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Meeting minutes serve as a valuable tool for documenting meeting proceedings, tracking progress, and ensuring alignment among participants.

However, drafting meeting minutes can be a time-consuming and tedious process. This is where meeting minutes templates come to the rescue.

A meeting minutes template is a pre-formatted document designed to efficiently capture the crucial details of a meeting. With various templates available, you can choose one that best suits your team’s or organization’s specific requirements.

In this article, we will offer nine fully customizable templates and meeting-minute examples for your convenience during future meetings. You can use it to improve your meeting productivity. Additionally, we offer essential tips for crafting effective meeting minutes.

Regardless of whether you are a team leader, project manager, or an individual tasked with recording meeting minutes, this article is tailored to support you. By utilizing the templates and following the provided tips, you can create meeting minutes that are clear, concise, and informative. This, in turn, will keep your team focused and well-informed about the progress being made.

ProductNotable Features
SmartsheetTemplates for meeting organization, checklists
ClickUpUser-friendly templates, categorized options
Microsoft 365Office Formal, Minutes, Classic Meeting templates
CanvaDistinct layout, project progress monitoring
monday.comDocument solutions, CRM, campaign planning
AtlassianCategorized templates, project management
EvernoteComprehensive, unique meeting notes template
ProjectManagerWord template for meeting agendas, discussions
JotformPre-designed format, collaboration, automation

What are the Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are comprehensive notes and records taken during an attended meeting, focused on the relevant subject of discussion. Instead of capturing every spoken word, they highlight the essential elements and key points related to the subject.

In other words, meeting minutes only capture the highlights. They are based on the pre-established meeting agenda, which outlines the main topics to be discussed. During the meeting, a secretary or designated person will take notes of the important points raised during the conversation.

These keynotes typically include the essence of the discussion, the proposed objectives, and the ultimate conclusions. They serve to keep track of the meeting’s progress and ensure that the target goals are being addressed. Meeting minutes provide explicit records of any points of contention or critical issues that emerged during the meeting.

Templates make certainly make life easier. Rock your presentations with these Keynote templates for commanding presentations to master the stage!

Why use Meeting Minutes Template?

Meeting minutes are structured similarly to an agenda, offering the advantage of presenting essential information in a comprehensible manner. The template includes designated spaces for the secretary to record the necessary details.

Moreover, employing a meeting minute template not only saves time but also ensures consistency in project documentation. Its uniqueness lies in its constant and readily accessible nature, providing regularity to your reporting, thereby enhancing clarity.

By using a meeting minutes template, the tedious task of worrying about formatting during note-taking is eliminated. It allows for easy monitoring of participants and topics discussed, enabling the secretary to actively engage in the discussions. In conclusion, all crucial points are meticulously recorded, leading to well-informed decisions.

The key to successful meeting minutes is their ability to capture notes swiftly while maintaining high productivity levels.

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Why are Meeting Minutes Important?

Meeting minutes are important for a number of reasons. They can:

#1. Document what happened at a meeting. This can be helpful for people who were not able to attend the meeting or for people who need to refer back to the meeting later.

#2. Track progress and ensure that the team is on track. By keeping track of the decisions that were made and the action items that were assigned, meeting minutes can help to ensure that the team is making progress toward its goals.

#3. Communicate effectively with team members and stakeholders. Meeting minutes can be a way to communicate the decisions that were made in the meeting to team members and stakeholders who were not able to attend.

#4. Provide a record of the meeting for legal purposes. In some cases, meeting minutes may be used as a legal record of the meeting.

Key Elements of Effective Meeting Minutes Templates

Having good meeting minutes starts with planning. The person in charge and the one taking notes should work together to make a good plan for the meeting. This makes it easier to take notes during the meeting. For example, they can create a format for the notes that also works as a plan for the meeting.

Here are the important things you need to make good meeting notes:

#1. Write down the date and time of the meeting to keep track of progress.

#2. List the people who attended the meeting so everyone knows who was there.

#3. Make a detailed list of what topics were talked about in the meeting.

#4. Write a short summary of the main things that were discussed so people who missed the meeting can understand.

#5. Say clearly what decisions were made during the meeting so everyone knows.

#6. Write down what tasks need to be done and who is responsible for each task. This helps make sure things get done.

#7. Write what needs to happen after the meeting so everyone knows what to do next.

Remember, good notes help everyone remember what was said and decided in the meeting.

We have some ready-to-use templates that can help you take good notes in your meetings. You can choose the one you like and even add your own colors to make it special. These templates work for different types of meetings. Let’s make your meetings better!


The Smartsheet Free Meeting Minutes Templates facilitate workplace collaboration through a shared management and document system, including features like calendars and checklists. It offers a range of template options tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations.

Offering various formats for different needs, these meeting minutes templates serve as efficient tools for recording discussions. The basic template provides a simple structure for routine meetings, ensuring the inclusion of vital topics, deadlines, facilitators, and addressed subjects.

The project-specific template focuses on ongoing projects, displaying project names, objectives, and room for progress insights. For gatherings requiring streamlined documentation, the Actions template outlines target items and tracks associated activities, making it suitable for staff meetings or situations where formalities are minimal.


ClickUp‘s Meeting Minutes Template offers user-friendly, pre-built pages for efficient team organization, individual meeting notes, and valuable tips for maximizing its potential.

While lacking categorized templates, it covers a wide range of classifications, including Creative & Design, Engineering & Product, Finance & Accounting, HR & Recruiting, IT, Marketing, Operations, and Others. Get ready to streamline your meeting process and boost productivity!

Microsoft 365

People who use Microsoft Office really like how it helps them work better with words and data. The new version, Microsoft 365, is great for getting things done, especially in meetings. They’ve made some templates for it, and three of them are very popular.

Microsoft 365 has three types of templates. The first one is called Office Formal. It’s good if you want something easy to use. You can get it from the Internet or right from Office. You can also change it to fit what you need.

The second template is for organizing meetings. It’s called Office Minutes for Organization Meeting. It helps you write down important things from the meeting, like what was talked about and any new plans. If your meeting is about things like money and lots of different topics, this template could be useful.

The last one is called Office Classic Meeting Minutes. It’s a bit more relaxed than the others. Even though it’s not super formal, you can still use it to write down everything that’s important in the meeting, and it looks nice too.


If you find yourself leading a meeting, make sure to utilize the excellent meeting minutes templates provided by Canva. These templates offer a convenient way to jot down notes that can be easily understood later on.

Canva’s Meeting Minute Templates come with a distinct layout and useful features that allow you to monitor project progress, spot errors, and identify potential improvements that can be applied.

With Canva, you have all the tools at your disposal. Simply log in to your Canva account, select the template that suits your needs, and you’re ready to proceed with the meeting.‘s Meeting Minutes Templates provides a comprehensive document solution for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. It offers assistance in generating, handling, and digitally signing contracts and formal agreements. The service caters to both paying customers and nonprofit organizations who can utilize the real-time information input on the template or opt for a complimentary PDF version.

Among its notable templates are the Basic CRM templates, which efficiently manage contacts and deals in a centralized location. The Powerful campaign planning templates enable visual planning of all campaigns, ensuring effective strategizing. Additionally, the Project Portfolio Management templates facilitate seamless tracking of projects across various teams and departments.


Atlassian stands as a significant software enterprise offering efficient collaboration and project management solutions for seamless meeting-minute execution. Much like templates provided by other counterparts, Atlassian’s templates are categorized for user convenience. Among these, the following notable templates are highlighted.

The Project Management Templates cater to extensive projects requiring adept scheduling of meetings and efficient team management. These templates facilitate comprehensive note-taking and concise meeting conclusions.

Strategic Planning Templates prove invaluable in steering a company toward its targeted objectives. This template aids in idea sharing, activity outlining, meticulous planning, decision-making, and successful execution of each phase. Project progress assessment and enhancement identification are also seamlessly achievable.

For Product Managers, Atlassian‘s Free Templates are readily available, assisting in the formulation of a comprehensive team roadmap that aligns with customer needs and company profitability. This assortment of product management templates serves as a comprehensive guide, offering step-by-step navigation through the product launch journey.


The Evernote template stands out among others, making it an excellent choice for various purposes. Whether you need to create lists or take meeting notes, this template is a valuable tool to propel your business forward, capturing every intricate detail. What sets it apart is its comprehensive approach, eliminating the need for multiple templates and making it truly unique.

The Evernote meeting notes template offers a multitude of advantages. Once you log in to your account, the template is automatically saved to your dashboard, providing easy access whenever you need it during meetings. Moreover, it comes equipped with proven tips to assist you in the note-taking process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.


The ProjectManager offers a meeting minutes template designed for Word, which facilitates the recording of meeting agendas and discussions, enabling you to take decisive actions toward achieving your intended goals. After noting down the agenda and circulating it, you can commence the meeting using the Word meeting minute template from scratch.

The template’s top section allows you to enter essential details such as the project name, meeting purpose, location, and other pertinent project information. Additionally, you can specify the meeting duration in hours or from start to finish once the meeting is concluded.


Just like traditional meeting minutes templates, JotForm templates do no different work and provide a rationalized and effective solution to take down important notes and organize meeting information. These templates work best to save time as they offer a pre-designed format covering all the vital attributes like the meeting agenda, targeted goals, discussions, step-by-step activities, and decisions.

The digital interface of JotForm also supports collaboration, which allows multiple team members to actively participate in real-time or virtually. Either works for it. Customization options allow you to customize the template to meet the demands of your organization. Automation, reminders, and analytics help to improve accountability, accessibility, and insights from meeting data. Meeting minutes templates from JotForm add a professional touch to your documentation process while facilitating data collection, archiving, and analysis.

Meeting Minutes: Tips for Effective Recording

#1. Be clear and concise: Aim to create meeting minutes that are easy to understand by using clear and concise language.

#2. Include key discussion points: Ensure your meeting minutes cover the most crucial aspects of the discussion, enabling absent participants to grasp the main topics discussed.

#3. Record decisions: Document all decisions made during the meeting to provide clarity on the agreed-upon course of action.

#4. List action items and responsibilities: Clearly outline any action items arising from the meeting and specify the individuals responsible for each task, minimizing confusion and ensuring accountability.

#5. Proofread before distribution: Prior to sharing the meeting minutes, review them thoroughly to ensure accuracy and eliminate any errors.

By following these tips, you can take meeting minutes that are clear, concise, and effective. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the team is making progress towards its goals.

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Those were some of the finest meeting minutes templates recommended for effortless planning and flawless execution. With this template, taking notes during meetings becomes a breeze, requiring minimal effort. I trust you’ve gained valuable insights from this information.

Thanks for reading; Cheers🥳!

Next up, AI notes-taking tool to summarize meetings in seconds.

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