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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 11, 2023
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LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media platform for sharing one’s professional journey or finding jobs. The platform is primarily used to connect job seekers with employers. It allows people to strengthen their professional relationships, find jobs and internships, learn skills, organize office events, and post photos, videos, or articles.

LinkedIn is an ideal app for professionals, salespersons, or recruiters to enhance their career growth. You can start your journey on LinkedIn by creating a profile, uploading education and job details which helps to connect the people in your field.

ProductNotable Features
Resume WordedResume improvement and LinkedIn profile enhancement
MentionSocial media monitoring and content creation
LinkedIn Bio GeneratorProfessional LinkedIn summary generation
LinkedIn Summary GeneratorEasy and quick LinkedIn summary generation
Cookup.aiFree LinkedIn summary generator with customization
NichesssFast content writing with LinkedIn bio generator
ToolBazAI-based LinkedIn summary generation with input line
SummaryInEngaging LinkedIn summary and attention-grabbing headline
Beep2BLinkedIn Marketing, Thought Leadership, Lead Generation

How LinkedIn is Essential for Working Professionals

LinkedIn is strictly a professional platform, not for those using social media for passing the time, entertainment, or fun. A professional can share their career story or professional bio to tap into the potential of LinkedIn’s job offers. As per this platform, nearly 930 million members are on LinkedIn, but how it plays a crucial role in careers.

A man and woman holding a magnifying glass next to a linked phone.
People holding a Linkedin icon and a tablet

Here is some importance of this social platform: –

  • Connect with hiring managers and recruiters: As per LinkedIn data, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit employees. So, you can connect with the specific managers by following them or in the inbox. You can directly chat with them to make your chances better for hiring. A good LinkedIn profile makes a good impression because this platform shows the results to the recruiters as per skills or education.
  • LinkedIn as a research tool: With the various scopes of LinkedIn, a user can research multiple companies, recruiters, and interviews. It boosts the confidence of a person before they enter the professional world. They can get to know the interviewer and the company’s environment by going through their LinkedIn company page and profile.
  • Proof your skills and talent: LinkedIn allows an endorsement feature where others can recommend you for your past works or skills. It genuinely helps a person to get reach for the job search. When someone backs you for your skills, it makes your connections powerful, as LinkedIn allows contacts to leave endorsements on your profile.
  • Follow companies: More than 58 million companies are listed on LinkedIn, where users can follow companies to learn about their culture, ethics, and people. LinkedIn recommends similar companies that you follow so that you can try job opportunities in similar companies.
  • Join LinkedIn groups: When knowledgeable persons meet, they discuss growth, success, and discipline. LinkedIn groups allow professionals to discuss their jobs, share knowledge, and help others to get the job.

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What is the LinkedIn Summary?

The LinkedIn summary is an about section of the page where users can share their professional experience, significant achievements, and relevant skills. The summary appears first after your name and role, so a good and attractive summary grabs the attention of employers and others who want to hire or connect with you.

And now, thanks to technology, all you need are AI writing generators to have some eye-catching👀 write-up showcasing the best version of you!

An ipad displaying a resume on the screen.

Generally, a LinkedIn summary contains 200-300 words, but it is the most critical part of the user’s profile. It attracts other employers or managers, which directly helps to get the job or move up in their career. A well-written short, and detailed summary helps to attract potential employers, connect with others in your industry, reach out to recruiters, and even land potential clients.

Why is your LinkedIn Summary Essential?

  • It creates the first impression: The introduction of yourself is the first thing readers check in your profile.  A lengthy and story-type summary can bore a person, but an error-free and quality summary makes a good impression.
  • It strengthens your searchability: The LinkedIn search engine is similar to Google, meaning a good profile appears in search visibility more than any other. Users can use this algorithm by appropriately crafting their summary with relevant keywords. When someone searches with keywords, they also visit the profile for a relevant industry; if your profile appears in the search results, there is a high chance that people connect with you or follow you.
  • Adds personality of LinkedIn page: A user’s LinkedIn page provides complete details regarding education, job, and skills, but the summary section is where you can add about your personality, which is also essential from the recruiter’s point of view.

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Here’s a list of some of the best LinkedIn summary generators:

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI software offering multiple services for working professionals. The website is free of cost for users, and people can improve their resume or write a resume.

You can get your resume score by just uploading it on the website, and it will provide results on how your current resume will perform in the interview. It helps professionals improve their LinkedIn profile so it can appear on the search page.

Resume Worded Linkedin summary generator.

This tool allows users to generate the summary for their LinkedIn profile as per their current role. You just have to select whether you’re a student, a fresher, an experienced recruiter, or a freelancer, and the AI will generate a summary under 300 words.

Resume Worded also allows you to edit the summary and add or delete content per your needs or requirements. 


Mention is an AI tool that helps brands and agencies monitor social media to increase brand awareness. It allows brands to track their competitors or industry topics to compare and analyze online conversations. Users can also create content based on social and web insights. 

A screenshot of the linkedin summary generator mention.

This AI platform provides a free tool to generate a LinkedIn profile summary. It creates a professional and eye-catching summary just in seconds. A user has to fill in the details such as name, location, profession, interest, and hobby.

Mention allows users to generate summaries in their preferred tone of voice, i.e., casual, controversial, professional, friendly, storytelling, engaging, motivational, and many more.

LinkedIn Bio Generator

LinkedIn Bio Generator is a dedicated AI tool for generating summary writing for LinkedIn. This free platform allows users to create a professional summary for their LinkedIn profile in just three steps. On this website, you can choose your profession and enter the details as per the question asked by the website.

Linked summary generator - linkedin bio generator

The website keeps updating and adding new summaries every week for every profession. The summary generated by the LinkedIn Bio Generator platform is optimized for LinkedIn, but users can edit it and use it somewhere else, like a resume summary

LinkedIn Summary Generator

LinkedIn Summary Generator created a very easy-in-use and straightforward tool to generate a LinkedIn summary. A user must visit the website and enter basic details like name, industry, soft skills, language, hobby, and interest. The AI creates a simple and short summary for LinkedIn in just one step.

Linkedin summary generator - screenshot.

The summary is optimized for LinkedIn but, with little changes, can also be used elsewhere. Creating a summary with this tool is easy and quick; you just have to fill in the details, and your summary is generated specifically for you. is a free tool for multiple purposes, including SEO, LinkedIn, email, marketing, programming, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, and many more. Users can also easily create essays, hashtags, conversations, scripts, and more writing work using AI.

Free linked summary generator by

The LinkedIn summary generator tool of Cook up Ai is free to use and helps users to create a professional summary for their LinkedIn profile. To use this tool, a user must provide basic details like name, job title, skills, and a brief description. You can also customize your summary to make it more professional and unique.


Nichesss is an AI platform with over 150 tools for writing blog posts, ads, social media content, poems, business ideas, etc. The platform makes writing ten times faster, as a user can write an article of 500 words in just seconds. However, the website is not free of cost; three pricing plans are available for users: Rookie, Intermediate, and Pro.

Linkedin summary generator nichess

The platform provides a LinkedIn bio generator tool that makes generating optimized LinkedIn summaries quick and easy. The website asks for just two simple details: your industry and a short bio. After this process, the AI generates many ideas for a LinkedIn profile. The summary helps your LinkedIn profile to stand out from your competition.

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ToolBaz is a free AI-based website for writers with 25+ tools, including paragraph and story writing, email and copywriting, job and product descriptions, and many more. Tool Baz creates informative and engaging content by using its advanced artificial intelligence.

Linkedin summary generator - toolbaz

Tool Baz is a free AI platform that allows users to generate a LinkedIn summary by entering just one line of bio about themselves. You can also input your skills, accomplishments, professional backgrounds, and goals in the bio. It will generate a custom, well-written summary that will help your LinkedIn profile grab attention.


SummaryIn is a free AI tool for creating an engaging summary for a LinkedIn profile, and it also makes an attention-grabbing headline. This tool is best for everyone, whether you are a fresher, a seasoned professional, or somewhere in between.

It helps you highlight your strengths, showcase your achievements, and make a lasting impression on potential employers and clients.

A screen with the words generate your next linkedin summary using ai for free called summaryin

The summary-generating tool of this website is easy to use and accessible to users. A user just has to fill in the details about himself and select the tone, which can be professional, casual, or funny. The AI creates an attractive summary in just a few seconds.

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Beep2B helps businesses, marketers, and professionals to grow their networks, build professional relationships and generate leads. The platform provides three services to users: LinkedIn Marketing, Thought Leadership Marketing, and LinkedIn Training. They offer proven strategies to generate qualified leads. 

Linkedin summary generator beep2B

The platform provides a free LinkedIn profile summary builder tool to create a compelling LinkedIn summary. This summary will help your LinkedIn profile visitor to make the best first impression.

The tool generates a LinkedIn summary for Customers, Products, Business, and Results. You will be required to answer a few questions to customize your summary and then develop your summary quickly.

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A person using LinkedIn summary generators while writing a resume on a desk with a cup of coffee.


LinkedIn is a useful platform for every professional, whether you’re a student, fresher, working professional, or business, and the summary of your profile shows how skillful, talented, and valuable you’re. In 300 words of summary, you have to express the professional details about you.

If an individual prepares their summary by themselves, they might lack in some terms, so you can take the suggestions of an AI where some are free. But don’t depend totally on AI written summary; you can cross-check it by your side and edit it by yourselves, too, for better results.

You can check this article to learn about LinkedIn Post Inspector and how to use it to check and fix link previews.

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