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In Career and Gaming Last updated: February 15, 2023
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Metaverse, as an emerging technology, has a lot of opportunities as well as challenges that will need to stand the test of time.

Metaverse has garnered significant mainstream attention following the entrance of global brands such as Meta, Nick, and others. This widespread adoption of the Metaverse has the potential to open up new/future career opportunities across different sectors.

However, many roles will be needed to expand and propel the sector forward. With so many major corporations showing interest in the Metaverse, including Meta, Microsoft, Google, Roblox, Nvidia, and decentraland, it might have a favorable impact on the job market. 

Metaverse — Connecting with the Virtual World


Metaverse is the integration of different technologies that enable users to engage in real-time activities in the virtual world, such as events, games, meetings, and so on. For instance, Metaverse will enable you to converse, attend meetings, attend art/music shows, parties, or any events using a virtual avatar that symbolizes the identity of the user.

On the Metaverse, you can purchase lands where your avatar might reside. A digital currency is used to buy anything you desire on the Metaverse, like clothes, houses, shields, and swords for gamers on the Metaverse and so much more. 

The idea behind it all is to let people access the same experience that they typically have in the real-time world and even more. Let’s say an artist wants to hold a concert in the Metaverse. People can attend and enjoy the concert using their avatars which serve as a representation of them in the virtual world. This demonstrates how the Metaverse enables the extension of real-world experiences into virtual ones.

The metaverse job market is expected to reach an $800 billion valuation by 2024, and 10,000 jobs are expected to be added to the metaverse market in the next five years. Metaverse jobs are in a position to spur growth and pave the way for mass acceptance of the Metaverse.

There are tons of Metaverse jobs already existing which include metaverse architects, 3D Designers, hardware designers, digital managers, and so much more that may become available in the future.

Already-existing Metaverse Jobs

Metaverse architects

The Metaverse depends solely on engagement and structures, which needs objects, designs, and experience to be created for the Metaverse to be a reality. The principal force behind the development of the Metaverse is its architects. These architects design the structures, i.e., buildings, and monuments, that make up the Metaverse and allow for virtual interaction between users. 

Avatar clothing designers/stylists

In the Metaverse, avatars stand in for a user’s virtual identity. We can either be male or female avatars in the Metaverse. However, users will want their respective avatars to appear good and wear fashionable clothing. This is where the stylist’s job enters the picture. The duty of the avatar clothing designers is that of a personal stylist, dressing up the avatars to the user’s delight.

AR/VR Software Engineers

The metaverse job of a software engineer is vital to sustaining the technological aspect of the Metaverse. Because you will be working with cutting-edge technology to create platforms with interactive user experiences, coding proficiency is a requirement for this role. 

This is/will be a hot position since businesses/companies will want skilled Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Software Engineers to create software programs for a variety of metaverse platforms.

Metaverse event managers

Metaverse events are a buzzword, and there are no two words for it. For this reason, you cannot have enough people to plan and execute events on the Metaverse. There are so many NFT and Web3 virtual conferences and events organized worldwide these days.


This job also requires technical skills to operate the events on these virtual platforms. They take their time to plan the event’s execution, lay out the procedures, and offer support. Event managers who are familiar with this emerging industry and understand it will be in great demand.

3D Game Designers 

One prominent application of the Metaverse is gaming. Given this, a 3D game designer will be a highly sought-after metaverse job. Game designers are in charge of creating a unique gaming experience that captivates lots of players. Game design is a metaverse job that would allow game designers to expand their skill sets and demonstrate them in the Metaverse and turn it into a full career path.

Metaverse marketing specialist

Have you already mastered the web2 skill of marketing? A fantastic opportunity to discover the Metaverse is turning into a metaverse marketing expert. 

This role requires developing billboards and advertising campaigns in the Metaverse to promote projects or items in the virtual world and to connect to users.

Product Manager 

As the Metaverse is evolving and more individuals are showing interest in it, the demand for different products in the Metaverse will be high. As a result, companies will require more product managers to work with the engineering and design teams to grow products. This metaverse job role entails testing new products, taking responsibility for the end-user experience, launching new ideas, and fostering product development.

Hardware Engineers 

Hardware will be needed for some AR/VR activities. Metaverse job roles for Hardware Engineers will be in demand to build hardware like headsets, wearables, new cameras, and sensors. Similar technologies already exist, but additional development is required to make them wireless, light, and able to interact with touch, the environment, or our sensations. 


While the metaverse industry is striving gradually, it is a prime target for hackers. The Metaverse is subject to security risks since it is vulnerable to cyberattacks and data theft.


Some security procedures will be required to guarantee that users are safe while using the Metaverse. And this is where a cybersecurity expert for the Metaverse is needed. Real-time attack prevention is a part of this job, as is making sure laws and protocols are updated timely. You must have experience in programming and cybersecurity to be qualified for this metaverse job.

Virtual Tour Guide

Since the Metaverse is a young industry, many users are still unfamiliar with how to navigate the virtual space. These users or first-time visitors will benefit from the tour guide’s assistance. The duties of a tour guide include assisting, advising, and accommodating visitors in different spaces throughout the Metaverse.  For this metaverse job, Job seekers will need to have a broad knowledge of how the industry works.

Metaverse Jobs

Ad-Blocking Expert

Advertisements can target your real self as your virtual self explores the Metaverse. Ad-blockers for the Metaverse will be necessary to prevent these disruptions.


For users who visit the virtual world, storytellers in the Metaverse develop storytelling experiences that includes simulation, sports, puzzle, social, and much more.


This metaverse job involves writing scripts for animated films or screenplays. They write instructional storylines and compose stories for games of all genres. For this role, you must understand the fundamental of storytelling and be able to use the prevailing technologies in story writing.

World Builder

The role of a world builder in the Metaverse will require similar expertise to that of video-game designers but with more broad and sophisticated responsibilities, as the job title implies.

Worldbuilders will need to be forward-thinking, as addressing the social ramifications of what is feasible in these emerging worlds is crucial.

Virtual Real Estate Agent

In the Metaverse, there are already virtual properties, so real estate agents will be required. Similar to how they do it in the physical world, their responsibility will be to market and lease properties in the Metaverse.


Creation, management, consulting, and marketing of properties are all aspects of this metaverse job. This is an opportunity for real estate agents who wish to transition to the Metaverse and broaden their expertise.

Ecosystem developer

The ecosystem developers take their time to watch and determine what the communities or platforms need and then work with those who create the foundational element of the ecosystem. The ecosystem includes games, communities, and social media sites.

These ecosystem developers are metaverse planners who operate with virtual platforms or communities. 

Additionally, they will need to coordinate with partners and guarantee that customers can use their virtual goods in various contexts.

Research Scientist

Businesses or enterprises will be able to track how they did or are performing in the Metaverse with the aid of research scientists. Research Scientists can offer available information on what individuals choose to use, such as what games they play more or how frequently they interact with a product. 

This data can be beneficial to businesses because, with this data, they can determine whether demand for their products is increasing, what needs their products address most, and whether to rethink their strategies.

Safety Manager

A metaverse safety manager is one of the upcoming jobs in the metaverse industry. They are the ones who can keep an eye on what is happening in the space and make sure everyone is safe.


For instance, they can monitor hacking attempts, verify compliance with regulatory requirements, and report online harassment. Additionally, they will identify potential uses and abuses of Metaverse features and indicate safety precautions that will be taken in response to their projections.

Data Bounty Hunter

In the Metaverse, data is everything, so you want to ensure you have complete control. In the Metaverse, there will undoubtedly be a demand for data bounty hunters with strong data mining skills, digital skills, and comprehensive metaverse knowledge.

Resources to learn about the Metaverse 

#1. Metaverse Masterclass 

Metaverse Masterclass

One course that will familiarize you with the Metaverse is Metaverse Masterclass. In this three-hour course, you’ll discover everything there is to know about the Metaverse, the blockchain protocol, metaverse property investment, and how gaming, web3, and blockchain are revolutionizing the Internet, among other topics. You will also receive a certificate upon completion.

#2. Augmented reality and virtual reality Metaverse Business

Metaverse Jobs : Augmented Reality

You will learn the fundamentals of AR/VR in this Udemy course and how to launch a business in the Metaverse. It includes a 4-hour video that explains what augmented reality and virtual reality are, business concepts for AR apps, developer outsourcing to create AR apps, and how to market freelance services in augmented reality and virtual reality. Also, you will obtain a certificate on completion. 

#3. Virtual Reality Specialization

Metaverse Jobs: Virtual Reality Specialization

Coursera is also a great place to take Metaverse courses. You can leverage the Virtual Reality Specialization course on Coursera to kickstart your virtual reality experience. You can join this course for free to learn the basics of virtual reality, 3D graphics, and VR interaction technology. Simply upskill the knowledge of VR and design your own VR applications.

#4. Introduction to AR/VR/MR/XR


This course by Coursera introduces you to a new set of technologies that revolutionize how we communicate with one another. Here, you will discover more about the underlying technologies of XR. Furthermore, you will receive a certification of completion at the end. 

#5. Certified metaverse expert

YouTube video

In this five-hour course, you will learn about the history of web3, how to get started with Metaverse, what it means to be an expert in the field, how to use various metaverse technologies, and also explore numerous use cases. To recognize your efforts, you will receive a certificate for completing the course.

Final Words

While the Metaverse is expanding progressively, there are still some uncertainties. But despite all of that, the Metaverse is here to stay thanks to the new career opportunities it will create for individuals, making it an industry worth following.

It will be worthwhile to investigate the various metaverse companies, as most require only web2 skills. The only difference is it will now be performed in a virtual setting through the integration of various technologies. This makes it relatively easy for people to switch from their web2 job roles to web3 metaverse job roles.

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