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In HealthTech Last updated: April 10, 2023
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Meal kit delivery has come to the rescue for a lot of people who prefer having homemade food but don’t have the time to buy the necessary items for the food.

Currently, when each of us has hectic schedules and fully occupies timetables, it is tough to have time to purchase the items for cooking. Most of us have to look for precooked or readymade food from outside to fill our bellies.

This alternative is not always relatively healthy since you cannot determine when the vendor made the food and the quality of the items used. The hygiene of the place where the cook cooked the food is also uncertain. 

Meal Kits are a smart and innovative solution for people who want healthy and hygienic food without worrying about the groceries required for cooking the meal. The quality of the items provided is assured by the companies, making meal kits preferable. 

This article will discuss what meal kits and meal kit delivery services are and how they work. We will also know about some of the best meal kit providers who can help you cook your own meal.

Meal kits, which are sent via a subscription service, include pre-measured ingredients and simple-to-follow instructions so that home chefs can create chef-crafted meals in the convenience of their own kitchens. Depending on their preferred diet and the number of meals, subscribers can alter the specifications for their meal plans. As a convenient substitute for grocery shopping that eliminates the guesswork of meal preparation, meal kits are growing in popularity. 

Meal kits are inexpensive and practical, allowing you to prepare delectable, restaurant-quality meals in your house. Meal kits are also helpful in the processes of meal preparation and planning. It takes some forward-thinking to prepare your meals for an entire week. Gathering materials and equipment in advance can help prepare and serve meals more quickly.

What is a Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Any service that sends consumers pre-portioned foods and recipes, typically a subscription service, is referred to as a meal kit delivery service. You can prepare healthy, home-cooked meals this way without having to worry about meal planning or running to the store for ingredients.

In order to use any meal kit service, a subscriber must agree to receive a certain number of meals or portions each week. These programs are often relatively flexible, allowing you to alter the meals you receive each week and to skip or cancel your subscription whenever you choose without being charged a price for doing so.

These delivery services can help you avoid the daily argument over what you’re going to prepare for supper and prevent you from running to the shop if you run out of flour or breadcrumbs. Instead, you have a meal plan with pre-measured items that are entirely failsafe. You prepare whichever meal is included in the box, and there is a wide variety to choose from. Lastly, it is a fantastic option for people who have trouble making decisions regarding food.

How does a Meal Kit Delivery Service Work?

The working of a meal kit delivery service depends solely on the company you choose. Most of the companies offer two options for the delivery service. The first is subscription-based, and the other is selecting any meal kit from the available kits without any commitment. Very few companies offer the second option, as most prefer subscription-based services. 

For people who opt for meal kit services without commitment, getting their meal kit is quite simple. With your preferred meal kit, you can pick a la carte anytime you want from the company’s page. The company will get the meal kit delivered to your address. This may seem perfect, but ordering meals in advance has some advantages.

For people who opt for subscriptions, the companies will require you to sign up for a membership and select a meal plan, specifying the number of dishes/servings you want for each delivery. This entails that after paying a weekly, monthly, or annual service charge, you will get meal kits that have been prepared and recipe cards. 

Several businesses also provide plans for nutritional preferences. The company rotates its menus for each meal type weekly to boost client retention. You will receive fresh meals as a client each week, ensuring you never grow tired of eating the same thing.

Because of these concerns, you don’t need to worry about commitment or investing additional money on meals you won’t consume if you’re afraid to sign up for a subscription. The majority of businesses provide you the choice to delay, halt, and miss delivery or cancel your membership without incurring any fees.

What is the difference between Meal Kit delivery and Precooked Meals delivery?

It’s easy to eat prepared food. You select the meals, and someone else handles all the preparation and cooking. The meals are delivered to your home packaged in dry ice or cooling packs, and you store them in your fridge or freezer until you are ready to eat. 

For those with sophisticated palates, fresh vs. frozen is a crucial decision when preparing meals. Fresh food generally tastes better, but ultimately, the flavor is a matter of desire. 

Deliveries of meal kits provide everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. The ingredients have frequently been prepared and are portioned beforehand. If any preparation is necessary, it’s often not much. Recipe cards simplify the directions, and you may select your meal kits according to your level of culinary expertise.

Meal kits are a fantastic solution for busy families and homes that do not wish to struggle with the time-consuming culinary procedure of streamlining mealtime and testing new recipes. By skipping the dreaded grocery store and perhaps even eating a little bit better, these services can be an excellent way to add some variety to your life. They are easy to use and might quickly find a place at your dinner table.

Now that you know what meal kit delivery is and how it works, it’s time to explore some of the best meal kit delivery services.


Hellofresh is a meal kit delivery service that follows easy and family-friendly recipes created by Chef David Butka. Neil Patrick Harris developed the platform and currently has a 5-star review. It offers a vast recipe selection, and skipping weeks or canceling is super easy.


Their meal kits consist of simple dishes with a detailed nutritional breakdown and freshly harvested ingredients of the highest quality. They also have convenient meal packages that neatly fit into refrigerators. They give you an enjoyable culinary experience that leaves you feeling invincible.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a certified organic company that offers meal kits to its users in 3 steps. These three steps consist of choosing, cooking, and enjoying. In Green Chef, you have to select your recipes from the 24 weekly alternatives offered by the platform. You can mix and match the meals from several preferences in the same weekly order.

Green Chef

Next, you have to cook your food with the help of the premium ingredients and the step-by-step instructions provided along with photos. The ingredients provided by Green Chef are pre-measured and prepped. Finally, all you have to do is to enjoy the chef-curated recipes which you have made in your own house! Hellofresh now owns Green Chef. 


Dinnerly is renowned for its quick, inexpensive, and delicious meal packages. Every week, they provide 45+ simple recipes that are hassle-free and feature useful market add-on possibilities. They prepare their meal packages using a 5 simple steps approach.


They provide chopped and sliced ingredients since it would take too long for busy folks to cut, slice, and mix for an hour. You can put an end to complex meal planning and grocery shopping with Dinnerly. You need to tap and click, and your meal problem is fixed.

Home Chef

Thanks to Homechef‘s weekly recipe rotations, which are available for all cooking levels and dietary requirements, there is always something fresh and fascinating to make. You only need to SELECT your food, such as low-carb, low-calorie, or vegetarian. They provide a wide range of choices to suit your schedule and diet. Next, you may CUSTOMIZE IT by upgrading, switching out, or doubling the proteins in a few meals utilizing their “Customize It” function.

Home Chef

After that, all that’s left to do is ENJOY while quickly and skillfully preparing and presenting your meals. There are alternatives for vegetarians, low-carb dieters, and calorie-conscious people, ranging from 5-minute dinners to 30-minute masterpieces. On Home Chef, you’ll discover a tonne of dishes that suit your shifting preferences and timetable.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron has a record of shipping more than 465+ million meals. With more than 5 years of top restaurant experience, chefs at Blue Apron have high standards in crafting the meals. They use fresh ingredients, and more than 80% of them come directly from the producers. They have a flexible system where you can schedule, skip, pause, or cancel your meal anytime.

Blue Apron

You can choose from a wide range of weekly options, and the cost of each serving is low at Blue Apron. Also, Blue Apron is known for being a Carbon Neutral company. 


You can prepare a fresh, handmade supper in only 15 minutes by having Gobble‘s chefs take care of the peeling, chopping, and marinating. You may customize your plan and pick from a varied weekly menu of freshly prepared, 15-minute dishes that are delivered straight to your home. Additionally, you may select your meals from their varied weekly menu, which includes vegetarian and low-carb alternatives and meals devoid of wheat or dairy.


Gobble’s team of chefs prepares your ingredients, such as premium sauces, marinades, and spices, all of which are pre-measured and portioned. Your freshly prepared 15-minute supper kits are delivered to your home in a cool package. Gobble expedites cooking, so you have more time to relax and spend time with your loved ones.


Sunbasket allows you to customize your meals and ingredients. They offer options that meet your schedule, like cooking kits with simple-to-follow recipes and their Fresh & Ready meals that are ready in minutes. Sunbasket also believes that everyone should be able to eat well, using clean, wholesome, and organic products wherever possible.


For various tastes and lifestyles, Sunbasket delivers nutritious meals, including ready-to-eat meals and cooking kits. Their nutritious meal plans include all the seasonings, sauces, and protein you need to prepare a tasty dinner and organic produce that has been pre-portioned. With Sunbasket’s home delivery meal plans, you must relax at home and quickly eat great, healthy meals.

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is widely known for providing tasty and satisfying plant-based meals. They offer high protein, gluten-free, and chef’s choice meals to its users. They offer both plant-based meal kits and prepared meals. Clinical studies have shown that eating Purple Carrot meals can reduce LDL cholesterol and help patients lose weight in just 4 weeks.

Purple Carrot

A balanced plant-based diet can also help to reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Compared to the typical American lunch, the Purple Carrot meal package emits 72% less carbon into the atmosphere. Eating all those vegetables, therefore, significantly lowers your carbon footprint.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a meal kit delivery service focusing on meals for babies and children. They have a wide variety of meals such as Baby food, Toddler+Kids meal, Smoothies, Vitamins, Remedies, etc. Little Spoon offers mealtime, snacktime, and many more types of meals at your doorsteps.

Little Spoon

Little Spoon serves delicious, nutritious meals. They contain non-GMO components and are of excellent quality. They include no artificial ingredients and are also junk-free. Furthermore, they have a limitless selection of foods for children and more than 100 ingredients.


We can conclude that a meal kit delivery service is a boon to the millennial world. Meal kits ultimately help individuals by providing them with food and teaching them how to confidently prepare meals, which makes navigating the kitchen easy.

They let you enjoy additional time with your loved ones and less time in fretting, organizing, cooking, and cleaning. If you’re an individual who cares about the environment, pre-measured ingredients can make you happy as they reduce food waste. Additionally, having boxes delivered right to your house helps you save time and food shop excursions.

For health-conscious people, here are some intermittent fasting apps to keep you fit.

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