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The constantly changing business environment and technology forces businesses to adopt a flexible model for marketing strategy.  Businesses focus on streamlined operations and have to handle disciplined marketing work, which involves analyzing consumer demands and adopting technology to meet situations.

Changing elements of marketing require outsourced expertise for smooth functioning. Marketing as a service, or MaaS, is the perfect solution for businesses, and in this article, we will discuss more about it.

What is Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a service (MaaS) is a solution that provides on-demand marketing services through various value-based marketing services. It aligns marketing goals with business goals, provides a competitive landscape, and helps drive business growth.

MaaS is a team of diversely skilled marketers, where everyone has expertise in different sources of Marketing. Their experience reduces the burden of planning and allows them to focus on other activities and core products.

The service initially starts with analyzing the existing gap in business, including technology, skills, and labor. They give insight on how to bridge the gaps and work with the organization’s goals in the long term. 

The MaaS service providers help your business where you are falling short in implementing a great marketing strategy. Businesses should go for MaaS because of all the benefits that it has to offer. It provides affordable, high-impact marketing services.

It allows businesses to leverage new market trends or technology. MaaS provides a long-term solution that helps businesses with long-term growth.

Importance of MaaS

Prepares a strategic initiative

Marketing as a service forms the basis for developing strategic plans for success in the competitive marketplace. Strategies include market data and visuals that help analyze the situation.

In the US, 50% of small businesses fail within their first five years; they focus more on implementing plans than developing strategies for the long term.

MaaS brings forward modern scale strategies, allowing internal teams to work independently on manageable projects. The organization focuses on operating the business within the investment limits, and MaaS helps achieve accurate results under the available resources.

Scale the marketing needs to develop growth

Business growth depends on the number of competitors in the market. According to Statista 2021, there are 334 million companies worldwide, and surviving in a highly competitive market requires a better strategy. The business has to reduce its operating costs slightly to outperform the competitors. MaaS helps develop low-cost marketing strategies and allows the budget to be used for other initiatives and services.

Marketing as a service is a long-term program worth it when the organization is making sustained efforts for marketing.

Adapt to the changing market environment

The increasing number of businesses brings perfect competition in the market. But all of them need to remain on top in the market. Adapting to change according to market needs is the only way to achieve growth, but this process requires cost, time, and energy.

The task becomes more complicated when a business has fixed resources for marketing activity.

Rapidly changing technologies create a gap in the organization when you need help to adapt. MaaS is a profitable strategy development, ensuring the business will not lag behind the competition. It can process ongoing projects by accessing tools and technology.

Increase the concentration of marketing staff

The ultimate reward of outsourcing mass service is that marketers can focus on other activities like brand consistency. MaaS service reduces the burden on the marketing team, thereby increasing the workflow of their core activity. Internal employees get the necessary support from outsourced marketers, improving their individual work performance.

Why do Businesses need MaaS?

Businesses need Marketing as a Service because of the following reasons:

Cost Effective

MaaS requires less investment as compared to internally hired employees. A good marketing strategy requires expertise in different areas, and hiring them all needs more budget. The business also has to bear the cost of training after recruitment.


MaaS providers are advanced in their respective fields and can solve problems where the business fails to meet expectations. They also have the necessary equipment for their service so that companies can save the cost of purchasing equipment for marketing needs.

Techniques, Knowledge, and Skills

Marketing service ensures they use the best possible skills for the marketing strategy. Constantly changing technology requires regular updates, and the marketing team of businesses also requires training. The important thing is that there are plenty of options for which techniques and tools are best, and marketing agencies can adopt the latest technology.

Adds insight into performance

The marketing service provider regularly updates business performance and prepares reports. The data provides information about a business’s stand against competitors, as third-party providers also have reports for other companies. Based on MaaS data, businesses can take the necessary steps to increase revenue.

Transfer of skills internally

When internal teams work with external experience, it also brings additional benefits for them. They gain valuable marketing knowledge that can be used even after the contract ends. Some MaaS organize training and development programs to match their level.

How does MaaS work?

An effective MaaS works in four ways:

Insight and analytics

To generate effective results, MaaS providers draw insights from marketing needs and trends. Data on consumer behavior and opinions is essential for successful marketing campaigns. It ensures the high quality of the reformulated strategy, making it more suitable for consumers. A detailed and analyzed report generates leads and traffic for the business and gains customer trust.

Content creation

Content creators are responsible for identifying new and trending ideas as they must execute them within time to lead the market. Consumers are attracted to trending topics, so creators create content to meet the trend and implement it across various digital and print media. It could be blog creation, graphic design, web page design, e-books, etc.

Search engine optimization

SEO is the optimal source of getting targeted consumers, and marketing experts develop strategies to perform best on the web page. They can improve web page traffic to rank better in search indexes.

UI & UX design

UI and UX design refers to the screens, icons, buttons, toggles, and other visual elements on a web page or mobile application. It also affects marketing statistics, as the attractiveness of visual elements impacts customers’ minds. MaaS service providers have expertise over these fabricators, as they know which design best suits which customer.

Elements of MaaS

Marketing is an essential source of growth for any business, especially when newly formed. Small business needs to carry out modern marketing activities, focusing on developing the business’s main product.

But after completion of the base, the next step is to work in the market, and marketing services need to be executed. Businesses must decide about the aspects of marketing and strategy that need to be outsourced.

  • Before any marketing strategy, budget, time, and target should be decided because these three are the foundation of any decision. From a beginner to a professional, a businessman has to differentiate between which data to give to outsiders and which to work with insiders.
  • Brands believe it is necessary to conduct marketing activities concurrently, but they often need more rescheduling. Social media marketing, graphic designing, and digital newsletters are some marketing methods that require modern technologies.
  • Local business owner thinks about their growth in bigger platforms because they need corporate marketing techniques. Web designing, content creation, and analytics are essential in modern marketing.

Benefits of MaaS

Marketing as a service is that it is a solution to the necessary flexibility of the market, allowing to work on long-term planning with ongoing projects. The stated flexibility adapts to changing competitive market conditions and covers various activities.

Modern marketing involves a wide range of specialists who provide services for different activities. Some advantages of marketing as a service agency are:-

  • Marketing as a service is a one-stop solution for all marketing activities; experienced agents can easily handle the burden. For example, when businesses create strategies for a long-term goal, they initially approach the process with small steps and minimal marketers. Moreover, they do not have to employ different experts in the future; they only have to communicate with the agencies regarding the goal. MaaS providers comprehensively align business goals with their experience to bring stable outputs.
  • The MaaS provider allows access to an update team with the latest updates and changes. The beneficial factor is that they work with the latest technology and trends for the business to stay ahead of the competition. The team of experts produces results without affecting the old plans.
  • Marketing agencies plan strategies that incorporate new ideas without recycling used ideas. They look at business campaigns differently and plan to improve results. MaaS providers also have data from outsiders, as they work with multiple clients, which helps them pinpoint where past activity in the market went wrong. An impartial agency is beneficial in sustaining creative ideas.
  • Marketing as a service provider is the primary source of acquiring customers. Knowing your customers is essential before increasing the business’s sales or value. Marketing agencies collect customer data through a variety of channels and technology. Furthermore, experts analyze the collected data and prepare a report to plan the strategy, which is beneficial to promote marketing activities.
  • The Marketing agency manages the scalability, as businesses must adapt to constant changes. They are beneficial in managing rapid growth and recession and work as per the market requirement.

How MaaS helps small and mid-sized businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses usually operate on low capital, especially in their starting phase. The marketing department faces cost-cutting to run its activity, which leads to the wrong implementation of plans or long-term failures. Small businesses need more staff to tackle all marketing parts in one project.

Hiring external people to meet their marketing needs allows internal people to focus on other activities like branding and development. MaaS service is associated with ongoing projects and adds experience to facilitate it. It uses external resources to formulate and execute the strategy on various marketing platforms.

Small and mid-sized businesses that need to promote their campaigns in different areas are helped to grow faster. MaaS solves problems by connecting all aspects of marketing and developing strategies wherever the business is failing. Marketing as a service adds extra benefits for small businesses, meaning they look bigger than they are. Their products serve as a brand in the market and provide a modern experience to the customers.

MaaS vs. Other Forms of Marketing

Here’s a table that will help you easily understand how MaaS is different from other forms of marketing: In-house marketing and marketing agency.

Marketing-as-a-ServiceIn-house marketingMarketing Agency 
CostIt works on a reasonable and affordable budget. It costs more for development, training, compensation, etc. It charges a fee for every marketing activity, which results in high costs.
Skills set rangeIt comprises various experts with different skills and mindsets.The team has limited capacity and work as per training and approved budget.It has a team of marketing experts and professionals from various fields. 
Strategy execution speedMaaS providers operate based on market demand.Internal teams perform slower and execute strategies within the available resources.
It provides fast and prompt services because of its specialization.
Access to market technology MaaS provides instant access to technology to accelerate marketing.It needs support and approvals before accessing new technology.It is easier for agencies to access new technologies than others.
Adaptability to market needsTo process better outputs, MaaS experts adapt to market trends and needs.The adaptability could be faster, making reallocating and replacing ongoing projects difficult.Marketing agencies have a limited scope of work, making it challenging to adapt.
The Durability of WorkIt provides flexibility in planning, researching, and executing strategies. It is often for long-term permanency, and they provide services until employment.It works on a contract basis and is responsible until completion.

Final Words

Marketing as a service changes the business approach; they develop modern strategies for the best marketing solutions. Its data-based planning and knowledge benefit consumers and target audiences practically.

Service providers work effectively on different formats for top-level success. Content creation and designing becomes more effective with skilled workers, where branding and social media engagement increase with influencer marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) practices help pages rank in search indexes, and personalized email marketing adds an extra effort for retaining customers.

Businesses are adopting this marketing source as it offers efficiency and functionality. MaaS can work with the marketing team without disrupting their projects. It aligns the business goal with the future requirement; it is possible because of data and analytics.

For every business, planning is preferred over implementation if they want to be successful in the long term. The marketing service providers are efficient in the task; they have the data and insights to get ahead of the competitors in the market.

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