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Top 10 Metaverse Games to Explore and Have Fun

metaverse games
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Metaverse games offer an immersive virtual experience that traditional games lack.

Metaverse is transforming the gaming industry by providing gamers with a high-quality experience. According to the data from Statista, the Virtual Reality (VR) market size is close to $12 billion. Also, this market size is expected to exceed $22 billion by 2025.

Epic Games raised $2 billion in funding to build and expand its Metaverse platform. The funding was provided by Sony Group Corporation and KIRKBI with an investment of $1 billion each. Impressive right?

Metaverse will transform gaming and other industries in the coming years. Now, let’s get into Metaverse games.

What are Metaverse Games?

Metaverse is a virtual world where you can use devices to have an immersive experience. For example, you can go to Metaverse and watch a movie with your friend in a different part of the world. As simple as that!

Gaming is another major use case of Metaverse, which has seen enormous growth in recent years. Thanks to technological advancement in this virtual space.

The concept and technology behind Metaverse gaming seem complex. However, developers can build projects that provide users with an ultimate gaming experience.


As you might know, Metaverse gaming is evolving and is in its early stages. Once a gamer gets to experience the visual treat that Metaverse offers, there is no going back to old gaming methods.

From the traditional two-dimensional gaming that limited gamers within the screen, Metaverse took gaming to an impressive next level. In addition, you can use virtual platforms to hang out with friends, play chess, or even play childhood games like hide and seek.

The pandemic and lockdown led to an increase in the huge online gaming community. As a result, community members can now interact, participate, and compete against each other. Moreover, these activities will strengthen the community and the gaming industry.

Requirements for Playing Metaverse Games

Now that you know about Metaverse gaming, let’s have a look at the components required to play Metaverse games:

Reliable and Fast Internet Connection

Most of the Metaverse games out there require an internet connection. These gaming platforms provide high-end graphics with a three-dimensional display.

If you want to experience a smooth gaming experience, good internet connectivity is mandatory. While entering a virtual world, the lag due to a poor network can spoil your entire gaming session.

Mobile Device or PC

Along with the internet speed, your device also determines the quality of your Metaverse gaming experience. If you use mobile devices like a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll get only a limited virtual experience.

I highly recommend using a PC to get the most out of virtual gaming. You also don’t need to have an expensive computer. A mid-range PC will do justice to your Metaverse gaming.

Suppose you are a gamer who likes to experience Metaverse in its finest quality; In that case, a high-end gaming laptop will be the best choice.

VR Headset

It is not mandatory to buy additional devices to take part in Metaverse. You can even play games in Metaverse just by using your smartphone. But by doing so, you’ll be missing the whole gaming experience.

VR headsets provide you with a completely immersive experience. You are taken into a whole new world.

If you are interested in buying a VR headset, I suggest Meta Quest 2. You can also choose from other top VR headsets.

If you find the popular VR headsets expensive, try cardboard VR instead. This simple budget VR can help you test the basic Metaverse experience.

Crypto Wallet

Most Metaverse platforms are built using blockchain technology and reward their gamers with crypto tokens. Therefore, you need to connect your wallet with that platform to receive token rewards. In addition, a wallet also helps store your gaming data.


Most platforms support wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and WalletConnect. You can also create a free crypto wallet in a few simple steps.

You can use cryptocurrencies in your wallets to buy avatars, NFTs, and other in-game assets.

What Makes Metaverse Gaming Unique?

Metaverse gaming is not just a virtual version of online gaming. The features that distinguish this virtual gaming are as follows:


Metaverse platforms allow their users to create avatars. Therefore, you can create a 3D character to represent yourself.

An avatar is fully customizable, and you can create one with different hairstyles, clothes, and facial features. If you participate in a racing game, you can customize your avatar like a car racer. Moreover, you can change the avatar for different games.


The main role of an avatar is to act in the Metaverse according to your instructions. In addition, you can use it to participate in gaming events and competitions.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Most of the Metaverse gaming platforms support NFTs. Gamers can buy and sell virtual gaming assets in the form of NFTs.


Implementing NFT on gaming platforms also helps determine an asset’s value. Let’s suppose you are playing a first-person shooter in the Metaverse. In that case, a powerful NFT weapon will cost more than the normal ones.


Earlier, gaming was just for fun and relaxation. But now things have changed a lot. You can earn by playing games; that’s where play-to-earn comes into the picture.


Metaverse rewards gamers with cryptocurrencies and NFTs for their participation. As a result, the tokens are instantly credited to the user’s wallet.

Now, let’s explore the list of the top Metaverse games: 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular Metaverse game that played a crucial role in promoting the “play-to-earn” concept. This game can be played using cute virtual pets called Axies.

YouTube video

Players need to purchase Axies to participate in the games. Here, these pets are available as NFTs. In addition, the value of each Axies varies according to its rarity.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Axie Infinity platform allows you to play three gaming modes. These modes include adventure, arena, and breeding. 

In addition to entertainment, Axie Infinity also rewards its players. The governance token of this platform is Axis Infinity Shard (AXS). Moreover, you can use this token to pay fees, stake, and vote. 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox provides users with a virtual world in which they can construct and own lands, buildings, and other physical structures. Moreover, you can also earn rewards for your participation.

YouTube video

SAND is the utility token of The Sandbox. As a result, you can use this ERC-20 token to access the Metaverse gaming platform and participate in governance decisions.

The Sandbox consists of virtual pieces of real estate called “LAND.” Players need to own a portion of this virtual land to host games. There are a total of 166,464 LANDS available to users.

Chain of Alliance

Are you a fan of role-playing games (RPG)? Then it would be best if you gave Chain of Alliance a shot.

YouTube video

The gameplay allows users to participate in three main categories:

  • Play: The players can create and collect customizable NFT characters. Also, you can use this NFT to participate in AI battles, custom campaigns, or PvP games. In addition, you can also earn the native token, $COA.
  • Manage: As a property owner, you can buy land on Chain of Alliance and manage it. Moreover, you can rent these LANDs to creators and players.
  • Create: This gaming platform allows you to create customizable characters. Using this feature, you can conduct campaigns for Chain of Alliance players.

This Metaverse game offers its gamers a world of science fiction and fantasy. In addition, NFTs play a crucial role in the transfer of in-game assets.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a Metaverse game that runs on the WAX, BSC, and Ethereum blockchains. The main objective for its players is to travel to virtual worlds to mine Trillium(TLM). TLM is the utility token of the Alien Worlds.

YouTube video

The gameplay allows players to explore various planets. Besides, each planet operates independently and has unique environments, experiences, and NFTs.

Players on this Metaverse gaming platform are rewarded for their participation. Also, you can stake the TLMs to earn more rewards and to vote. Besides voting and staking, TLMs can be used to purchase NFTs.

My Neighbor Alice

Are you interested in playing a multiplayer Metaverse game? Then, you must try My Neighbor Alice.

This game allows you to buy virtual islands. Likewise, you can build and collect in-game items. These assets include animals, veggies, houses, cosmetic items, or decorations.

YouTube video

The gaming ecosystem provides players with a smooth NFT trading and collecting experience. Also, you can make new friends.

ALICE token is the in-game currency of My Neighbor Alice. You can use this token to buy virtual land, NFTs, and other products available in the gaming ecosystem.


Illuvium is a 3D role-playing game that involves fighting monsters called Illuvials.  Players can customize their avatars to complete the gaming modes in this Metaverse game.

YouTube video

There are three main game modes that a player can choose. These modes include Story Mode, Ranked Arena, and Arena Leviathan.

The Story Mode allows players to roam throughout the planet to find new Illuvials and battle with them. In addition, you can compete with other online players in Ranked Arena to get a better ranking.

In the Arena Leviathan mode, you can earn rewards by winning battles. Moreover, here the spectators can place bets on the players.

The native token of Illuvium is the ILV token. You can use this token for gaming and ecosystem-based activities. In addition, an ILV token is also rewarded for staking.

Gods Unchained

Are you looking for a Metaverse-based NFT card game? You can check out Gods Unchained.

This game involves players competing using their fantasy cards. Each player receives a deck of cards to compete. At last, the winner receives crypto rewards.

YouTube video

The crypto rewards are given in the form of GODS tokens. It is a utility token built using the ERC-20 standard.

You can register to participate in Gods Unchained for free. In addition, you’ll get a free welcome kit of 70 game cards.

The free cards provided at the beginning are less valuable. Therefore to earn valuable trading cards, you need to win more games.

Wolf Game

Built on Ethereum, Wolf Game is a Metaverse-based farm game. Moreover, this game combines NFTs and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) elements to provide yield farming rewards to its players.


The game is based on the risk appetite of the player. In that case, the one who takes a high risk has the possibility of a higher reward.

The sheep and wolves are the main characters of this game. To participate in the Wolf Game, players need to mint their characters.

The probability of receiving a sheep is 90%, and the remaining 10% will receive a wolf. In addition, sheep and wolves can be staked to receive $WOOL, the governance and utility token of the Wolf Game.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a play-to-earn card game. You can play this Metaverse game with the help of cards that represent unique 3D characters.

YouTube video

In this virtual card game, you must arrange the right cards to beat your opponent. Moreover, the player’s winning chance depends on the value of their cards.

Calvaria offers its players two gaming modes. You can choose a ‘single-player campaign’ or ‘player vs. player mode.’

$RIA token is the in-game currency of Calvaria. You can use this token to purchase virtual NFT cards. Moreover, users are rewarded with $RIA tokens.


Prospectors come with a combination of two game genres. These gaming genres include massively multiplayer online and real-time strategy. 

YouTube video

Built on the EOS blockchain, Prospectors provides players with challenges to find gold. The gameplay recreates the Gold Rush using Metaverse.

Prospectors Gold (PGL) is the in-game currency with a limited supply of 220,000,000 tokens. You can also stake PGL tokens to earn rewards.

Prospectors provide different ways for the players to achieve success. Likewise, players can use maps to find the location of gold, clay, and coal. You can use these resources to construct buildings.

Players can work as workers and receive salaries from other players for their efforts. Moreover, players can also choose to become miners, couriers, or builders. If you plan to build a business, it is also possible at Prospectors.

Future Scope of Metaverse Gaming

Seeing the massive potential of Metaverse gaming, large brands and companies are already entering this virtual space. With the increase in the number of people, Metaverse has emerged as a huge marketing platform.

Nike has unveiled its virtual creation platform, Dot Swoosh. This platform allows users to show off, trade, and buy Nike’s virtual products.

Your avatar can wear Nike’s official virtual shoe and participate in a sports event in the Metaverse. If someone is interested in buying your shoes, you can sell them for a better price.

Author’s Note

The gaming industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Now, with the advancement of technology, users will demand high-quality games.

Metaverse plays an important role in providing quality and immersive gaming experiences. You can explore the Metaverse games listed in this article to understand better.

Next, you can check out the best Metaverse tokens.

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