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In EdTech Last updated: June 25, 2023
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Mentoring programs are important tools within organizations to allow employees to develop personally and professionally. Setting up the mentoring program manually can be daunting, time-consuming, and costly.

Here comes mentoring software that can automate your mentoring program process effortlessly. Let’s look at some of the best mentoring software for your organization.

What is mentoring software?

Mentoring software is a digital solution to streamline mentoring tasks in a single system and make the process seamless. This software provides various tools and features to help organizations cater to their specific needs and run a successful mentoring program.

Let me help you

Mentoring software plays an essential role in personal and professional development. It helps people learn new skills and allows them to develop and become more competent in their roles.

Benefits of mentoring 


Following are a few benefits of using mentoring software for your business:

  • It saves time and resources by automating mentoring solutions.
  • It provides opportunities to employees for their successful career progression. 
  • It helps reduce employee turnover, and employees are significantly less likely to leave your organization after attending good mentoring programs.
  • The software reduces the cost of training employees as compared to when it’s done with traditional or manual processes.
  • It improves diversity and inclusion within organizations.
  • It enhances a culture where learning and getting new skills are appreciated.
  • It increases the chance of finding talent within your organization.
  • It improves the employee’s performance and engagement and helps them develop new skills.

Here are some of the best mentoring software available right now:


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Chronus is a mentoring software helping organizations reduce manual work and improve employee retention, upskilling, connectivity, and career progression. It follows a people-centric approach.

Chronus is one of the best software you can find for your unique workforce and culture and is built for every employee at every stage.   

Key benefits:

  • The software provides mentoring programs that help organizations meet their unique requirements.
  • It has a pre-built report feature that offers crucial indicators to show the success of mentoring and areas of improvement.
  • It provides customizable reports and dashboards, allowing users only to show metrics that matter.
  • The mentoring programs developed with Chronus are built to scale with automation minimizing manual work.
  • The software is very user-friendly and offers personalized advice as well to users.
  • It is a cloud-based software that launches quickly and provides scaling programs as per users’ requirements.

The platform offers subscriptions, so you have to contact them to know their pricing.


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Mentorloop provides mentoring solutions to organizations that are data-driven. It allows for launching mentoring programs at scale and tracking progress in real-time. It follows a modern mentoring approach helping organizations worldwide to leave the traditional way of running mentoring programs.

Key benefits:

  • It provides the platform to get the best possible match and allows the participants to self-organize themselves. Manual matching is also possible with Mentorloop.
  • With well-timed nudges and guided experience, Mentorloop keeps the participants on track to achieve their goals.
  • It is equipped with health check features like Mentorloop Quality Score (MQS), Mentorloop Sentiment Analysis, and Dashboard Analytics to help evaluate and draw an outline of the whole program.
  • They offer experienced Mentoring Experts to speak to who will help you design the best program for your organization.

The platform offers two pricing plans: Pro, which starts at $299 per month, and Enterprise, which offers custom pricing.


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Mentorink is a mentoring software providing innovative mentoring solutions very effectively and efficiently. It adds guidance and mentoring capabilities to all programs, making them more structured and result-oriented.

Key benefits:

  • This mentorship platform delivers intelligent matching using its innovative algorithms, making you botherless about putting in any manual effort.
  • It powers you up with its curated content to improve interaction and auto-reminders to boost engagement.
  • Intelligent analytics and admin control give you a clean sagacity of your progress.
  • With a rich user experience, Mentorink is a flexible, not-so-expensive, and well-optimized solution for mentoring your organization.

The platform is effortless, provides complete visibility and control, launches programs quickly, is affordable, and provides one of the best experiences. You can contact them to know their pricing.


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Mentorcliq is an online mentoring platform designed for enterprises to retain, develop and engage their employees. Signing up with it is pretty simple; you need to tell them about your organization and your needs, you will get a demonstration about the platform, and they will guide you to launch your program.

Key benefits:

  • Mentorcliq is a fully customizable mentoring software that makes your employees engaged and excel in their job.
  • The mentor-matching technology of the software is precise and supports flexible matching models.
  • It provides excellent flexibility for different types of mentoring programs.
  • The automation for communication, running reports, and tracking progress help mentees or mentors to move confidently.
  •  Moreover, the interface is easy to navigate, allowing the employees to spend more time on mentoring sessions.

Mentorcliq is one of the highest rates mentoring platforms; to know the platform’s pricing, you have to contact them.


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Together is a mentorship platform that helps organizations empower and accelerate their employee’s growth. Some benefits of using Together are reducing employee turnover, improving diversity, equity, and inclusion, Leader development, increasing employee engagement, and more.

Key benefits:

  • The all-in-one Together platform’s pairing algorithm uses mentors’ and mentees’ goals, skills, and similar things to provide the best match possible.
  • It comes with customizable templates that create a cohesive experience in your program.
  • The activity dashboard gives a clear overview of the entire journey and allows one to track attendee engagement, session popularity, and other relevant metrics.
  • It comes with features like session agenda that boost the conversations.
  • Together platform is secure with SOC 2 certification and runs a world-class support program. 

The software offers four plans- FREE, Starter ($6 per month per user), Professional ($7,500 per year min.), and Enterprise ($15,000 per year min.).


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PushFar is one of the world’s leading mentoring software that is easy to set up, launch, and scale. It caters mentoring needs of small, medium, and large organizations. If you want to empower your workforce and improve their performance, this is the right platform.

Key benefits:

  • PushFar offers easy-to-setup mentoring software that helps in creating highly engaging programs.
  • Its mentor-matching technology finds the best matches based on a wealth of data, insights, and machine learning.
  • Managing goals, objectives, and meeting is smooth with PushFar.
  • Activity tracking, scheduling, and conducting meetings help build a network between participants. 
  • They provide a library of resources on mentoring training and offer webinars to support the participants.

Some of the benefits of the software are an increase in retention, inclusion empowerment, an increase in productivity, and employee satisfaction. To get the license fee of PushFar, you need to contact them.



Insala is among the best mentoring software to develop and retain your workforce. Launching and managing programs is easy with Insala and will help your organization and people thrive. It provides the best possible match and as many matches as possible.

Key benefits:

  • The platform provides mentoring experts to help businesses build and implement their mentoring goals tailored to their needs.
  • It allows seamless integration with SSO and HRIS data feeds to make enrollments fast, easy, and secure.
  • It allows the launching of multiple programs for multiple goals specific to demographics and own matching criteria.
  • It implements a 3-level mentor matching algorithm to show the best possible mentor match.
  • It allows the creation of custom reports unique to your business needs.

It is one of the world-renowned mentoring platforms that some of the Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies prefer. You need to contact them for pricing.

Mentoring Complete

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Mentoring Complete is a three decades old mentoring platform helping organizations create mentoring programs per their needs and requirements. It provides up to 90% accurate compatible matches to ensure the mentor-mentee relationship is built on a solid foundation.

Key benefits:

  • Based on goals and objectives, it provides the correct type of matching based on manual matching, self-matching, or algorithmic matching.
  • It uses a matching survey to gather information about mentees and mentors about their backgrounds, experiences, interests, and goals.
  • The platform provides training to both mentors and mentees to build a successful mentoring relationship.
  • It allows monitoring the progress regularly to track whether the matches are working out.

The platform offers four pricing plans- Precision Matching ($5,000 per year), Starter ($10,000 per year), Scale ($15,000 per year), and Enterprise ($25,000 per year).



Qooper is an easy-to-use online mentoring platform that allows integration with Google Workspace, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. It is best for enterprises, universities, and non-profit organizations to provide mentoring program solutions.

Key benefits:

  • Qooper partners with large companies to grow and scale their mentoring programs.
  • It offers a customizable mentoring platform where users can access features like goal setting, assignments, calendar synchronization, meeting scheduler, video call, chat, group discussions, and more.
  • The platform provides a smart admin dashboard that automates mentor matching, check-ins, follow-ups, and more.
  • It follows its program analytics and participant activity timeline to track and measure performance.
  • It provides excellent customer support allowing users to design and run their mentoring programs with best practices. 

The platform provides automation solutions that minimize manual work and allow managers to focus on growing and reporting on the program without wasting time managing it. You need to submit a pricing request, and based on your answers, they will quote a price.



MentorCloud is one of the world’s leading human-led growth companies with a scalable technology platform. This intelligent platform finds the best possible match for mentees and mentors. This software is best for medium to large enterprises. 

Key benefits:

  • The scalable technology of the platform matches mentors and mentees in the best possible way.
  • It encourages a ‘Grow Together’ culture by Humanizing the enterprise’s current learning and development programs.
  • Companies can enhance their mentoring programs to a world-class level with their customizable and configurable features.
  • It allows running unlimited programs on a single platform.
  • It has a library of guides and programs to help mentors.

MentorCloud provides world-class data security to protect people’s sensitive information. It allows enterprise-class integration with CRM, HR, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more. You need to contact them for their pricing.

Final Words

Mentoring software is a powerful tool and should be implemented in every organization, regardless of size. It will help your organization run successful mentoring programs and gain better results.

After implementing good mentoring software, your organization and employees will start thriving quickly. You can review the mentoring software mentioned in this article and find one best suited to your needs or requirements.

You may also explore some skills management platforms to empower your employees.

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