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In Digital Marketing and SEO Last updated: July 4, 2023
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In a world where search results are driven by keywords, it’s essential to have a keyword tool that helps you tap into the market. A keyword tool that not only helps you find keywords that are high-ranking, but also one that forms the backbone of your content strategy, and in turn, a part of your larger digital marketing strategy.

Importance of SEO Tools in Digital Marketing

From checking the overall health of your website to seeing whether you’re using keywords and backlinking opportunities right, SEO tools can help you stay ahead of the curve and rank within the top 3.

The importance of a technical SEO audit is unparalleled in the digital marketing world. You can check the accuracy of your XML sitemap, identify and resolve issues related to indexing and crawling of data, and check and fix site speed, broken links, and device compatibility.

With that being said, there are numerous SEO tools out there. How to tell one apart from another? More importantly, which to choose?

SEO Tools by Mangools

What makes Mangools so popular among the big and small players alike is the data reliability, user-friendly interface, and core capabilities that this platform offers. In fact, Mangools is quite feature-packed, so without further ado, let’s take a look at each of the SEO tools Mangools has with their key features, benefits, and more:

1. KWFinder

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KWFinder claims to be “the only keyword tool we’ll ever need.” With 2.5 million keywords, 100K competitor keywords, and 52K supported locations, KWFinder has a lot under its hood.

This keyword analysis tool will help you find keywords that have high search volume to rank better, as well as outdo your competitors. Here are the top 5 functionalities of KWFinder:

  • Use the Keyword analysis tool to find keywords with low search difficulty and high volume
  • Take advantage of the competitor keyword research tool to see what your rivals are ranking for
  • Find hidden long-tail keywords, rank for local SEO, and import keywords in bulk
  • Use keyword lists to organize keywords and do SERP analysis to see where you’re
  • Use GoogleSuggest integration to get new ideas for ranking

You can search by keywords or domain and also search in any language and at any location to identify any content gap analysis. However, what sets it apart is its intuitive interface and free lookups. You can search for 5 lookups within a day for no cost. Each lookup includes 15 related and 5 competitor keywords!

If you’re an individual or a small business and don’t want to commit to Mangools without a trial, then you can try the free plan that can help you get done with a lot.

2. SERPChecker

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Want to rank in the top 3 results but don’t know where to start? SERPChecker can help you understand whether you’ve chosen the right keywords and how to outrank your competitors.

Now, you might think, what will a SERPChecker do differently than a keyword analysis tool? SERPChecker examines and monitors your website’s rankings and competitor rankings for specific keywords.

You can also generate customized reports to help you optimize specific elements of your content to do better (think featured snippets, excerpts, FAQs), and this will help in generating better content ideas.

With Mangools’ SERPChecker, here’s what you can unlock:

  • Monitor local SERPs that are relevant for your target audience in 50K locations
  • Use 45+ SEO and popularity metrics (like, backlinks, LPS, DA, PA, CF, TF, etc..) to outrank competitors
  • See how enhanced SERP visibility on featured snippets and FAQs can impact organic search results
  • Stay in the know-how of what your competitors are doing, and use the Google Features SERP detection tool to see how your click-through rate (CTR) is being impacted

Thus, from keywords to SERPs, Mangools offers quite a functionality-driven SEO tool kit!

3. SERPWatcher


With Mangools’ SERPWatcher tool, you’ll be able to track ranks effortlessly. You can just get started by entering the domain name.

  • Be notified of rank updates with SERP Preview and email alerts every day
  • Receive precise local data in 50K locations on any device
  • Also, receive and share interactive reports with your teammates

Rank tracking helps you discover where you truly are in terms of SERP performance. In fact, Mangools has designed an accurate performance index to help you decide the organic rank-tracking potential of your website.

4. LinkMiner

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Powerful backlinks are that fine line that sets apart great SEO from good SEO. With Mangools’ backlink checker tool, LinkMiner, you’re in a position to replicate powerful backlinks. It has a vast repertoire of 9.5 trillion backlinks to fall back on.

With well-defined backlink metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow, you can easily evaluate how strong your competitor or your backlink is.

While some local SEO tools might look like an overtly complex process, the special advantage of Mangools is its ease of use. Mangools’ LinkMiner not only lets you preview the website within the tool but also highlights the anchor text and its placement for easy finding.

Once you find several useful backlinks, you can save all of them into a relevant list for easy access.

  • Supports sorting of URLs into relevant lists to help prospect research
  • You can find “All” backlinks of a domain, new ones that popped up within the last 30 days, and also old/deleted ones
  • While one link search per domain helps you focus, you can also do multiple link analyses for competitor domains

You also get options for advanced backlink analysis, where you have the option to find deleted links or find fresh opportunities for new link building.

5. SiteProfiler


Without site tracking, analysis, and insights, your SEO work will always be incomplete. That’s why Mangools offers SiteProfiler, a unique analysis tool that checks 10 million top domains every day and has crawled 2.5 trillion URLs.

So, now what’s unique about this SEO analysis tool of Mangools?

  • You can use the domain authority checker to see how popular a website is
  • Do a backlink profile analysis to see whether the profile is healthy or spammy
  • Get more hints from anchor distribution and backlink charts to see if the domain can be trusted
  • Identify content that’s popular, as well as find new ideas for blogs and backlinks
  • Get competitor insights that are relevant to help you take informed decisions

Mangools provides the complete SEO package, so if you are new to digital marketing, it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. The good thing, though, is that you have everything you need in one place!

6. SERP Volatility Checker


Remember the times you monitored website changes and saw a big change in your SERP rank, and you had no idea why that could have happened? This is precisely what the tool is for. Plus, it’s free!

SERP Volatility Checker sees, tracks, and notifies you of big SERP ranking changes that could have happened due to Google’s latest algorithm changes.

  • You can choose to stay notified
  • You can access the volatility checker for the past few weeks
  • You can access it from desktop and mobile both

Thus, if you find sudden changes you can’t put your finger on, the SERP Volatility Checker has got you covered!

7. Google SERP Simulator


A SERP Simulation is designed to help you get a preview of how your website appears in Google search results. The one by Mangools does the same, just that it’s easier, better, and free!

  • You can also make your keywords bold
  • Plus, you can choose to add sitemap, date, and ratings
  • In fact, you can also view the preview as an ad or a map pack

All you have to do is enter the title tag and meta description details, and boom! You’ll have the preview.

8. Mangools Free SEO Extension


To ensure you’re not limited while using Mangools’ powerful features, it has released a free SEO extension. The browser extension is entirely free, but here’s what it lets you unlock:

  • Check the domain strength, as per metrics set by Moz and Majestic
  • Find keywords that your competitors are using
  • Find backlinks that a page is using, or do on-page SEO analysis
  • Get access to crucial ranking tracking data that helps you stay ahead of the curve

Besides, Mangools’ extension comes for two browsers: Chrome and Firefox. It can help you get the grabs of the important SEO metrics required to make your site more powerful, and you can always check out an SEO guide if you are unsure how to best apply some features.

How easy is Mangools to use?


In addition to the tools that Mangools offers, what’s really great about Mangools is its easy-to-use interface. It’s not too complex as an all-in-one SEO platform.

It has a single dashboard that provides you with a complete overview of its available tools and your past searches. You can see how many tries you have left in all of the 5 tools for the day or the month easily.

Plus, there are free learning materials to help you navigate the sophisticated world of SEO. From a complete SEO guide to the pros and cons of Google-rich snippets, Mangools resources help you stay updated with what’s trending!

Mangools Plans & Pricing

With a 2-day money-back guarantee, Mangools has three plans for you to choose from. All three offer monthly and annual plan subscriptions.

  1. Mangools Basic: This plan allows 100 keyword lookups and 100 SERP lookups per day. In addition to 200 keyword suggestions and 25 competitor keywords per search, 200 keywords were tracked and 20 site lookups every day, and 100,000 backlink rows in a month.
  2. Mangools Premium: Offers monthly and annual subscriptions and unlimited keyword suggestions and competitor keywords, 500 keyword lookups, and SERP lookups a day. Plus, 700 keywords were tracked and 70 site lookups a day, and 5,00,000 backlink rows in a month.
  3. Mangools Agency: Mangools Agency allows unlimited keyword suggestions and competitor keywords, 1200 keyword lookups and SERP lookups a day, 1500 keywords tracked, 150 site lookups a day, and 1,200,000 backlink rows in a month.

You’ll be able to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. To get started, you’ll have access to a free 10-day account. Credit card details aren’t required to complete this registration.

Mangools Alternatives to Look Out for

It’s good to have options, which is why we’re here to give you a lowdown of three Mangools alternatives with advantages of their own:

1. SE Ranking

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Suited for freelancers, businesses, and agencies, SE Ranking offers a complete toolkit to make your SEO game one of the strongest.

SE Ranking filters its SEO tools using 5 categories: SEO Monitoring, SEO Research, Content Marketing, Local Marketing, and Agency Success Kit. Each of these categories offers useful tools that help you get actionable insights that help you plan and make adjustments to your SEO strategy in time.

SEO MonitoringSEO ResearchContent MarketingLocal MarketingAgency Success Kit
Rank TrackerKeyword Suggestion ToolContent Marketing ToolLocal Marketing ToolScheduled SEO reports
Website AuditCompetitive ResearchContent EditorLocal Rank TrackerLead Generator
Backlink MonitorBacklink Checker
White Label
On-Page SEO CheckerSERP Checker

What makes SE Ranking unique is its advanced data processing algorithms and actionable insights. Plus, some of its features, like White Label and Lead Generator, are hard to compete with.

You can expand your email list with a lead generator or give your clients access to SE Ranking’s SEO tools using your brand book and domain. You can invite your clients as guests and also share customized reports with them to keep them in the know-how.

2. SEO PowerSuite

Recognized as a G2 leader for SEO software for a couple of years in a row, SEO PowerSuite is a fully automated software that’s easy and fast to set up.

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Its Rank Tracker tool allows keyword research and rank monitoring, while its WebSite Auditor helps with on-page SEO optimization. SEO SpyGlass can help you get grabs on competitor insights and backlink analysis. Moreover, LinkAssistant can help you build and manage links for SEO progress.

To give you a complete picture, SEO PowerSuite divides its core capabilities into 5 categories: Ranking, Keywords, Backlinks, Technical SEO, and Content. Here’s what each of them has as functionalities:

RankingsKeywordsBacklinksTechnical SEOContent
SERP Tracking &
Keyword Research ToolBacklinks AnalysisSite AuditTF-IDF Checker
Local Rank TrackerKeyword Gap FinderBacklinks HistoryPage Speed CheckerContent Optimizer
YouTube Rank TrackerKeyword Difficulty CheckerToxic Backlink RemovalSite Structure Visualizator
Google Rank TrackerLink Prospecting

You have to download this tool to use it; you can also take it for a free spin with no strings attached. What’s unique about SEO PowerSuite is its custom SEO solutions that let you manipulate data in the way you like. Also, there’s a YouTube rank checker to track progress.

3. Ubersuggest

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Like Mangools, Ubersuggest also has a free browser extension to help you unlock the real potential of SEO. This SEO tool by Neil Patel specializes in generating new keyword ideas, content ideas, and visualizing keywords.

You can also get a good understanding of traffic estimation by getting a traffic overview or sorting top pages by traffic. Moreover, you can also check backlink opportunities and try out its all-new AI-powered experimental features like keyword generator and AI writer.

They have a 7-day free trial that’s zero risk. We feel you should take the site audit feature on a spin by entering the domain and checking the health of your website. That’ll help you get a clear picture of SEO issues impacting your site. Ubersuggest will recommend easy-to-follow steps to fix these issues and get started on your journey to SEO success!

Finding SEO Success with Mangools

No matter what tool you end up choosing, it’s essential to pick one that addresses your SEO needs and gives you customized reports and actionable data insights. While some elements like checking the health of your website, finding high-ranking keywords, and identifying content gaps are non-negotiables in a good SEO tool, other additional features like automated reports and lead generators can become equally important while making your choice.

That is why Mangools is a one-stop SEO solution since it provides this and a lot more! However, if you deal with a lot of video content and are a Youtube streamer or influencer, you can check out these dedicated Youtube rank-checker tools too!

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