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In Mac Last updated: October 29, 2022
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If you’re using the same Mac for a long time, chances are it has turned sluggish and become vulnerable to malware attacks. This can happen due to the presence of Gigabytes of junk files in your hard drive that’s causing the performance of your system to drop down. 

To purge your system from unwanted files and malware, you need a maintenance application that can revive your Mac to its peak state of performance.

In this article, you’ll discover one such tool, Macbooster, developed by IObit. We will get into the details of its features and pricing and see if it’s worth buying or not.

MacBooster: Overview

macbooster8 homepage

Macbooster is an all-in-one maintenance tool for Mac with innovative system utilities and security features for enhanced PC performance. 

It can clean up to 20 types of junk files and Mac malware to protect your PC from external threats. 

Moreover, it also optimizes Mac hard disks and cleans unnecessary files sitting and consuming a significant amount of your Mac’s memory so that you can enjoy a faster and safer Mac. 

Let’s now get into the nitty-gritty details of the platform.

Who Needs Macbooster Software?

Macbooster can be safely installed by any Mac user concerned about the speed and security of their system. 

However, users with low storage spaces are likely to find it more useful. That’s because the hidden junk files might cause your space to fill up faster. This not only stonewalls your Mac but also affects the lifespan of your computer.

Macbooster is a boon for many Mac users as it constantly works to identify and remove risks so that low storage wouldn’t become an issue anymore.

Features: How Macbooster Helps Mac Users

Macbooster is a one-stop solution that scans your Mac thoroughly and eliminates any threat if detected. But, before you use it, it’s necessary to know about the product in and out.

A little about its history – Macbooster was first launched in 2004, and since then, it has gone through several iterations.

What we use now is the 8th version of the Macbooster.

Here’s a rundown of its features:

#1. System Status

The system status explores the status of your Mac and displays the health of the system from three aspects:

  • System Cleanup
  • Virus and Malware Scan
  • Turbo Boost

With one click, Macbooster provides a comprehensive overview of all the detected issues dragging down your Mac’s performance. 

You can easily check the details of every metric and solve them by clicking on the Clean button to help the hard drive retrieve the unnecessary space held by those files. This amplifies Mac’s performance instantly. 

Let’s now look at the three system status features mentioned above. 

System Clean Up

system clean up feature

A system generates several unwanted files like cache files, log files, broken item logins, etc., which results in a clogged hard drive. This usually happens in low-space hard drives that can cause the system to slow down, which in turn can be frustrating for you.

Macbooster automatically displays these files and shows you how these files are occupying space so you can find and eliminate them. You can then either choose to delete those files or check their details.

This way, Macbooster provides a deep cleanup and helps the hard disk to reclaim more space for the important files.

Virus and Malware Scan

virus and malware scan

Although Mac is well protected, that doesn’t guarantee a 100% security wall against malicious activities like hacking and data leakage. Moreover, your PC also contains your personal information and bank details which can be vulnerable to hacking and phishing attacks.

Macbooster quickly analyzes security threats and protects your computer against malware. It provides a visual representation of the detected malware and viruses present in the Mac. You can click the Fix button and purge your system of unwanted risks.

Note: Macbooster doesn’t only remove stubborn files and applications that you aren’t able to delete with the Move to Bin option, but it also protects your privacy.

Turbo Boost

turbo boost

It’s quite common that media apps like iTunes and many 3rd party apps change the Mac disk permission, which can cause the system to drag down its speed slowly. 

In addition to that, sometimes, these cache files can occupy larger spaces in the hard drive. This stops you from saving more important content on the disk. 

Macbooster solves this problem and optimizes the disk storage in three ways to help the Mac perform to its optimal state:

  • Disk Optimization: Macbooster quickly locates the cache files generated by 3rd party apps and deletes them instantly to optimize your disk thoroughly.
  • Disk Permission Optimization: Due to prolonged usage of 3rd party apps, disk permission issues arise. Macbooster fixes this problem to speed up the utilities.
  • Optimize Storage: iTunes generates a large number of cache files which causes a crammed hard drive. Macbooster lets you correct the media cache settings, which deeply cleans up the iTunes cache files.

#2. Memory Clean

memory clean

You might have encountered this problem where your Mac lags while launching a big application like a game or CAD software. This happens when the RAM is overloaded with cache files used by browsers and apps to increase load time. 

Macbooster helps you wipe out these cache files and gives you a clean slate. It provides an intuitive representation of the memory distribution in the form of free and used memories. 

You can quickly identify which apps are using most of your PC’s memory and clean them to increase efficiency.

However, it’s not advised to do this regularly as it might affect apps’ and PC’s performance over time.

#3. Privacy Protection & Cleaning

privacy protection and cleaning

Macbooster doesn’t only care about your Mac performance; it also provides real-time protection of your sensitive data. 

Your browsing history might contain some private information. This information is stored as cache, HTML5, and cookies. It’s even dangerous to think about what would happen if someone gained access to your browsing history.

Macbooster lets you delete the history and unwanted information in the form of cookies and cache from your browser. What’s more, it also removes saved passwords, recent items, and system preferences to ensure complete privacy.

#4. Uninstaller

macbooster uninstaller

Sometimes incomplete uninstallations welcome many undesirable files which can go unnoticed. These hidden apps take storage spaces, and it’s taxing to find them all.

Macbooster does that for you. It sorts those files by name, size, and frequency of usage so that you can easily decide which one to delete.

Not only is it time-saving, but it also gives you total control over all the apps.

#5. Startup Optimization

startup optimization

If your Mac takes longer to start than usual, there might be some unnecessary startup apps enabled on your computer. 

Macbooster lists all the startup items and allows you to disable them so you can fire up your Mac faster. Moreover, you can also add your favorite startup item to run when your Mac starts.

#6. Duplicate Finder

duplicate finder

Duplicate files are a common sight in iOS, costing you extra storage space. Although such files are relatively easier to find, you must be careful when removing them.

Macbooster quickly scans through, uncovers the duplicate files, and offers you the option to preview and delete them. Not only files, but it also deletes duplicate folders to maximize the storage capacity of your Mac.

#7. Large Files Cleaner

large files cleaner

You may not have noticed, but all those watched movies piled up on your Mac are causing it to slow down. Large files like these take a lot of hard disk space, making your PC ineffective.

In no time, Macbooster sniffs out those files precisely and scans and deletes them to regain valuable storage.

MacBooster Pricing

First impressions, you might expect steep pricing plans with these large arrays of features.

The truth, however, is that it offers affordable paid plans that you can check out. More importantly, if you do not find it useful, you can uninstall it after the 14 days free trial period. 

Let’s have a look at the various price plans:

#1. Lite Plan 

This is the most affordable plan of the three plans MacBooster has. You can get the Lite plan for $49.95 (currently discounted price: $39.95) which provides lifetime protection for one Mac. It includes full system cleanup, which erases the junk files present in your Mac to level up its performance. 

macbooster8 lite plan

#2. Standard Plan

This is the most popular plan among the three. The actual price of the standard plan is $109.95 (current discounted price: $59.95). Along with lifetime protection cover and system cleanup, it also includes extensive features.

macbooster8 standard plan

Note: The Standard plan covers three Mac computers, making it a brilliant option with a reasonable price point. But, it doesn’t have a customer support feature. To get that, you will have to explore the premium option.

#3. Premium Plan

If you want to avail everything the Macbooster offers to protect your Mac, Premium Plan is the right fit. It includes all the seven cleanup tools and the system analysis tools to provide a comprehensive solution to optimize the speed of your Mac. 

Here’s what you get inside:

macbooster8 premium plan

As you can see, the premium plan takes care of every corner of your Mac and gives you total control over its performance. Talking about the price, it costs $177.95 (current discounted pricing: $89.95).

Wrapping Up

There are many software out there that claim a risk-free boost in the performance of your Mac but fall short. However, Macbooster distinguishes itself from its competitors by its: 

  • Thorough approach
  • Refined nature
  • User control ability

Moreover, it doesn’t have any suspicious or harmful features. So you can be assured of its legitimacy as well as its safety. 

That makes Macbooster an excellent choice for someone looking to optimize their Mac for better speed and a higher-level performance.

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