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In Mobile Last updated: May 18, 2023
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Tracking your macro nutrition intake is necessary for your body. These apps can help you make things easier.

Macro tracking apps hold the key to achieving your nutrition objectives. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to tailor your diet for productivity or just looking to enhance your general health and wellness. People need help to follow a balanced diet and achieve their fitness objectives, especially when it comes to keeping track of the macronutrient content of their meals.  


Keeping track of macronutrient consumption is now simpler and more accessible than ever, thanks to the proliferation of macro-tracking apps. These applications provide a precise and individualized approach to nutrition monitoring. It allows users to enter their meals and automatically calculate the number of carbs, protein, and fat.

In this article, we will discuss what macro-tracking apps are and their benefits. We will also look at how macro tracking is different from calorie counting. Lastly, we will look at the best macro-tracking apps that will transform your nutrition.

What are Macro Tracking apps?

A “macro tracking app” assists users in keeping track of and managing their daily consumption of macronutrients. The three essential nutrients in our diet, i.e., carbohydrates, protein, and fat, are called macronutrients. 

Using these apps, users can ensure they achieve their specific dietary objectives, such as weight reduction, muscle building, or maintenance, by measuring the quantities of macronutrients they consume.

The macronutrient composition of each food item can often be calculated automatically by macro-tracking apps. The users simply need to input their daily food consumption. The app then offers a breakdown of the user’s daily intake, including the proportions of fats, carbohydrates, and protein consumed. 

In addition, some applications provide additional features like barcode scanning, meal planning, and tailored suggestions depending on the user’s objectives and dietary preferences. Users who track their macros can better understand their eating patterns and make educated decisions to achieve their desired health outcomes.


What are the benefits of Macro Tracking apps?

Macro-tracking apps provide several advantages for users who wish to tailor their meals to specific health and fitness objectives. Among these, some crucial benefits are:

  • Users may precisely trace their consumption of macronutrients with macro-tracking apps. Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness fanatics who desire to consume a certain amount of protein, carbs, and fat can benefit from this accuracy.
  • Numerous macro-tracking apps provide tailored advice based on the user’s objectives, dietary preferences, and activity level. Users who follow these suggestions may choose their food intake wisely and tailor their diets to meet their unique needs.
  • You can schedule meals in advance and ensure meeting the daily macronutrient goals through these apps. This can be especially helpful for people aiming to maintain a specific body composition, put on muscle, or reduce weight.
  • Users who try to adhere to particular diet plans can discover that macro-tracking apps help them feel more in control. Users can track their food intake to monitor how close they are to achieving their objectives and change their eating patterns if necessary.
  • Education on nutrition and the function of macronutrients in the body may be obtained through macro-tracking apps. Users may make better decisions regarding their food intake and build healthier eating habits. The knowledge about the body’s macronutrient requirements can help a lot.

What is the difference between Calorie Counting and Macro Tracking?

Both calorie counting and macro tracking are techniques for keeping track of one’s dietary intake. The only difference is that both of them have different criteria for tracking.


Calorie counting entails tracking how many calories you take overall during the day. This does not necessarily take into account their precise macronutrient composition. This approach is frequently used to lose or maintain weight. That’s because it enables people to keep an eye on their entire energy balance and ensure they are ingesting fewer calories than they are expelling.

Macro tracking aims to reach daily objectives for each macronutrient while measuring the precise amounts of carbs, protein, and fat. Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts who seek to adjust their diets for performance and body composition goals employ this technique. 


Macro tracking accounts for the various physiological effects of each macronutrient, such as the roles that protein plays in muscle growth and repair and carbohydrates in supplying energy for physical activity; it can be more accurate than calorie counting.

In conclusion, while calorie counting concentrates on total energy consumption, macro tracking concentrates on the precise breakdown of that energy into macronutrients.

My Macros

My Macros+ is an all-inclusive tool for monitoring macronutrient consumption and customizing nutrition. It is a helpful tool for anybody trying to better their health and fitness. Some of its key features are customizable macro objectives, a colossal food database, a barcode scanner, and the capacity to link with other fitness-tracking applications


One of its primary advantages is the app’s capability to provide users with individualized macro objectives based on their unique requirements and preferences. Users can provide their height, weight, body type, and level of exercise.

The app will estimate the daily macro objectives depending on those inputs. It will see whether the user wants to lose weight, maintain their weight, or build muscle. The app also enables users to monitor their water intake, weight, and activity in addition to macros.

Available on: Play Store, iOS

Stupid Simple Macros Tracker

A simple and practical tool for monitoring macronutrient consumption is called Stupid Simple Macros Tracker. Users can effortlessly remain on track with their nutritional objectives because of the app’s comprehensive food database, barcode scanner, and color-coded macro tracker. 


One of its key advantages is the app’s huge food database. It has over 500,000 items and enables users to monitor their meals and snacks effortlessly. Another distinctive feature is the color-coded macro tracker, which gives users a visual depiction of their daily macro consumption. This could work well for people attempting to adhere to a particular macro ratio or following a specific diet plan.

Available on: Play Store, iOS


Anyone who wants to keep track of their macronutrient intake and tailor their diet to meet their specific goals should use the MacrosFirst app. It is a complete tool for tracking nutrition because of its ability to track micronutrients, its huge food database, and its ability to set individual macro objectives.


One of MacrosFirst’s key benefits is its user-friendly layout. The app offers a breakdown of daily macronutrient targets based on the user’s objectives. Users may also log their meals and snacks to monitor their progress toward these targets.

An extensive food database with over 900,000 items is also available on the app, along with the option to make personalized meals and dishes. Users may quickly log packaged goods by scanning their barcodes.

Available on: Play Store, iOS


MacroFactor is a meticulous macro-tracking app that provides a range of functions to aid users in achieving their fitness and health objectives. It is an effective tool for anybody wishing to manage their macronutrient consumption and improve their nutrition because of its individualized macro objectives, extensive food database, and synchronization with activity trackers.


MacroFactor’s capability to compute and define daily macro objectives depending on the user’s body type, amount of activity, and goals is one of its essential characteristics. Users may then keep track of their meals and snacks to see how close they are to achieving these goals. 

Additionally, MacroFactor has features for tracking progress, planning meals, and sharing recipes. Users may set up recurring reminders to record their meals and monitor their progress. 

Available on: Play Store, iOS


Fittur is a fitness program that assists users in creating and following workout plans based on their fitness objectives, current fitness level, and equipment accessibility. Users can choose from various exercise styles, including yoga, aerobic, and strength training. The app will design a personalized plan that meets their preferences.

YouTube video

Additionally, the app has features like progress monitoring, workout videos, and reminders. Users can access their statistics, including total calories burnt and weight lifted, and follow their improvement over time. 

There are training videos of workout plan routines, making it simple for users to carry out the exercises. By delivering reminders, workout reminders assist users in maintaining their fitness objectives.

Available on: iOS

Carb Manager

With the assistance of the well-known nutrition and fitness software Carb Manager, users can keep track of their consumption of macronutrients in order to meet their nutritional and fitness objectives.


Monitoring macronutrient consumption is one of Carb Manager’s essential functions. Users can measure their daily consumption by setting individual targets depending on their body type, amount of exercise, and fitness objectives. Logging and tracking meals and snacks using the food database with over one million food items is simple.

Available on: Play Store, iOS


Cronometer is a well-known nutrition tracking software and website enabling users to track their nutrient and food intake. The software provides a thorough nutrition database with over 300,000 foods, including restaurant menu items, packaged goods, and raw ingredients.

YouTube video

Users can set personalized macro goals and track their daily intake based on their body type, activity level, and fitness objectives. This app is a complete tool for monitoring total nutrition consumption because it also records micronutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Available on: Play Store, iOS


Prospre is an effective tool for maintaining a healthy diet and pursuing fitness and wellness objectives. It is a popular option for anybody wishing to manage their nutritional consumption and enhance their general health and wellness. Moreover, the app has an extensive food and nutrient database, customizable macro objectives, and sophisticated features.


The ability to measure water consumption, activity, and weight, as well as connectivity with fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch, are just a few of Prospre’s many capabilities. To make healthy eating more straightforward, the app also offers customizable meal plans. All these plans are based on users’ objectives and interests, recipe recommendations, and grocery lists.

Available on: Play Store, iOS


Macro tracking apps give users a practical and efficient approach to monitoring their intake of macronutrients. These apps can serve as an invaluable resource for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anybody trying to enhance their general health and wellness since they include features like tailored advice, meal planning, and accurate tracking. 

Users can achieve their own health and fitness objectives, including weight reduction, muscle building, and maintenance, by making educated food choices and keeping track of their macronutrient consumption.

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