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In Collaboration Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Lucidspark is an efficient tool that businesses use for its useful features and capabilities to boost collaboration, discuss ideas, plan, and transform ideas into life.

Modern businesses deal with a lot of data and ideas, but making sense of that data and utilizing ideas in projects seems tricky. 

It may create a cluttered space with people, ideas, and work all over the place, giving way to confusion and inefficiencies.

This is where using a shared virtual whiteboard like Lucidspark is useful.

It will give your entire team a common platform to share, contribute, discuss, and improve.

Let’s discuss Lucidspark and its offerings and determine whether it will suit your business needs or use case.

Lucidspark: An Overview

Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard you can use to connect your entire team, discuss projects and ideas, and bring those ideas to reality. It offers several intuitive features to work efficiently, brainstorm new ideas, make connections, and surface insights. 


This cloud-based tool helps businesses record and share ideas, organize information, discuss projects, and more on a virtual whiteboard. It enables you to upscale your business by facilitating team collaboration, allowing everyone to be on the same page. You will be able to give your team a dynamic space and share context with them without constraints. 

With Lucidspark, your team can obtain new insights, manage them, and take immediate action with confidence. Lucidspark is a great tool for innovation-focused and design-thinking teams, as its digital whiteboard comes with useful features and functionalities. 

The tool is specially designed to boost the effectiveness of brainstorming sessions, organization and evaluation, collaborative meetings, strategic analysis, agile planning, and reviewing custom experiences. 

Furthermore, Lucidspark’s visual workspaces allow your team to share their plans, review projects and tasks, provide feedback, add comments, and communicate with other members using the chat option.

You will get color-coded cursors, freehand drawings, shapes, lines, and sticky notes on a unified portal, letting your organization capture suggestions, feedback, and team insights.


In addition, Lucidspark offers numerous features, such as:

  • Collaboration management
  • Single sign-on
  • Tagging
  • Assisted grouping
  • Authentication
  • Secure data storage
  • Customizable templates

Furthermore, project managers can easily share meeting agendas, run polls, assign tasks, and track tasks. Upgrade your collaboration with swap feedback in the chat and breakout boards. With Lucidspark, none of your work will be wasted. 

You can take your sticky notes and scribbles to transform them into real-time project ideas by voting, grouping insights with trends and themes, and crafting project documentation along with workflows. Lucidspark can be integrated with multiple third-party applications like Google Drive, Zoom, and Slack. 

Thus, you will get a flexible and infinite canvas to share your unique ideas in real-time and make them a reality. 

Features of Lucidspark

Imagine you can merge your freeform thinking with real-time practical structure. This gives you an ideal environment for your innovative ideas. This means that with Lucidspark, you can get the space to think or imagine new ideas and tools to focus on your project. 

To understand Lucidspark deeper, you need to understand its various features, and implementing them can give you tremendous advantages:

Breakout Boards


You can enhance your collaboration sessions by separating them into smaller groups so you can work on Breakout Boards easily. Once your work is completed, present it to the larger group to sync it automatically to the main board. 


You can facilitate timeboxing activities to grab the attention of others and drive focus. Keep your things easily and quickly moving with the built-in timer that shows a countdown timer on the screens. 

Call Others 

With Lucidspark, you can have an easy way to get everyone on the team on a single spot on your board. There is no need to track each member’s presence since there is no chance your team is lost. 


Lucidspark offers a voting feature, enabling your team to give their vote to the ideas. You can also tally votes easily, visualize the results, and group them according to the number of votes. This is a quick way of highlighting trends and pinpointing the most potential idea. 

Gather and Sort

You can gather and organize everyone’s ideas automatically using Lucidspark. Allow your team to work together and sort ideas based on potential, lift, or priority.

Ideation and Brainstorming

Ideation and brainstorming

Take advantage of the digital workspace and showcase your brainstorming and ideation talent as a creative process. For that, you can grab sticky notes, sketch annotations freehanded, and watch your innovative ideas bloom on the infinite Canvas.

This is the time you can set your ideas free. Snag your ideas immediately after they come to your mind and get them instantly on the canvas. You can type, draw, use sticky notes, shapes, and more.

Work with your team using an intuitive ideation ecosystem, swap feedback, and share ideas around to know what is better and why. You can also leave comments, react using your favorite emojis, or hop in the chat. Get infinite possibilities and unlimited collaborators on a single page with Lucidspark. 

You will find your workboard ready for anything with customizable shapes and colors and a library of templates. Start fresh or pull a template to give your thoughts a definite structure. Upgrade your meetings to innovative sessions by infusing them with creative flexibility. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Make use of Lucidspark’s flexible workspace and share your ideas easily to ideate in real time, trade feedback, and together explore the possibilities. Your collaboration should be limitless, so Lucidspark offers a shared innovation canvas where you can build your team. 

Teamwork and collaboration

Multiply your ideas with the power of team ideation and collaboration. Whether you share common office space or not, all can come together in a visual workspace specially built for your team while enjoying the comfort of your place.

Make effective use of web-based and mobile applications and share your ideas in real-time with @mentions, in-product chat, and comments. With a room full of collaborators, everyone can pitch their ideas freely. Give everyone the opportunity to raise their concern and vote for the best idea. 

Tally multiple ideas you got, group them according to the voting numbers and make fair decisions. This is the simplest way of streamlining decision-making procedures. Give color-code to every contributor’s shapes, drawings, and lines to keep track of everything. Also, you can start your timer to leverage timeboxing activities. 

If you have any doc or agenda, you can share them easily in the Note Panel and let others view them. Just with a click of a button, huddle around the same page on your board. 

Organization and Evaluation

Brainstorming to get an idea is a powerful way to achieve a goal, but only if you can translate those ideas into action. With your innovative ideas, uncover valuable insights and poll the group to get the best options. From there, the documentation and workflows help turn your ideas into reality. 

Organization and evaluation

Uncover multiple insights and patterns by tagging and grouping items into containers. This way, you do not lose any of your brainstorming notes. Transfer your notes into affinity, synthesis diagrams, and decision trees. You can open real-time voting sessions and visualize the final results automatically. Motivate your team to drive them to participate in the voting sessions. 

If you want to react quickly to an idea, just add a suitable emoji. In addition, you can do your communication right on the project board and keep everyone on your team on the same page. Get all the discussions in a single space and track project development directly in the Note Panel. 

Receive feedback from stakeholders to turn your promising ideas into real-time concrete plans—share boards with the right people to get your work done in time. When you are ready with the project proposal, design your presentation and deliver it to the right people to communicate your vision directly to them. 

Turn your simple ideas into amazing projects with the use of Lucidchart. Now, you can turn your notes into project documentation and workflows. 

Customer Experience

Lucidspark allows you to keep your customers in the main focus since they are the keys to making a product successful. You can collaborate throughout the research process so that you can give what your customers want. Collect, share, and visualize your insights across your team to keep each member of your team aligned.

Customer experience

Furthermore, you can translate your notes into visuals, such as user story maps, and develop them to explore your customers’ needs. When you understand your customer’s goals and pain points, you will easily deliver incredible experiences to them. Track your customer journey and develop a journey map to highlight various opportunities for improvement. 

Moreover, you can collect and document your research in a visual workspace. Explore every customer interview and get useful gems by working with the team. Share everything from interview transcripts to recordings in the Note Panel. Just let your members jump in and participate in gearing up the brainstorming process. 

Strategic Analysis

Lucidspark allows you to prioritize your business needs, roll into stakeholder meetings with presentable docs, and host remote sessions based on strategy. You can organize your activities and goals on a model canvas to keep an eye on alignment. From there, you can easily plot the strategy on the product roadmap and start moving towards your goal in a shared workspace. 

Make sure everyone is targeting the right point. Additionally, gain a cross-functional alignment by building a stakeholder map and organizing the to-do list based on team bandwidth, launch dates, and task dependencies. A virtual space for meetings is all you need to bounce your ideas around, share and work on feedback, and showcase everyone’s creativity. 

With the built-in timer, you can keep things moving. Also, you can utilize other options like convenient templates, freehand drawing tools, and voting functionality. Analyze your plan and achieve your goal with its process diagrams. 

Agile and Project Planning


Creative planning leads to creative processes. Lucidspark provides a framework to organize ideas and thoughts. You can now align the team during sprint planning, retrospectives, and standups so that you can make your creative ideas into reality. 

Easily host team meetings remotely, document the progress, and exchange feedback to maintain the project momentum in a convenient online space. Revamp your sprint planning sessions, retrospectives, and remote standups with flexible tools to meet your team’s needs.

Get handy templates with a wide range of options for freehand diagrams to make your team work easy while collaborating online in real time. Keep your tasks, resources, and project ideas in the center and front where anyone can find them easily. In addition, the option, Version History, helps you see the changes happening when you are away. 

Furthermore, you can compare and share ideas across the project lifecycle by tracking the history of the team’s feedback and ideas. If you find yourself on the wrong path, you can immediately backtrack and start with a new approach. 


Lucidspark’s templates provide a simple way to dive in and start your work right away. Its template library offers intuitive frameworks from journey mapping to stand-ups and sprint planning. Lucidspark, with the help of industry-leading experts, ensures you have the right template for your needs. 


There are different templates available for:

Ideation and brainstorming:

  • Brainwriting
  • Concept summary 
  • Storyboard
  • Mind maps
  • Wireframes 

Teamwork and collaboration:

  • Mind maps
  • 2×2 matrix
  • Dot voting

Organization and evaluation:

  • Flowcharts
  • Venn diagrams
  • 2×2 matrix
  • Dot voting
  • Decision trees
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Synthesis

Strategic analysis:

Customer experience:

  • User persona
  • Customer journey map
  • Empathy map

Agile and project planning:



Enjoy a more favorable and efficient workflow with Lucidspark integrations. Bring visual collaboration easily to the applications your team members are using. With these integrations, you can maximize your productivity and efficiency by integrating Lucidspark with the applications you use.

The commonly used integrations are:

  • Google Workspace: With this integration, you can bring visual collaboration to the Sheets, Slides, and Google Docs. Store your documents conveniently in Google Drive and share them easily via Calendar.
  • Microsoft: Add visuals to Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, SharePoint sites, and PowerPoint presentations. Collaborate with your team via Microsoft Teams
  • Atlassian: Align your team by integrating diagrams, whiteboards, etc., into Atlassian products. Share your big ideas with free-form visual context and brainstorming. 


Lucidspark caters to both businesses and individuals. Here’s its pricing structure:

  • Free: it’s free to use for all 
  • Individual: it costs $7.95 for unlimited editable boards, 1GB storage, and premium visuals
  • Team: it costs $9 per user for advanced features
  • Enterprise: contact sales for a quote, includes advanced features suitable for enterprise

There are plenty of other integrations available for you, such as Asana, Jira, BambooHR, Salesforce, and Lucid cards for Trello,, Smartsheet, etc. 

Alternatives to Lucidspark 

If you don’t want to use Lucidspark due to any reason like features and functionalities, pricing, usability, etc. I’ve listed below some good Lucidspark alternatives for you. 

Check them out.

#1. Miro

Build anything with your team on Miro‘s easy-to-use and free virtual whiteboard loaded with useful features. Whether you like to brainstorm to spark bold ideas, use sticky notes to note down your ideas, vote for the best one, or expand the discussion on various concepts, use Miro’s virtual whiteboard the way you want. 


Do not limit your thinking capability to a few elements. Miro’s digital whiteboard gives you plenty of options to start with, including emojis, pen tools, images, shapes, connection lines, sticky notes, and more. You will get hybrid work, strategy and planning, diagramming, meetings and workshops, agile workflows, and project management. 

#2. ClickUp

Turn your team’s ideas into real-time actions with ClickUp’s virtual whiteboard. It helps you create a perfect canvas for workflows. You will be capable of tracking everyone’s activity and working with your team remotely. 


Brainstorm and bring the best idea to the creative canvas. In addition, eliminate the gap between ideation and execution by creating tasks directly from the whiteboard. You can also add context to work and link it to files, docs, tasks, and more. 

Furthermore, you can add a variety of shapes, draw freehand, connect your ideas, and write notes. Use a simple drag-and-drop option to link several objects together in order to draw roadmaps, workflows, and connections. 

Final Words 

Lucidspark is undoubtedly a great tool to collaborate, discuss, and work effectively with your team. Its features and capabilities are useful that businesses of all sizes can use.

So, if you find it suitable for your business, do give it a try. But if you don’t like it, you can go for the Lucidspark alternative mentioned above.

Next, check out brainstorming tools to increase the team’s creativity.

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