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In Latest Tech Last updated: May 26, 2023
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Hello everyone! 🙋We have the following updates for you today! đź“Ł

Microsoft Launches New AI Features and Capabilities to Power Pages

Microsoft announced new AI enhancements via Copilot to Power Pages. The new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in web development transforms how businesses create and launch data-centric websites.

Microsoft Power Pages enable the creation of low-code business websites by empowering all teams, not only developers, resulting in quicker market entry with reduced expenses.

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AI-powered Power Pages enable developers to quickly build secure external websites that better respond to customers. Rather than dedicating ample time to crafting and coding sites, individuals can utilize natural language and intelligent suggestions through tools such as Copilot and Power Pages to accelerate the process. 

Power pages help build web pages with pre-designed templates or custom interfaces and showcase business data with text, videos, images, forms, and lists using feature-rich templates with sample data for scheduling, registration, and applications. 

Users can enhance website functionality with Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Azure DevOps and reduce website security concerns with role-based access controls and Azure’s compliance features.

Microsoft Power pages can help businesses increase productivity and securely create websites that meet customer satisfaction on a larger scale. Sign up for Power Pages to look at the new features and capabilities.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT App Tops 500K Downloads in Just 6 Days

OpenAI released the ChatGPT iOS app free of charge. ChatGPT Plus subscribers get access to GPT-4’s faster response and new features, and voice input is available through an open-source speech-recognition system called Whisper.

A study carried out by, which provides app intelligence, reveals that the app has already garnered over 500,000 downloads within the initial six days since launch, positioning it amongst the most thriving and high-functioning novel apps that have emerged in recent years.


Although OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has limited availability in the United States and on the iOS platform, it has achieved significant success, as indicated by its recent expansion into 11 new international markets.

WireMock Raises $6.5M to Help Developers Test on Mock APIs

Third-party APIs can be unreliable, causing delays and instability. To speed up releases, try WireMock API mocking. WireMock Cloud is a top API mocking framework that provides enterprise support, unlimited scale, and a user-friendly UI.

Some of its top features are testing unstable 3rd party APIs, simulating edge cases and faults, and avoiding unexpected performance testing fees.


As per its blog, the company raised $6.5 million in seed funding from Ridge Ventures, First Rays Venture Partners, and Scribble Ventures. WireMock simplifies service mocking for developers, allowing them to test and develop software without needing the API.

Consequently, it optimizes productivity and speeds up functional code deployment. Thousands of developers rely on it to improve efficiency and decrease time-to-market.

The platform allows manual and automatic application testing and is compatible with Swagger. Users can create dynamic responses using versatile templating language and simulate stateful scenarios with a simple finite state machine model.

Its cloud platform lets you record and replay activity from another API and test your application with introduced delays and defective HTTP payloads.

Memcyco Raises $10 Million to Safeguard Firms Against Brand Theft

Memcyco is a solution to detect and prevent website impersonation in real time, as brandjacking is a widespread cyberattack method worldwide. Memcyco’s PoSA (Proof of Source Authenticity) technology defends against attacks without an agent.


It delivers Zero Day protection and live detection, granting visibility into attempted attack sessions and sending Red Alerts when users visit fake sites. 

Memcyco adopts AI to identify irregular behavior patterns, and PoSA helps spot and warn organizations of potential threats. The company offers digital watermarks for websites to ensure genuine store and safeguard digital assets against infringement.

The company’s blog states that it has raised $10 million in seed funding led by Capri Ventures and Venture Guides. Memcyco aims to reduce brand and customer damage, promote trust, and limit barriers to user interaction with digital properties. By doing so, they enhance brand reputation and foster trust among end users.

Some of its features include protecting against cyber-attacks with Proof of Source Authenticity, Safeguard customers, investigating incidents, & deploy quickly via SaaS.

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