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In Business Operations Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Are you looking for a task and project management app which is robust and easy to use? Then you might want to try out Paymo—it lets you work better individually and within a team.

The project management app market is flooded with many tools offering different features, working models, and pricing. You can quickly get confused when you go through so many products.

Many apps do not offer all the functionalities your business might need, and you buy more than one tool. If you are tired and sick of multiple apps for your business, Paymo is here to free you from stress and help you focus on work. 

Are you feeling interested? Read the complete review of Paymo below, and it should clear which project management app can support your business. 

Why Do You Need a Task and Project Management Tool?

To Plan and Execute

The project management (PM) tool helps you plan tasks, skills, resources, workforce, etc. Accordingly, you can quote a price and deadline for the project. Once planned and started the project, you can execute the tasks efficiently with a PM tool. 

To Collaborate and Coordinate

Why Do You Need a Task and Project Management Tool

A PM tool is essential for collaboration between internal teams, external vendors, and stakeholders. Also, the project manager can coordinate will all the parties seamlessly.  

To Monitor Project

PM tools come with various visualizations of work progress as Gantt charts, timelines, etc. You can read these charts and report to your clients, superiors, and stakeholders effortlessly.  

To Streamline Team Workflow

A PM tool also facilitates the transparent assignment of tasks. The team feels more connected when all the project team members get tasks from a shared job board. It also facilitates healthy competition.

What Is Paymo?

What is paymo

Paymo is a full-service project management software running on the cloud as a web app. The complete package of brilliant PM features facilitates efficient planning, execution, resource allocation, scheduling, timesheet making, and billing.

Many Paymo users have reported that it is an outstanding tool for all things project management. Additionally, the Paymo app offers the appropriate balance between functionalities and pricing.       

Features of Paymo

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Task Management

Paymo PM tool has various built-in task management features from granular to advanced levels. Task management offers all the standard functionalities for project management.

Key functional tools are:

  • Multi-user assigning
  • Comments on tasks
  • Task dependencies
  • Task templates
  • Task priorities
  • Task views: Gantt, timeline, table, and list
  • Kanban and Meta Kanban boards

The My Tasks section views all the responsibilities assigned to you. On the other hand, Team’s Tasks are for the whole project showing who will do what.  

Time Tracking

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Paymo enables you to track the time of your project team and ensure the project ends on time. Hence, you can add live timers and encourage team members to complete individual tasks within the target.

Its time sheet functional tool lets you enter time for the team or create bulk time reports. Advanced time tracking, like app-based timing, real-time time tracking for the entire team, automatic time tracking, etc., are also available.   

Planning and Scheduling

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You can plan a project from scratch or immediately create projects using project templates. If you work on similar projects more often, duplicate an old project using the Duplicate Project tool of Paymo.

Other advanced project tools are: 

  • Milestones
  • Critical Path
  • Portfolio Gantt chart
  • Lead & lag time

Furthermore, an Auto-Scheduling feature assigns tasks to the project team by analyzing your project template.

Resource Management

This feature enables project supervisors to manage the resources efficiently and utilize them fully. The Resource Calendar shows the weekly activities of team members, and accordingly, you can assign new tasks. 

To ensure the team is not exhausted with tasks, you can use the Resource Load Chart and distribute tasks evenly.

Other vital functional tools like Holidays management, Leave types, etc. helps you to discharge HR roles.   

File Management

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Paymo ensures that the project team can access all the necessary project files, documents, blueprints, etc., within the tool itself. For that, it offers cloud storage and file management tools like:

  • File proofing
  • File versioning
  • File organization
  • Attachments 

Financial Management

You do not need to get another project finance management tool for your business. Paymo offers functional tools for the financials of a project. For instance, you can set a project cost estimation by using Budgeting. 

If the project involves travel allowances, you can use Expense Tracking. Other useful financial tools are: 

  • Financial Indicators
  • Billing Priorities
  • Fixed Price Rates
  • Time-Based Rates 

Client and Team Collaboration

Collaboration in Paymo

This feature lets you invite external clients and collaborators to watch the project board with controlled access via Guest Access. Using the Sharing and Permissions tool, you can also decide who can edit or access what on the project board. 

Project members can discuss tasks in real-time or set notifications for those who prefer asynchronous communication.  


Paymo gives you all the freedom to make the project board personalized. You can make UI changes using simple tools like a Customizable Menu, Dashboard, Quick Add Button, and Shortcuts.

Furthermore, Paymo speaks 23 languages, so you can also change the interface language.  

Mobile Solutions

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It comes with native mobile apps for Android and iOS systems. You can do the following on the mobile app of Paymo: 

  • Task and project management
  • Time tracking
  • Expense sheet creation
  • Invoicing clients

Analytics and Reporting

Paymo is popular for its robust data analytics tools for projects. You can use the user overview to know the performance of the team members. Then, the Project overview tool is used to monitor the project’s efficiency. 

You can also transform text and number-based project data into pie & bar chart reports. That is not all! Paymo also makes report sharing convenient and easy with external clients or internal stakeholders.  

Invoicing and Online Payments

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This Paymo module handles everything about project billing and payments. You can transform project data into intuitive invoices that can be sent one at a time or repeatedly. Then, clients can pay you easily online using gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and

Furthermore, you can export invoices to major accounting and tax processing tools like Xero and QuickBooks Online. 

Synchronizing Paymo With Other Business Apps

You can effortlessly sync Paymo with other business apps without any coding knowledge. For such convenience, Paymo comes with integrations, connectors, and more. Find below the third-party app synchronization options from Paymo: 


Paymo integrations

Consider your business demands for specialized apps like CRMs, ERPs, accounting tools, form builders, content management apps, etc. Then, you can use the following Paymo integrations

Apart from the above integrations, you can use popular If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) platforms like Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly.  

Paymo API

The API from Paymo lets you import some of its PM features into business apps that your brand developed and hosts. For API endpoint requirements like bookings, clients, comments, discussions, expenses, estimates, invoice templates, milestones, reports, projects, tasks, and more, Paymo is truly useful. 

Its API is based on the RESTful API architecture. The API uses XML/JSON for serialization. The Paymo API will respond to request methods like POST, GET, DELETE, and PUT.  

Use Cases of Paymo

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Paymo PM tool has all the features needed to run any business, from IT to consumer goods manufacturing, from nonprofits to learning initiatives. Find below some popular use cases where Paymo is highly utilized:

  • Administrative, organizational, and project management for creative agencies
  • Project templates, timesheets, billing, remote work management for sales, marketing, and social media management agencies
  • Software, mobile app, games, and website development project and task management
  • Business consultancies that offer IT, HR, legal, etc., services
  • Remote work management for customer support, marketing, contractors, etc.
  • Academic project management for universities, colleges, and schools

Top Companies That Use Paymo

Top Companies That Use Paymo

100,000+ users around the globe use Paymo for regular PM works. Some of the big brands that use this app are:

  • mBusiness for remote and distributed work
  • Born Digital used the app to reduce project scheduling time
  • Galvez Gil E-Commerce Consulting uses it to reduce PM overhead
  • Ameba Creative Studio uses Paymo in their design projects
  • Strongway uses Paymo for concurrent projects
  • Kunder utilizes Paymo for project estimation and workforce scheduling

Apart from these brands, Fujifilm, NYU, Accenture, and Adidas also use this robust PM app.   

Paymo Pricing

Paymo comes with scalable and flexible subscription plans. Therefore, everyone can afford Paymo with limited or unlimited functionalities, from micro to enterprise-level businesses. Find below the available plans:

Paymo Free

This plan is suitable for solo freelancers. You will get to set up limited projects, clients, and tasks. Also, you get basic calendars, boards, tables, and lists for project visualization.

You can generate invoices too but are limited to only three. Furthermore, you get standard features like native time tracking, static timesheets, guest access, etc.    

Paymo Starter

This subscription is $5.95/user/month. You can get a discount if you subscribe to the annual deal. You get all the features from Free plus unlimited clients, project templates, 100 tasks, unlimited invoices, integrations, 25 GB of cloud storage, and more.

The starter is good for busy freelancers, micro-businesses, home-based businesses, etc.    

Paymo pricing

Paymo Small Office

Small Office is the most popular plan in Paymo. The subscription is suitable for a group of freelancers, group of professionals, small businesses, and independent business departments.

It costs $11.95/user/month, and yes, there are discounts if you get the annual plan. The subscription covers all the standard and basic features. Added services are:

  • Unlimited projects, clients, and tasks
  • Unlimited timesheet entries
  • Real-time time reports
  • Active timers
  • Versioning and proofing
  • Meta Kanban Board  
  • 50 GB of cloud storage

Paymo Business

You should get the business plan for medium, large, and enterprise-level workloads. It is $24.95/user/month. The subscription gives you all the basic and standard features, along with the followings:

  • Free training and onboarding
  • Scheduling and workload distribution
  • Leave management
  • Project portfolios, Gantt charts, and Kanban Boards
  • Priority and remote customer support
  • 500 GB of cloud storage  

Why Should You Switch to Paymo?

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Paymo directly contributes to increased business revenue in a multi-faceted way. Firstly, this one app has it all for project management. You rarely need to invest in additional business tools.

Secondly, your team gets all the functionalities in one app. Hence, they can just concentrate on work. No need to jump through hoops to get things done from multiple apps.

Thirdly, when you reduce capital expenditure and increase the team’s productivity, you automatically see a growth in the overall profit margin.

Furthermore, you can deliver project management responsibilities effortlessly from remote locations using various modern tools like mobile apps, widgets, API, and standalone apps. 

Moreover, project teams love Paymo. Because the tool is straightforward to use and has a less learning curve when compared to apps with similar features. 

Alternative Project Management Apps

Paymo is a PM tool that offers future-ready features and performance. However, if you want something different, take a look at these PM apps:

YouTube video work management tool is a popular PM app used by brands like Hulu, BD, Canva, NHL, Coca-Cola, Oscar, and more. It offers all the standard PM features that you expect. For example, has the followings: 

  • Dashboards
  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts  
  • Integrations
  • Docs and files
  • Automated workflows

Hence, small to medium businesses, enterprises, and nonprofits can confidently use this tool for everything about the business. 


YouTube video

ClickUp is also a reliable and robust app for customer relationship management (CRM), remote work, and project management. Various startups, nonprofits, and enterprises have used the web app for many years. Its key features are:

  • Whiteboards
  • Dashboards
  • Goals
  • Tasks and docs
  • Chat
  • ClickApps
  • Integrations
  • Automation templates

ClickUp is suitable for development, marketing, sales, design, product management, education, and more. 


By now, you have discovered some cool, efficient, and powerful features of the Paymo project management app. You should have gained enough information to decide whether it is the right app for your business and its revenue model.

You can try the app by signing up for the free plan. If you feel everything is up to the mark, go ahead with a paid plan.

You may also be interested in Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and trigger marketing to advance your business technologically.

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