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In AI and Collaboration Last updated: September 12, 2023
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AI-powered meeting management platforms have made the tasks of getting the most out of meetings easier, while you have your meeting motes and recordings all stored where you can find them! With MeetGeek’s Automatic Meeting Summaries Tool, unlock the treasure trove of data buried under your regular meetings and customer calls.

At its most basic, MeetGeek is an AI-powered tool that can transcribe, summarize, and extract data-driven insights from audio or video meetings. 

But there’s more to MeetGeek’s superpowers🦸 than just this!

Read more to explore how MeetGeek can be a game changer for your business.

What is MeetGeek?

MeetGeek is an AI-powered meeting management platform trusted by tens of thousands of teams globally. Its exceptional AI features allow it to transcribe, summarize, and monitor virtual meetings.

MeetGeek-AI-Meeting-Summaries tool

For instance, MeetGeek’s AI assistant can automatically convert audio or video meetings into text-based summaries!

So, no more wasting paper? 


Well! Generating meeting summaries is just the tip of the iceberg. MeetGeek can be your productivity partner, no matter how you use it. 

For example:

  • Sales Teams: Use it to drive insights from sales calls. The tool can equip teams with top-notch customer data to turn prospects into loyal customers. 
  • Companies: Including startups, agencies, and even freelance professionals, use MeetGeek to measure participants’ sentiments or involvement in the meeting. 
  • Product Improvements: MeetGeek AI can also capture and review customer pain points during calls. Access to real-time insights from customers helps shift product design, UX, and build to a user-friendly one.
  • Other Applications: Also include recording and transcribing candidate interviews, podcasts, online classes, and more.

On top of that, MeetGeek comes with a library of meeting templates designed to fit varied meeting agendas. 

Key Features

MeetGeek goes beyond generating summaries for meetings. Here are some of its key features that help you get the most out of those meetings!

#1. AI Summary Generation

MeetGeek automatic meeting summaries leverage the power of artificial intelligence combined with NLP and ML models to summarize lengthy meetings into key pointers. Result?

You get an exact summary consisting of the meeting’s agenda, key topics, and outcomes or actions. 


Besides, you have access to editable meeting templates by MeetGeek. Be it interviews, sales calls, or performance reviews – you can use MeetGeek’s pre-built templates to instantly generate meeting summaries consisting of:

  • Meeting details (date and participants)
  • Main topics discussed
  • Action items and to-dos
  • Link to the full video transcript

Thus, you can be more productive, get the most out of those meetings, and save time as well! A win-win all around-.

#2. Auto-Recording and Transcription

MeetGeek automatically records and converts audio or video meetings into text. This is like getting two birds with one stone. 


First, it automatically joins and records all permitted meetings. So you no longer forget to press the record button.

And second, it transcribes those meetings for you and has it on the platter before you disconnect the call.

Both things can be accomplished by a quick toggle allowing MeetGeek to join meetings and enjoy a hands-free process from recording to transcription (integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams).

The other way around is to upload pre-recorded meetings into the web app to transcribe them.

Once the recording is downloaded, it will be available as text in the repository. MeetGeek’s AI meeting recorder allows users to customize and collaborate on saved meeting recordings.

As a user, you can:

✔️ Convert meetings to text (alongside video & screen recording);

✔️ Overlay video with auto-generated captions;

✔️ Navigate transcript through timestamps;

✔️ Download meeting assets (video, captions, or transcript).

Recorded meetings are great as a refresher or in case someone misses a meeting and needs a relay later.

#3. Workflow and Integration

Apart from integrating with video conferencing apps and dialers, MeetGeek shares space with tools from every category for a smooth workflow. Be it:

  • Document repos (e.g., GDrive)
  • Collaboration (e.g. Slack)
  • CRMs (e.g. HubSpot)
  • Task management (e.g. Trello)
  • Project management (e.g., Notion)

…And 2000+ other apps through Zapier

Further, MeetGeek AI links meeting summaries and highlights to the appropriate contact, company, or deal in your CRM. If it’s a new prospect, MeetGeek creates a new entry.


Likewise, you can easily share recordings, transcribes, and other assets with your team over Slack, Trello, and more apps.

#4. Built-In Repository

MeetGeek offers a searchable meeting repository for all your conversations. Its AI-powered search bar helps find recordings using keywords.

Suppose you want to share meeting details where customers asked for a feature request. How can you do it the AI way?

Simply type in the terms, and MeetGeek will generate a list of meetings with the search term.

On top of that, having every recording and transcription under a roof thanks to MeetGeek’s auto recording and transcription feature can help:

  • Run through important details during your client calls instantly.
  • Revisit past interviews and answers to make the best hiring choice for your company.
  • Access every conversation with prospects to quickly refresh your memory on agreements or requests.

Therefore, no need to scramble through those notes when you can just watch and listen!

#5. Meeting Insights

MeetGeek not only records and transcribes but also analyzes your conversations. The platform’s AI capabilities allow it to dissect meetings based on 40+ KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), including:

  • Sentiment
  • Participant involvement
  • Talk rate
  • Punctuality

And more…


For a detailed analysis, you get options to analyze what topics or keywords are often used in conversations and measure reaction towards them.

💡Think of this:

Analyzing the insights gathered from meetings can help identify the gap between a client’s positive and negative responses. This information can be used to coach your team on better converting clients by understanding their actions and use of words.

You see, AI can do wonders🦸‍♂️!

#6. Team Collaboration

Sharing meeting summaries with teammates is no hassle. Like emails, Cc colleagues in the meeting, and share meeting insights or summaries directly with them. You can customize the sharing setting to control who gets what content, ensuring that relevant content is delivered to departments.


Further, you can view engagement analytics to see who interacted with your shared meetings.

Even on days you don’t want to attend a meeting, you can sync MeetGeek to your calendar and let the app automatically record and transcribe meeting summaries for you.

Free Trial and Pricing Plans

MeetGeek offers pricing plans as per your needs!

You can opt for a free-forever plan with 5 hours of transcription per month and time-bound storage.

However, to get the most out of your meetings, opt for one of MeetGeek’s premium subscriptions (14-day risk-free trial with every plan):

  • Pro: $19/month
  • Business: $39/month
  • Enterprise: $59/month

MeetGeek Alternatives

MeetGeek is a fantastic software for mastering meetings. However, we’ve listed a few alternatives below, which pack quite a punch, though they may not have all the extensive features that MeetGeek has!

#1. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI-powered note-taker that automatically records and transcribes audio or video meetings. Its feature-rich interface and AI abilities make it popular among 1,00,000+ organizations like Nike, Uber, Expedia, and more.

Fireflies meeting notes

Key Features:

  • Integrate Fireflies Notetaker with your meeting calendar to automatically record and transcribe meetings. The app integrates with dialers and video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral, and more.
  • Use AI-powered search to find anything specific in conversations. Click on conversations to see action items, task questions, and other key metrics.
  • Cross-platform collaboration is possible. Use comments, pins, reactions, and soundbites to annotate specific topics. Further, create and share meeting notes via third-party apps like Asana, Trello, and Slack.
  • Built-in conversation intelligence measures the speaker’s sentiment, identifies bottlenecks, and coaches teams based on data-driven insights.

Fireflies has AI tools to automate workflows, such as filling out your CRMs with relevant data from customer conversations, creating tasks with voice commands, and instantly sharing meeting recaps. 

#2. Krisp

Krisp comes with a voice productivity AI known to maximize the impact of every conversation by eliminating noise distractions, increasing the fidelity of voice communication, and transcribing and summarizing the most relevant details from meetings.


Top global brands, including Cisco, Accenture, Sony, GitHub, and more, trust Krisp.

Key Features:

  • AI-voice clarity eliminates background noises or echoes and localizes your accent during online meetings.
  • Bot-free AI meeting assistant automatically records and transcribes meetings without having you click on pop-ups.
  • Use Open-AI note-taker to generate short or long summaries of meetings or directly extract action items and discussion topics from them in a click.
  • Krisp AI provides ready-to-use templates to generate and share discussion points, meeting summaries, and action items with other participants.

Krisp’s platform works seamlessly with any voice and conferencing app without requiring additional plugins or extensions.

#3. Otter

With Otter, note-taking during meetings is no longer a headache. The tool takes care of transcriptions and notes while you remain focused during the meetings. Best of all, Otter can be used on mobile (iOS and Android apps) or as a Chrome extension. Trusted by the best in the business, Dropbox, Zoom, IBM, and more.

Otter meeting notes

Key Features:

  • Connect your Google or Microsoft calendar and schedule your OtterPilotTM to automatically join Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to take and share meeting notes. Even if you are running late or unable to attend the meeting, don’t worry – OtterPilot will still take notes.
  • Otter automatically captures meeting slides and generates easy-to-read notes so you can recall and share details with context.
  • Otter AI chat – a powerful conversational model that allows you to chat live with Otter and teammates and get answers to meeting questions instantly.
  • Or, you can tag teammates with action items, and Otter will immediately provide them with the full context of the discussion from notes and slides.

In addition, Otter automatically emails the summary to all the meeting participants. They can search, read the notes, and playback the audio. 

#4. Avoma

Avoma is your all-in-one AI meeting assistant tool. It boasts a range of AI features to automatically transcribe, take notes, and extract insights from 1:1 or group meetings. 

Key Features:

  • Avoma integrates with popular video conferencing apps and dialers. So whenever you schedule a calendar meeting, Avoma automatically records and transcribes the meeting.
  • In addition, Avoma’s privacy-aware AI smartly adjusts the privacy settings. For instance, an internal 1:1 feedback call could only be accessed by meeting participants.
  • Collaborating on the transcripts is even easier. Simply comment or tag colleagues on a particular transcript to share your thesis.
  • Use AI-generated Notes to summarize long transcripts into short, bulleted summaries.
  • Easily bookmark key moments from meetings. Let Avoma automatically categorize bookmarks with timestamps linked to meeting recordings.
  • Over 20+ integrations to popular video conferencing apps, dialers, and CRMs for a seamless workflow.

Furthermore, Avoma’s speaker identification feature removes the guesswork from who said what and when. It automatically identifies the speaker and breaks down their conversation into insights.


After a thorough review, it’s pretty clear that MeetGeek boasts some unique AI features to help record and transcribe meetings. 

Here’s a recap of the benefits one can have by using MeetGeek as their meeting assistant:

  • Auto-record audio or video meetings without fail
  • Transcribe and summarize meetings in a click
  • Collaborate and share meeting highlights with the team
  • Extract insights like sentiments, relevance, and more from conversations
  • Train sales teams from insights generated from customer calls

And the benefits are endless…

Why not try MeetGeek for yourself?

Next up, useful one-to-one meeting templates to document your next meeting.

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