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7 Apps to Teach Your Kids Math in a Fun Way

7 Apps to Teach Your Kids Math in a Fun Way
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Kids are full of energy, and that’s a great thing, but it also comes with the struggle of keeping them focused on one thing.

And this is usually when you’re trying to teach them something, especially math, because it’s a subject that isn’t the most interesting for kids.

However, thanks to technology, now we have math learning apps that we can download on our smartphones to teach the kids in a much more fun and effective way. It’s so much better than the traditional way of teaching them with a boring textbook.

Let’s immediately jump into the list to discover those math apps for kids.

Monster Math


Recommended by PCAdvisor UK, TeachersWithApps, and FunEductaionalApps, Monster Math is an interactive fun-filled adventure app that lets your child practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a quirky way.

This app is designed to take your child through basic mathematics concepts in fun. Join the mightiest monster of Monster Math Maxx to save his friend Dextra on a journey to new worlds, find allies and defeat the monsters.

Along with an interesting plot, this game also offers an overview of the child’s performance. In this skill-based mode, your child can solve math without the pressure of racing against time and customize the settings to practice specific skills.

Monster Math can be downloaded on Android and iPhone/iPad. The Android version is suitable for kids in 1st-4th grade, while the Apple version is for Kindergarten-5th graders.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android


Suitable for children in preschool till 5th grade, SplashLearn features adorable characters that teach the kids math and reading in a fun way. It has over 4,000 games to play and learn simultaneously to create the perfect balance.

YouTube video

SplashLearn has a bunch of learning materials for various areas, which are as follows:

  • Letter tracing and alphabet
  • Shapes and geometry
  • Phonics and rhymes
  • Creativity and social-emotional skill-building lessons
  • Reading lessons
  • Math equations

You get over 1,900 curriculum-based math games and activities, so you can be assured the kids can learn them in the right sequence.

This app is available for Android as well as iPhone/iPad.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Khan Academy Kids

I am sure you’ve heard of Khan Academy Kids because it’s one of the most popular educational apps out there. It’s free and has thousands of fun educational activities and books, including math lessons.

YouTube video

To make the whole studying process fun, it has catchy songs, videos, and cute characters that’ll have your children dancing, moving, and learning most effectively.

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As a parent, you can choose lessons from the library or pick a personalized learning path suitable for your child’s age and grade. It also has a bunch of teacher tools to help you find lessons, make assignments and track the progress of the little ones.

Khan Academy Kids is available for Android and iPhone/iPad users.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Moose Math


Help your kids excel in addition, subtraction, counting, sorting, and geometry using the Moose Math app.

It has fun multi-level mathematical activities and lessons that’ll engage them into going deeper and learning more in exchange for rewards to build their city and decorate buildings within the app.

It features a bunch of whimsical characters that can be found on different levels, and to meet them all; you must continue completing the activities and lessons.

Moose Math was developed with some of the best educators out there who are highly qualified. You can download it on Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Kahoot! Numbers by Dragon


Explore a playful way to learn math with Kahoot! Numbers by Dragon. It has a collection of characters called Nooms that’ll guide the child through the lessons and activities.

Several games can be played within the app, and learn the concept and details of the math, such as numbers, addition, subtraction, etc.

The app is divided into 4 different sections:

  • Sandbox: To explore and experiment with Nooms and learn basic math concepts
  • Puzzle: To solve puzzle pieces using math to reveal the answer
  • Ladder: To practice math strategies and how large numbers can relate to small numbers
  • Run: To use numbers and mental calculations to jump over fun obstacles

Every interaction on this app will help the kids better understand the math subject and strengthen their foundation of learning and grasping things.

Kahoot! Numbers by Dragon is available on Android and iPhone/iPad.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Prodigy Math


Kids can explore new worlds, complete missions, and challenge friends using Prodigy Math to collect rewards, pets, and more while also learning math.

It allows you to create your character and represent yourself on an incredible journey of adventure and learning.

This app has the potential to make math one of the favorite subjects of kids because of the way it is built. It’s interesting, insightful, and fun and will have the little ones hooked.

It can be used on Android as well as iPhone/iPad devices. You can get started at absolutely no cost at all.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Funexpected Math

Funexpected Math is about completing daily math challenges and traveling from lesson to lesson with your little heroes. Kids can solve suitable math problems and puzzles for their age to light up the beautiful constellations in the sky.

YouTube video

It has more than 1,000 math tasks consisting of shapes, numbers, logic, etc. Their one-year-long course can take any child from being an early learner to a math wizard while embarking on an adventurous journey made up of an incredible storyline.

Unexpected Math has won several awards, including the Kidscreen and Mom’s Choice awards. You can download it on Android and iPhone/iPad.

  • It works on:
  • iOS
  • Android

Now that we know the best math learning apps for kids let’s learn a little about how these apps are beneficial and how they should be used.

How do these apps make learning math fun for kids?

These apps can be a breather for the little ones because learning anything with a boring and plain visual layout can make things difficult to grasp.

Thankfully, these apps go the extra mile to make the whole studying process fun, and here are some of the ways by which this is achieved:

#1. Fun sounds 🎵

These apps have in-built sounds that’ll add to the fun element of the studying process. For example, a sound will play upon completing a math equation indicating that the child has successfully cleared the level.

#2. Interesting visual layout and background 🐻

Probably the essential element of any math app for kids is having fun, and an exciting layout with many colors will make learning so much easier.

A cute polar bear waving to you while explaining a math problem is better than a plain and boring background.

#3. Game and activities 🎮

Most of these apps have games and activities that the kids can complete to gain points and have fun while also learning math.

#4. Tailored for specific child’s age 👶

It’s always beneficial when the lessons and curriculum are divided by age group, which is what most apps do. You can enter your child’s age and get suitable math problems to solve rather than diving into “one size fits all” lessons.

#5. Progress and rewards 🏆

What could be better than getting rewarded for all your hard work? Many of these apps will reward the kids after completing each level, and you’re also allowed to check the progress of the child to see how far they’ve come.

Are these apps an alternative to full-fledged teaching of concepts?

While most of these math apps will provide curriculums that the kids can follow and learn A-Z about math for their age, it’s best not to ditch the textbooks altogether.

If your children are going to school and have math textbooks, it’d be nice to put them in the mix and use both – the app and the textbook.

This way, they can stay well within the curriculum provided by the school and also learn better using the apps.


It’s a challenge to teach kids, and in no way is it an easy job, but with the help of these math learning apps, you can ease the burden off your shoulders a little bit. It’ll engage the kids with the apps to learn effectively while having fun.

Next, you might want to check out and subscribe to these educational YouTube channels for kids.

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