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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 16, 2022
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A successful marketing campaign is vital to growing your business and increasing your customer base.

With the myriad of marketing platforms available at your disposal, it’s common to use many of these platforms to execute your lead generation strategy. 

If you’ve adopted an advertising strategy, you’ve likely tried to gauge the success of your campaigns with reporting software like Google Analytics. These tools provide insight into maximizing the performance of your campaigns and website. 

But what about the leads you receive from phone calls? It’d be helpful if you could track the exact channels and campaigns that are driving phone leads. 

That’s where a call tracking system like CallRail comes into play. In this article, we’ll cover what CallRail is and review its features, so you know how it can help you grow your business.

CallRail Overview: What Is It?


CallRail is a call tracking and analytics solution that helps businesses access campaigns that drive inbound leads via texts, calls, forms, and chats. 

It lets you track the volume of calls, duration, time of day, call trends and patterns, origin location, and performance of PPC landing pages to determine the ones producing the most calls and leads for your company. 

They also provide an overview of all the phone contacts from online and offline sources. 

As a business, your leads are likely coming from various sources, such as PPC campaigns, social media, SEO, etc. Knowing where your phone calls are coming from, who reached out, when, and why it’s essential. 

CallRail analyzes your inbound leads, so you can accurately access your marketing return on investment

Additionally, CallRail helps monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s sales and customer service department. 

With its robust call recording and transcribing functionality, you can gain actionable insights to optimize your company’s sales or customer service calls. 

While CallRail works for any business, they are popular among agencies, home services, healthcare, legal services, financial services, and automotive industries. 

Major Challenges CallRail Helps Overcome

Understanding your true marketing ROI is something that most businesses fail to do. Service-based businesses requiring an appointment need to know where their leads are coming from.

Are they coming from offline sources like referrals and word of mouth? Or did your customers directly come from the PPC campaigns you’re running? 

If you’re testing multiple marketing channels and campaigns, you’ll need to know which channel and campaign are driving the best results. 


This lets you strategically manage your marketing budget so that every dollar contributes to the bottom line, and less money is wasted on ineffective campaigns. 

Another challenge that CallRail helps businesses overcome is the ability to have informed conversations with leads. Often, sales reps are completely uninformed about where the caller came from and what they’re looking for. 

CallRail features an interactive timeline where they’ll track every customer form submission, inquiry, call, text message, and live chat. This lets your team reference every customer’s journey. 

The system will also automatically record, transcribe and analyze each call. Sales and customer service training can be difficult, especially when you can’t hear the conversations. 

With call recording, you’ll see a transcription to analyze each call. This gives your management team training opportunities to keep your team aligned. 

Now that you know the basics of CallRail, it’s time to dive deep into its features.

CallRail Features

CallRail offers dynamic features to help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. We’ll cover what their features do and how you can benefit from them. 

#1. Call Tracking & Call Analytics


The primary selling point for CallRail is its call tracking and analytics feature. It eliminates the guesswork by giving you information on where your calls are coming from. 

As a result, this lets you focus your budget on marketing efforts that boost ROI and reduce your cost per lead. 

CallRail works by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign. Each tracking number is forwarded to your main business phone number allowing your team to answer as if their call were made directly to that line. 

The data provided by call tracking can easily be turned into actionable insight to drive business decisions. 

Additionally, CallRail lets you tag, qualify, and prioritize leads automatically. Every person that calls can be tagged as qualified or unqualified. Then you can also tag them based on the product or service they’re looking for. 

This helps you analyze the success of your marketing efforts and can be used for follow-up sequences. 

As a user, CallRail gives you access to in-depth reporting, so you can get granular about where every customer interaction is coming from. 

You’ll receive detailed reports about the number of calls received along with trends associated with these calls. 

Some of the common analytics that CallRail offers are: 

  • Number of Calls: The number of calls you receive from each source
  • Call Time, Day and, Location: Determine which times and locations produce the strongest leads and most calls 
  • Keywords: You can identify the keywords they’ve searched for to find your number 
  • PPC Landing Page Performance: Analyze the performance of your landing pages to see which generates the best conversion rates, most qualified leads, and most calls 

#2. Lead Center


Lead Center is a unified communications feature that lets you manage all interactions from calls, texts, and live chats. 

This gives your teammates access to the customer’s journey to have smarter conversations. With the team inbox, all notes, call recordings, tags, and communication histories are visible to everyone in the shared workspace. 

The Lead Center feature is perfect for sales and support teams that rely on form submissions, texts, calls, and chats to close new sales. Think of it like a CRM that manages your communications with customers. 

You can chat directly with the customer while all their information is in your system. As a result, your sales team can tailor their conversations based on the lead’s originating marketing source and their needs. 

The Conversation Intelligence feature inside Lead Center lets agents assign tags, lead scores, call values, and input notes for each call. The Lead Center even has a mobile app so that you can respond and make calls on the go. 

Lead Center also acts as a coaching tool for your sales team. Managers can listen to live conversations and review recordings. 

This lets you identify the prospects’ pain points or coach team members to increase sales conversions. Furthermore, you can even join live calls to provide agent support by privately saying something only your agents can hear. 

CallRail Integrations


Nowadays, businesses need plenty of marketing tools to help them gather data and execute their marketing functions. 

The best marketing teams integrate their software so that they can transfer data across various platforms. 

CallRail integrates with the most popular tools (50+ integrations) on the market so that you can combine data with other platforms. 

Let’s say you run PPC campaigns to generate appointments. Connecting Google Ads to CallRail allows you to determine which campaigns are most profitable. 

When you connect your landing page software, such as Unbounce, to CallRail, you can test which landing pages have the highest conversions. 

Currently, CallRail supports integrations in the following categories: 

  • Bid Management
  • Chat and Notifications 
  • CMS Plugin
  • CRM
  • Data Visualization
  • Google App Collection
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Search Advertising 
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Website Optimization
  • Workflow Automation 

CallRail Pricing

CallRail offers two categories of pricing for its two different sets of features:

  1. Call Tracking
  2. Lead Center

Call Tracking Plans

The Call Tracking category has four plans to choose from:

  • Call Tracking: Offers five local numbers, 250 local minutes, call recording, routing, and attribution ($45/month)
  • Call Tracking + Intelligence: Everything in the Call Tracking plan, along with transcripts and keyword analysis ($95/month)
  • Call Tracking + Form Tracking: Everything in the Call Tracking Plan + intelligence plan, along with form tracking and a custom form builder ($95/month)
  • Call Tracking Complete: Combines the Call Tracking plans and comes with conversation intelligence and form tracking ($145/month)

Lead Center Plans

If you want to opt for CallRail’s lead center feature plans, you can choose from the two plans it offers:

  • Engage: Ranges from $24 – $40 per month per user 
  • Inform: Ranges from $34 – $50 per month per user

No matter which plans you choose, CallRail offers a 14-day free trial for you to test the waters and decide if you want to pay or not. 

Depending on your business size, getting the Call Tracking Complete package may be useful. This ensures you get access to call transcripts to optimize your sales training, while the form tracking is helpful for testing landing pages.

Wrapping Up

Understanding what makes your phone ring lets you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and improve your strategies. 

With CallRail, you can identify where leads are coming from and fine-tune your marketing to attract more customers. 

This call-tracking system is affordable and offers many features and plans. If generating phone calls is an essential part of your sales process, consider CallRail as a solution to boost your marketing initiatives.

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