Have you heard about metatags? If you are closely working on SEO strategies, then metatags might be a relatable term for you.

Before jumping directly into it, let us get the basics clear about metatags.

Metatags are used to include information on the webpage via snippet codes. This code can showcase the importance of webpage data to search engines as HTML through which search results are displayed. It is a significant aspect of search engine optimization to help SEO, web crawlers, and Googlebot rank the site.

The URLs are the easiest way for the user to read for the machine, due to which the websites are all about tags, HTML codes, etc. It provides context for the search engine polished for the user but makes it easy to rank.

Metatags are vital for the website, such as Meta charset, Meta robots, Meta title, Meta description, Meta viewport, and Meta refresh redirect. Writing a metatag is not difficult for the developer to work on the right strategy to obtain the desired results.

In brief, a few wrong lines of code can mess up the traffic or ranking of the website. Google understands the metatags, but it is vital to know what you might be missing in the snippet code.

Here are the tools to edit, analyze and build metatags that can help in monitoring the code.


To analyze, edit, build, and debug the metatags, OpenTags is considered an ideal tool. It allows the users to explore the platform to find what social media platforms look like, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The tool includes HTML elements that make it easy for the crawlers to understand the content for better snipper optimization, index, and ranking purpose.

Consider it as the snippet code that enhances the look and feel of social media platforms. It analyzes the URLs and controls them to check the display on social media. As a result, users can optimize the tags to create eye-catching content, increase visibility, and hook the audience.


SEMrush Site Audit tool can help analyze all the depth issues of the website that can help in boosting Google ranks and fix on-site issues. The tool can scan 130 SEO and technical issues that include metatags. It can help dig up metatags, meta titles, meta descriptions, etc., to build and debug the required snippet code.

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Meta Tags

Meta Tags is the tool that can help in previewing, editing, and generating metatags for the websites for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and social media platforms. The tool can create the metatag code or snippet of image and text content. It summarizes the webpage in content that showcases what the users on social media, chats, or messages will see if the URL is shared.

Open Graph

Open Graph showcases the meta title, description, image information and creates metatags for the website. It also allows users to preview the results for social media and search engines that one can optimize if required. The users can copy and paste the metatag to enhance the website quality.

Hey Meta

Hey Meta can quickly check and build the metatags for the website that enhance the quality of the website for users. When the link is shared with others, metatags boost the website’s video, product, and content quality, allowing them to increase visibility. It displays the information such as title, description, image, website address, and then generates metatags.


Ahrefs is the website checker that dug deep into the website to find the issues to improve with time. The website audit also displays the metatags results, keywords, backlinks, SEO problems, website health, etc. The SEO errors include duplicate content, metatags, images, etc., that one can optimize quickly with a few steps.


The developers can easily edit and optimize the metatags with a few clicks without any tools, but it is easier and quicker to edit the file with some help. Manually, users can find the intended digital file, check the properties, and select details to deep dive into the metatags. It is easier to edit and change the snippet code to boost the quality.

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