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In Career Last updated: March 7, 2023
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E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and others have generated millions and trillions of revenue in recent years. And why even it’ll not?

With the boom of the online shipping industry and customers being more and more reluctant to visit stores physically, these e-commerce destinations have been our go-to tabs. In fact, renowned brands running in-person stores for years have developed their web-hosted pages to expand the scalability and flexibility of their company.

Magneto is a blessing in giving those elegant websites life! Technically speaking, Magneto is an open-source, PHP-builtin CMS which transforms creating an e-commerce website a lot easier. It was developed in 2008 and has revolutionized the sector since then. Magneto can be thought similar to WordPress. The framework consists of several built-in plugins which don’t require building such heavy websites from scratch.

The inbuilt themes and functionalities that come with Magneto are worth admiring, such as designing a flexible cart system, excellent product backlog display, checkout gateway, and much simpler features.

You can customize the platform as per the client’s requirements. The specialty of this tool is that it’s highly scalable, which means you can cater to a small website along with a mega platform with lots and lots of traffic.

Personal expertise can be used to develop basic Magneto websites. However, complex clients that require heavy, server-dependent websites need an experienced Magneto developer. Efficient coding and technical skills are essential to building websites as large as Flipkart. A trained Magneto professional is necessary to add more and more functionalities to the system.

This article presents a brief about the Magneto 2 Associate Certified Developer next.

Let’s get inside!

About Magneto 2 Associate Developer Certification Exam

Adobe certifies Magneto Certification exams and awards them to professionals who demonstrate exemplary skills in Magneto development foundations and standards. These certifications are highly esteemed in the e-commerce development community and are known as Adobe Magneto certifications. 

These distinctions segregate professionals from the mass as someone proficient with the plugins, themes, and handling customizability with Magneto tools. 

Adobe provides Magneto 2 Certification at various levels. Magneto 2 Associate Developer Certification exam is the preliminary one among the best. It is the first step towards establishing yourself as an advanced Magneto expert, designed especially for entry-level developers capable of handling basic Magneto skill sets, back-end management, theme styling, and DBMS designing.

The exam, also known as Magneto Commerce Developer, touches upon the following areas:

  1. Developing with HTML
  2. Customizing Magneto themes and plugins
  3. Magneto architecture
  4. Database modification
  5. Catalog customizing
  6. Request flow handling

Next, we will discuss Magneto 2 associate developer certification exam aspects.

Aspects of the Magneto 2 Associate Developer Certification Exam

  • Front-end and back-end developers – are both suited for this exam.
  • The exam lasts for 1.5 hours with 60 MCQ questions.
  • The passing percentage cutoff is ~62% for any examinee.
  • The syllabus revolves around Magento Open Source (2.3) and Magento Commerce (2.3).
  • Appropriate for developers with less than 2 years of hands-on experience in Magneto development.
  • The optimum advised time for preparation is 6 months.
  • As of today, the registration fee for Magneto 2 Associate Developer Certification Examination is around $295.
  • Your certification shall be valid for 2 years, after which you’ll need to renew it.

How to Give the Magento 2 Associate Developer Certification Exams

On average, the Magneto 2 Associate Developer Certification Examination registration fee is around $295. Here are the steps to Register for Magento Certification Exam:

  • Log in with your username and password to the Magento website.
  • Click Register for Exam under My Account, and you will be taken to the registration page.
  • Choose Register for New Examination.
  • Select the Magento Certification button.
  • Choose your location and a time slot.
  • Finish the transaction.

Below are some of the resources you may refer your Magento 2 certification exam.

Learning Resources

#1. Firebear Studio 

With the use of the Enhanced Import & Export extension and migration service, The Firebear Studio provides ALL store file transfer from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The migration charges are discussed per project.


This website has all the information you need if you’re a tech enthusiast seeking to learn everything there is to know about Magento 2. It covers the best Magento 2 books to the best video tutorial sources. Check the website to learn more about Magento 2.

#2. Adobe Magneto Forums

The Adobe Magneto Forums include a community of Magento enthusiasts who share a common interest in seeking answers. Discussions with like-minded people clarify your queries and help you advance in the topic.


From Magento 2 Programming Questions to Hosting & Performance, the website covers everything you need. The discussion board encourages new inquiries and invites suggestions from Magento Open Source enthusiasts.

#3. Adobe Magneto DevBlog

At Adobe Magneto DevBlog, community members vote for pull requests they want to be added to the Magento Open Source code base. You can find several blogs where all the Magento enthusiasts write their discussions.


From ongoing integrations to security updates, the blog covers it all. Hence, this blog enhances your interest in Magneto 2 and is a great learning resource.

#4. Magento 2 Certified Developer Exam 

The Magento 2 Certified Developer Exam course helps you learn Magento 2 from scratch and become Magento 2 Certified developer.


Here are what you will learn from the course:

  • Skills necessary to work on any enterprise Magento application.
  • Build a Magento 2 module from scratch.
  • Discover the top methodologies used for Magento 2.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Magento and gain an understanding of service agreements.

As a result, this course provides comprehensive information on all potential subject areas of Magento 2.

#5. Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer Practice Test

The Magento 2 Certified associate developer practice test on Udemy boosts your chances of passing any Magento exam.


Here’s why you should opt for this test.

  • It enables you to verify your understanding of the subjects.
  • It gives you the confidence you need.
  • It gives a personal breakdown of your questions answered.
  • Prepares for the real Magento 2 Certified associate developer practice test exam.

Therefore take up this set of practice tests to assess yourself better and excel in the examination.

#6. The Complete Magento 2 Course

The Complete Magento 2 Course will help you excel in building your e-commerce site.


Here’s why you should take up the course:

  • Learn how to install Magneto and configure stores.
  • Develop and arrange fundamental products.
  • Learn to set up payment methods.
  • Discover how to create a strong e-commerce project.

Hence, this creates a secure and robust eCommerce project from scratch.

#7. Simplified Magento 2

The Simplified Magento 2 course by Udemy helps you master Magento development.


Here’s why you should choose this course:

  • In just 12 hours, master the essential Magento skills.
  • Discover the Design Patterns of Magento 2
  • Build A Module For Magento 2 From the Start
  • It helps you crack Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer exam

Therefore, this is the best course for you whether you’re new to Magento or have some experience.

Tips for Cracking the Test

  • Keep yourself calm and self-assured.
  • Confidence is a key deciding factor for clearing this exam, which can be achieved by attempting plenty of mock exams and online tests.
  • Work on multiple Magneto 2 projects.
  • Connect with the various Magneto 2 test preparation groups and assess where exactly you stand.
  • Talk to other equally-motivated aspirants for mental boost-up and motivation.
  • Go through substantial Magneto blogs.

Author’s Note

At various levels, Adobe offers Magneto 2 Certification. The first among the top certification tests is for Magneto 2 Associate Developers. It is intended for entry-level developers capable of handling fundamental Magneto skill sets. This includes back-end management, theme styling, and Database designing.

It’s the initial step in establishing yourself as an advanced Magneto specialist. Therefore it is highly recommended to be Magento 2 Associate Developer certified.

Overall, obtaining the Magento 2 Associate Developer certification can be a valuable investment in your career and provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as a Magento 2 developer.

Hence, If you want to master the Magento 2 Associate Developer Certification Exams,  explore this article to make a career in this great domain.

Next, check out essential tips to protect Magento from online threats.

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