Like in real life, making concrete in Minecraft is tricky. Still, its decorative colors have pushed me to put together this guide. Let’s do it.

I have always felt Minecraft is a creator’s paradise. This has some of the amazing builds one generally believes impossible:

YouTube video

You might not be pursuing a similar path, yet decorations become crucial after the initial Minecraft gameplay.

You soon realize it’s not just about crafting recipes; the style has a vital say in the overall adventure. Inevitably, you turn towards the colorful concrete, crafting your builds to visual perfection.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

You’ll need a few things:

  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Dye
  • Water

The most common place to find all four will be near a water body, preferably beaches. And except for dye, all three will be naturally occurring.

So, these are our ingredients for making (yellow) concrete:

making concrete in minecraft

Starting from the left, we have gravel blocks, sand, and sunflowers. And yes, we are surrounded by a water body, so that’s one more.

Let’s divide this process into two steps:

  • Crafting yellow concrete powder
  • Making concrete

Yellow Concrete Powder

First, we need yellow dye, and since we have sunflowers planted nearby, that’s not an issue.


Next, we craft yellow concrete powder right away:


The concrete powder comes in sixteen colors based on the dye and can be mined, dropping itself. And it falls if you break any solid block beneath it.

Finally, it turns to concrete upon touching the water.

Making Concrete

This is where it asks for some work.

We need water, so you can use a bucket (made from three iron ingots) or build a canal for the fluid from a nearby waterbody to flow in.

If you’re using a bucket, you can fill it by right-clicking from a pond.

making yellow concrete from concrete powder in minecraft

Next, put the water in the void touching powder concrete, or pour it over these blocks. Lastly, grab your pickaxe to mine concrete.

Pro Tip: This will be enough for most cases. However, you may suffer from gravel shortage for ultra huge structures unless you’re in a few specific biomes. These gravel-rich places include cold or frozen ocean, windswept gravelly hills, etc.

Go, get some concrete!

The primary purpose of crafting concrete is decoration. The recipe involves creating concrete powder with gravel, sand, and dye. Finally, it turns into concrete after touching the water (except rainwater).

Still, aesthetics aren’t limited to concrete; you can also craft smooth stones in Minecraft to make the builds more appealing.