

It’s headquartered in San Francisco, United States, and has international offices in 30 cities worldwide. 188 editors from 15 countries work on LinkedIn news alone to ensure more content is on your feed than ever before, thereby making LinkedIn a highly interactive and engaging networking platform.

117 Job Applications are Submitted on LinkedIn Every Second

61 million users use LinkedIn every week to look for new jobs. However, one of the most remarkable LinkedIn statistics is that 8 people are hired every minute.

That’s because 63 million companies are seeking the right candidates on the platform. Moreover, recruiters fill positions faster due to the 40K skills listed.

33.97% of LinkedIn’s Traffic comes through YouTube

Earlier, we told you about LinkedIn web referral traffic. There’s another called social referral traffic, which implies the amount of traffic a social media platform brings to your website.

In LinkedIn’s case, 34% of it comes from YouTube, another video-first social media platform. Twitter, now X, brings about 18% of traffic to LinkedIn as well. However, when taken together with all other metrics, social media traffic only happens to be 0.89% of LinkedIn traffic.

Its top source for traffic remains direct – it commands about 75% of direct traffic due to its popularity as the leading professional network in 20 years.

47% of LinkedIn’s Leadership is Women

Leadership roles on LinkedIn are dominated by men, but you can notice a slight decline year-on-year.

In 2022, 54.5% of LinkedIn leaders were men, whereas the number was 57.9% in 2021. In 2020, it was 58.1%, which had reduced from 59.2% in 2019. LinkedIn is slowly moving towards eradicating gender disparity in leadership roles, and there has been a slight YOY increase in women’s leadership roles, complemented by a reduction in men’s leadership roles.

Around 2% of the LinkedIn workforce didn’t feel comfortable disclosing their gender for the purpose of this study.

LinkedIn Commands over 80% of all B2B Leads

92% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn for their lead-generation strategies in comparison to other social media platforms. That’s because there are 9 billion content impressions on the LinkedIn post feed. So, you know, the target audience is here!

80% of all B2B leads also come from LinkedIn because people are serious about the time they spend on LinkedIn. Hence, buyer intent is more on the platform.

LinkedIn’s for everyone

As these LinkedIn statistics show, LinkedIn is the place to be. Whether you are a B2B marketer, a college student looking for jobs, or a recruiter out there to find the right candidates, LinkedIn can help you find your thing.

You can also leverage LinkedIn Ads to build your brand and its sophisticated B2B tools to reach more audiences. As LinkedIn continues to grow, it might be time for you to use LinkedIn groups to become a networking ninja!

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