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In Design and Sales & Marketing Last updated: September 11, 2023
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What is occasionally referred to as “low-content books” have become increasingly popular in recent years due to an odd trend in the literary world. These books📚 have seen a surprising increase in popularity. Their minimum substance and deliberate simplicity distinguish them.

People find low-content books alluring because they can use them as a way to unwind, practice mindfulness, and express themselves.

Consumers are drawn more and more to the physical sensation of writing with a pen on paper in this day of information overload and distractions from technology because it fosters mental clarity and lowers stress. Their adaptability also serves a variety of interests, from those who love bullet journals to those looking for a creative outlet.

If you are too eager to start your publishing journey, here’s a quick table of the tools we’ve covered that can help you get there as far as design, selling, and publishing go! Plus, if you check out the contents, you’ll see a list of some of the Amazon bestsellers🏆 too!

Product Notable Features
CanvaEasy book cover creation
Adobe ExpressProfessional layout creation
VismeInteractive book covers
Amazon Kindle Direct PublishingGlobal audience reach
LuluPrint-on-demand, global reach
PublishDriveInternational distribution
IngramSparkWorldwide book connection

When considering low-content books, one needs to first factor in their objective. The charm of low-content books lies in their aim to provide a special fusion of creativity and usability. They frequently serve as diaries, agendas, coloring books, or even food diaries. Also, they place more emphasis on reader participation and engagement than on lengthy text.

These books are designed with thoughtfully placed suggestions, motivational phrases, and lots of open space. This encourages readers to add their own ideas, sketches, or plans.


Varieties of Low-Content Books in Trend

They are available in a number of formats to meet various interests and requirements. Here are a few popular low-content book categories:

#1. Journals and Diaries

Sparsely written journals provide people with a place to put their ideas, emotions, and experiences to paper instead of tedious typing on a journalling app. These diaries frequently have questions, motivational sayings, or sections with particular themes that promote reflection and self-discovery. 

#2. Planners and Organizers

Users may successfully manage their schedules, tasks, and objectives with the aid of low-content planners. These calendars enable users to define priorities, monitor progress, and maintain organization. They include weekly and monthly planners, goal-setting pages, and to-do lists. 

#3. Bullet Diaries

Also known as “bujos,” bullet diaries are a special combination of creativity and organization. Users use blank or dotted pages to design their own layouts, adding things like calendars, habit trackers, mood charts, and more. Bullet journaling is a flexible and attractive way to keep track of many elements of life.

#4. Sketchbooks and Art Journals

Low-content sketchbooks and art notebooks provide a place for folks with artistic tendencies to scribble, draw, and explore original ideas. These books offer blank pages so that readers may try out new mediums, refine their skills, or record their artistic development.

#5. Coloring Books

These books have detailed drawings, patterns, and motifs that people may color in to relieve tension. Coloring books is the ideal mindfulness technique since the process of painting calmly occupies the mind.

#6. Cookbooks and Recipe Diaries

Low-content recipe notebooks and cookbooks are enjoyable for foodies. These books provide people the chance to record their preferred recipes, meal schedules, and culinary explorations. They may have areas for comments on item replacements, cooking advice, and individual remarks on culinary experiences.

#7. Travel Journals

To meaningfully record their trips, travelers frequently utilize brief travel journals. These notebooks have sections for scribbling down recollections, planning trips for those who still prefer pen and paper to travel planning apps, charting out routes, and pasting in souvenirs like tickets and photos. 

Low-content books serve a variety of interests and objectives while providing people with a practical and imaginative means of self-expression and organization. Whether they serve as a tool for goal attainment, creative discovery, or emotional healing, these books have become a treasured method for connecting.

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Step-by-step Guide For Creating Low-content Books


Making a low-content book may be a fulfilling and intimate experience since it gives you the chance to build a blank canvas for organization or self-expression that meets your needs. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet to get you going:

  • Clearly define the goal of your short book. Are you composing a journal, scheduler, sketchbook, or some other type of document? The design and layout will be guided by your intended application.
  • Make a choice about the hardcover, softcover, or spiral-bound format and the size of your book (A5, letter, or pocket-sized). Think about things like portability and usability.
  • Decide whether your book will have completely blank pages or themed sections, such as prompts, quotes, or headers.
  • Create a preliminary outline for each page as you plan the arrangement. Set aside space for the material you desire, whether it is boxes for planning or grids for sketches.
  • Design the cover and title, and make sure it captures the soul of your book. Include a title that is appropriate for the content.
  • If necessary, divide your book into parts. Consider including areas in your planner like goal-setting pages, weekly planners, and monthly calendars. Systematically arrange the pages for easy navigation.
  • Gather the required supplies, such as paper, writing instruments, rulers, and any ornamental items you intend to use.
  • Create the first several pages as templates to start. In your diary, add questions or motivational sayings. 
  • Use visual components like borders, icons, and dividers to visually divide the information and improve the aesthetics.
  • To test and improve your layout, make a few example pages. Check the format for your intended purpose and make any necessary revisions.
  • If you’re making a physical book, print the pages when you’re happy with your ideas. If not, assemble the book. 
  • When making a personalized book, join the pages using techniques like sewing, stapling, or binding rings.
  • Include distinctive touches like hand-lettered headers, colored accents, or stickers to give the book your own distinctive flair.
  • Check for consistency, correctness, and legibility by going over your book. Verify for any mistakes or inconsistent design elements.
  • Complete the book by making any necessary edits, then publish it. If you’re printing copies, think about giving them to loved ones or selling them online if you so choose.

How to Design Covers and Layouts?


A cakewalk for even a novice or first-time to operate on, Canva is a fantastic tool to create engaging and appealing book covers. From hundreds and thousands of template options and stock images, you can create wonders!

YouTube video


  • Access a vast collection of pre-designed book cover templates that are tailored to different genres and styles.
  • Easily alter templates to fit your needs by changing the text, graphics, and color.
  • Streamline the design process by collaborating with team members in real time.

The best part about Canva is you can upload your hard-drive photos in its library. You should definitely check out Canva’s flexible platform if you want to create hassle-free, beautiful book covers.

Adobe Express

If you’re a professional writer, you are already accustomed to the power of branding. A huge instigator of branding is the design of book covers. In the realm of low-content book cover and layout creation, Adobe Express stands out as a powerful tool.

The first impression matters a lot, so don’t leave any chance to impress your audience with Adobe Express’s layout maker.



  • You can easily mix photos, text, and design components into professional book covers and layouts using the drag-and-drop interface.
  • Professionally developed templates are available in a variety of styles, assuring a sleek and contemporary appearance.
  • To expand the creative possibilities, seamlessly combine Adobe Express’s huge image and typeface collections.

After the generation of beautiful layouts and covers, download it as a PDF and share your low-content book on every social media handle. Adobe Express helps in the entire marketing process!


Pre-provided and customizable free template variants for low-content items lie in the core goal of using Visme. Visme is a simple-to-use interface for creating eye-catching book covers and is intended to streamline and enhance your design endeavors.



  • Access a vast selection of professionally selected book cover templates that are suitable to a variety of genres and styles.
  • Add interactive components to your designs, such as animations, icons, and clickable materials.
  • The drag-and-drop feature makes it simple to change backgrounds, typography, and layouts with intuitive design tools.

Either experimenting with pre-existing color schemes or coming up with your own, this online platform is fit for designing any type of book cover. Additionally, graphics and drawings that may be easily customized are accessible on the left sidebar.

Where to Sell?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

The platform offered by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is perfect for the sale of books with little content. In order to meet the rising need for individualized journals, planners, and other products, writers may now simply develop and distribute their works digitally thanks to this self-publishing service. 



  • Through Amazon’s huge eBook marketplace, KDP enables writers to connect with a sizable global audience.
  • Authors may format their low-content books easily using user-friendly tools, resulting in a finished product that is well-designed.
  • KDP gives authors affordable alternatives for royalties, enabling them to profit from their works.

Maintain complete control over your material and establish your own list pricing in all areas where you have publication rights. Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries.

With Amazon KDP publishing is straightforward, and your book will be available in Amazon stores all around the world within days.

Where to Create and Publish?


Self-publishing and knowledge of how to self-publish is a great positive sign for a writer. With Lulu, you can print urgently required books in a simplified way. Lulu’s Book Printing API provides a worldwide network, no upfront charges, and total control over the print-on-demand service for enterprises and publishers.



  • With Lulu, you can print hard copies of your low-content books as they are ordered.
  • Lulu makes sure well-known online stores and marketplaces offer your books, reaching a global audience.
  • The platform provides affordable price choices, making self-publishing feasible from a financial standpoint.

Sell your books straight to buyers using Shopify or WooCommerce for WordPress. Combine the simplicity and customization of the service of print- books with direct-to-consumer sales.


The dynamic platform PublishDrive, which focuses on low-content book publishing, enables quicker distribution and administration procedures. With over 100k+ published books and 4M readers, this is one of the best platforms for Indie authors. PublishDrive assists you with everything from book layout to metadata.

YouTube video


  • Increase your book’s visibility by distributing it to a wide range of international bookstores, libraries, and online stores.
  • Use a centralized dashboard to easily manage metadata, changes, and sales information.
  • Access comprehensive revenue performance and pattern information with in-depth analytics to make well-informed decisions.

Keep track of your sales success with a single dashboard. Monitor sales, ratings, and rankings in real time. Get automatic royalties updates and avoid missing an invoice.


In the realm of low-content book publishing, IngramSpark stands as a pinnacle platform, illuminating the path for authors and creators to bring their creations to life. The platform provides worldwide book delivery and free information to assist you in effective self-publishing. Additionally, IngramSpark makes it feasible to share your book with the rest of the world once you’ve written and formatted it.

YouTube video


  • IngramSpark’s vast network easily connects books with bookshops, libraries, and online platforms all around the world.
  • The practicality of print-on-demand services guarantees that perfectly created copies are made only when required, minimizing waste and inventory issues.
  • Accept the ability to work with a variety of formats and sizes, especially those that are ideal for the unique proportions frequently seen in low-content books.

Whether you print and generate ebooks or do any one of them, IngramSpark doesn’t cost a penny for its services. The efficiency of the tool is backed up by solid customer reviews.

Amazon Best Sellers

I Run on Coffee, Curse Words & Inappropriate Thoughts

The intriguing book “I Run on Coffee, Curse Words & Inappropriate Thoughts” is available on Amazon and gives a lighthearted perspective on daily living. Color your way to calm relaxation with 35 hand-drawn graphics with hilarious and sweary statements. This exercise is a scientifically proven stress burster!

The content inside can be described as below:

  • Dive into the author’s unvarnished thoughts and direct experiences to build an immediate bond with readers.
  • The book is funny and relatable, making it a fun read that makes you chuckle and recognize yourself.
  • The book offers an authentic portrait of handling daily obstacles and emotions thanks to its honest and sincere tale.

The book is a must-have for people wanting a chuckle and relatable ideas. This Hilarious Swear Word Colouring Book is the ideal Christmas or Birthday present for any Sarcastically Gifted Woman or Coffee Addict. It comes with a glossy book cover.

Ultimate Savings Challenges 

Find out about the “Ultimate Savings Challenges”, an amazing new product on Amazon that is revolutionizing personal money management. Choose any amount and store it for a specific week or day, depending on the challenge. Once you’ve saved that much, simply color in the symbol on each spending assignment to track your progress!

Its distinguishing qualities include:

  • To accommodate various lifestyles and financial objectives, the book includes a range of savings challenges.
  • Gain access to interactive trackers that assist you in visualizing and tracking your progress during each savings challenge.
  • Learn insightful tips from financial professionals who will walk you through ways to maximize your savings and create a solid financial foundation.

From 30 days, 50 days to 52 weeks, money-saving challenges are provided for the readers. The book “Ultimate Savings Challenges” is a resource for anyone who wants to improve their financial security. 

Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults

Coloring mandalas as part of art therapy is now generally recognized as an excellent approach to regaining one’s psychological equilibrium and retreating out of frantic daily life. With the alluring “Mindfulness Colouring Book For Adults” a treasure hidden within the Amazon marketplace, enter the realm of tranquility. 

Its distinguishing qualities include:

  • Immerse yourself in a gallery of exquisite artwork that has been carefully chosen to inspire both relaxation and creativity.
  • Embark on a transformative voyage as you engage in the meditative art of coloring, cultivating a state of profound mindfulness.
  • Discover a tapestry of enthralling themes that appeal to a wide range of personal tastes, from the wonders of nature to complex patterns.

This amazing low-content book goes beyond typical coloring activities by skillfully fusing the calming qualities of mindfulness with elaborate patterns. Enticing those looking for inner peace and creative stimulation, “Mindfulness Colouring Book For Adults” reveals a space where art therapy soothes your restless mind!


Final Words

Low-content novels have become popular in literature because they successfully combine originality and simplicity. These books provide readers with a blank canvas for self-expression, organization, and mindfulness by embracing whitespace and simplicity. 

The appeal of physical, meaningful analog encounters increases as the world gets more and more digitized. Low-content books meet this demand by encouraging readers to take their time, use their senses, and reconnect with the creative process. These modest volumes serve as a tribute to the lasting power of simplicity in a complicated world in this marriage of creativity and minimalism.

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