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If you’re someone who frequently drives for work or personal reasons, keeping track of your mileage manually can be a hassle. 📝

Luckily, several mileage tracking apps are now available to automate the entire process and make your drive stress-free.

Whether you’re looking to analyze your driving habits, manage your expenses, or even improve your fuel efficiency, these apps have got you covered!

Down the lane, we’ll share how mileage tracking help analyze your driving habits. And then list the top mileage-tracking apps in the market.

What Is Mileage Tracking?

Mileage tracking means keeping a record of the miles covered and expenses made while driving from point A to B.

In particular, the process is common among ride-sharing drivers or companies like Uber, which need to record and analyze driving habits time-to-time for a better experience.

Earlier, mileage tracking involved you penning down your odometer reading at the beginning and end of each trip. Fortunately, the tiresome process is no longer in play.

With the advent of technology, mileage tracking has evolved to an extent where there are apps specifically designed to automate the entire process. Go beyond just tracking mileage. 

Benefits of Mileage Tracking Apps

#1. Accurate Mileage Tracking

Let us ask: What would you trust for tracking accurate miles: AI-powered applications or manually logged numbers?

For the majority, AI-powered mileage tracking apps are a go-to choice. And they have their reasons.

Firstly, these apps use GPS to track your ride, removing the guesswork from your books. Plus, you can be assured that the data is accurate and can be used as records for tax, reimbursement, and accounting purposes.

Secondly, mileage tracking apps eliminate the risk of human malpractices by entering false travel data for personal gains. (the world is not always kind 😪)

Considering both aspects, a mileage tracking app is your best shot for analyzing driving habits via data-driven insights.

#2. Saves Time

Manually tracking mileage can be time-consuming, especially for businesses that heavily rely on vehicles for daily operations.

Eventually, modern-day mileage tracking apps come with advanced features like comparing past and present data, estimating future miles or expenses, providing tax-ready reports, and much more.

When your mind is free from reporting and administrative tasks, you can get more done for your business. Imagine what you could do if you were less bogged down by administrative tasks.

#3. Tax-Saving

If driving is essential to your job, we have some tax-free news for you. 🤑

Hold on; we’re getting ready to talk tax!

So, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers to claim deductions for the use of vehicles. This includes driving costs, gas, repair, tolls, maintenance, etc.

But availing the benefits ain’t easy, my friend. To avail of them, you must log odometer readings from the beginning and end of a qualifying trip, along with its purpose and date.

Having so much to write down after each trip would be tiresome for people who drive frequently. 

So why not use mileage tracking apps to track mileage, create expense reports, and get tax-read reports on the go?

Additionally, some mileage tracking apps offer features such as fuel tracking, which can help you monitor your fuel consumption and identify areas for cost-cutting.

#4. Integration with Other Apps

Most mileage-tracking apps integrate with third-party productivity apps, such as calendars, expense trackers, accounting software, and more, making it easier to manage your travel-related tasks.

Besides, these apps present the data collected from third-party apps in a unified dashboard, giving you an at-a-glance overview of your driving habits.

#5. Automated Reports

The same app you use to track mileage can also help you create and share reports on the go. 

Most apps offer unlimited report creation and even provide pre-built reporting templates such as tax-ready reports, again helping you avoid the financial jargon.

That said, we reviewed the best mileage-tracking apps that streamline your driving habits and enhance productivity without costing much.


Solo is a cloud-based app that allows small businesses, rideshare drivers, and freelancers to automate the entire mileage tracking process. The app lets you create custom income sources and automatically track or manage them from a unified dashboard. 


  • Easily categorize expenses based on work or personal; automatically track and record work-related mileage and other expenses like gas, repairs, and maintenance. 
  • Get real-time tax projections based on past income and expense records
  • Integrates with accounting tools such as QuickBooks and Xero, making it easy to import mileage and expense data into accounting software
  • Community-driven pay predictions to help you know what you’ll make daily (if you don’t earn what’s predicted, Solo will guarantee the difference in income!)

Solo’s pay predictions have guaranteed $8M+ to its customers. The platform is trusted by the likes of Amazon Flex, Uber, Instacart, and more.

Download: Android | iOS


Stride’s robust mileage and tax tracker app is designed for rideshare drivers to automatically log miles, calculate profits, and simplify tax reporting with tax-ready reports. The platform delivers portable benefits to top companies like Uber, Etsy, Fiverr, and DoorDash.


  • Inter-link accounts with Stride to track mileage, expenses, and profits; add photos of receipts and other expenses as you drive another mile
  • Built-in TurboTax to generate IRS-ready tax reports and get tax-expert advice on tax-deductions
  • Quickly estimate your tax withholding and build strategies with the accounting department to avail of tax benefits 
  • Over 100,000+ exclusive local discounts on gas, car repairs, and other expenses to save big bucks on the job

Stride has helped over 3 million people save over $3.7 Billion. It’s perfect for rideshare drivers or delivery executives to record everything they go through while driving for business or making deliveries over the miles.

Download: Android | iOS


Hurdlr intuitive app lets you automatically track mileage, income, and expenses made for business purposes via different income streams, ensuring you never miss out on potential deductions. The app is easy-to-use and designed for almost everyone– from self-employed people to enterprise-level businesses- it caters to them all. 


  • Integrates with thousands of leading banks; also third-party apps like Uber, FreshBooks, Stripe, and Paypal to automatically import your income and expenses
  • Get real-time tax estimates based on your past tax statements, helping you to stay on top of your finances throughout the year.
  • Easy to create and send professional-looking invoices to your clients and tax-ready reports to the accounts department 
  • With Hurdlr pro, you get easy-to-understand Income Statement (P&L), Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and more without the accounting jargon and complexity

Although Hurdlr is not free, it offers versatile pricing for consultants, sales, e-commerce, retail, freelancer, and drivers.

Download: Android | iOS


Everlance helps businesses of all sizes track mileage, file taxes, and get maximum reimbursement. The platform has helped over a million customers save dollars. For the most part, it’s best for the manufacturing, construction, and distribution industries. 


  • Accurate mileage tracking using GPS to reimburse your team with justified and IRS standard mileage rates
  • Get fixed and variable reimbursements based on zip code and car type; easily download tax-ready reports for IRS
  • Integrate credit cards, upload receipts, share and get approvals on expense reports with a click
  • Set up a multi-level approval process before approving a report or initiating a tax deduction or payment
  • Download beautiful Excel or PDF reports of your mileage & expenses from your phone or online dashboard.

Everlance offers some out-of-the-box features like tracking work hours, favorite trips, and more. Most teams using Everlance have seen a 30% reduction in reimbursement costs, mainly due to shifting from a manual to a GPS tracking process.

Download: Android | iOS


MileIQ’s easy-to-use interface allows rideshare or independent drivers to track miles and claim reimbursements with a click. It is the most sought-after mileage tracking application on our list.


  • MileIQ runs in the background on your phone while you drive, so you need not block your mobile for tracking mileage anymore
  • Swipe to classify the trip as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’; view mileage and expenses logged instantly using MileIQ’s easy-to-read dashboard
  • Create dynamic reports via the mobile app or use the web portal for more advanced features
  • Bank-grade security to ensure complete security of the personal and transactional data collected and shared inside the app’s ecosystem

MileIQ has logged over 80 Bn miles on the app and reimbursed over $10Bn. The app is designed to save time and reduce the hassle of manually tracking mileage, making it a valuable tool for anyone who needs to keep track of their business driving for tax or reimbursement purposes.

Download: Android | iOS


SherpaShare is quite a popular app among rideshare drivers. Its AI-powered application has helped save over $6000 in taxes and increase the hourly pay by up to 30%. Besides, SherpaShare also offers affordable health insurance benefits for your employees.


  • Built-in driving tools like Hotspot and Compass to analyze past fares and recommend profitable routes for drivers
  • Easily track mileage and expenses, view historical data, and share reports with clients in a click
  • Get exclusive deals on an array of driving services like insurance, gas, tax deductions, and more
  • Become a part of the largest driver community in the world and learn from the experiences of other fellow drivers

SherpaShare is your go-to mileage-tracking app if you require detailed analytics and insights into your driving habits without spending a premium amount.

Download: Android | iOS


Rydoo is an all-in-one expense management tool that streamlines your business’s on-road operations. From mileage and expense tracking to receipt scanning and reimbursement – it does it all for you.

The platform is trusted by over 1M+ customers, including the likes of Deloitte, Swiss, WeTransfer, and more.


  • Rydoo’s smart scanning technology extracts all the relevant information from your receipts, helping you escape the manual data entry process
  • Get an all-in-one dashboard that shows all your expenses in one place, giving you complete visibility over your finances.
  • Automated approval workflows allow you to set up custom approval rules, ensuring that all expenses are reviewed and approved promptly
  • Integrates with third-party apps and accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and more, making tax time a breeze

Besides, Rydoo’s integration with Slack is a boost to team collaboration. With a click, you can also access Rydoo insights to spot anomalies, identify opportunities, and forecast expenses.

Download: Android | iOS


Shoeboxed is an all-in-one finance tracking and management app. It has helped millions of businesses to extract information from physical receipts and transform them into systematic reports.


  • Easily capture and digitize receipts and other important documents using Shoeboxed’s mobile app or web uploader; auto-import receipts from Gmail
  • Use Shoeboxed’s built-in GPS technology to track and log your mileage for accurate reimbursement and tax purposes.
  • Connect Shoeboxed with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero for effortless expense tracking and bookkeeping.
  • Generate detailed reports that fit your specific needs and easily export them for sharing with your team or accountant

Shoeboxed was awarded as the best receipt tracking app last year by Forbes. And apparently, users find the app super easy to use. It has a 4.5 rating on mobile stores and is among the top review sites like Capterrs and G2Crowd.

Download: Android | iOS


FreshBooks is a feather in the cap for business and ride-sharing drivers. Its easy-to-use mobile app allows you to track mileage, record expenses, and file tax returns without exiting the app’s ecosystem.


  • Automatically log each mile covered or every expense made while driving for business
  • Easily download and share mileage, expense, and tax reports with your team via email 
  • Just swipe your screen to classify a trip as business or personal; easily turn on/off mileage tracking via a toggle
  • Check mileage allowance rates for your country or locality within the app to get exclusive deals

And, of course, join the fleet of over 30 million users who’ve already logged 500+ hours with the FreshBook’s mileage tracking app.

Download: Android | iOS

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense helps you grind deeper into your driving habits. It lets you track mileage in four different ways– based on GPS, distance covered, point-to-point map location, and odometer reading. We didn’t ask for much.


  • Auto-calculate your mileage expenses with 100% accuracy using any method, as we stated above
  • Set up specific mileage rates for different policies, departments, or cost centers
  • Generate analytical mileage reports for each user and optimize reports with company policies for easy tax-filings
  • Direct Feed Integration (DFI) to connect corporate cards with the Zoho Expense app and speed up the reconciliation process

Zoho Expense offers GDPR-compliant tax filing. However, if you still mess up, the app sends real-time notifications regarding policy violations, duplicate entries, and fraudulent behavior in your application or tax-focused reports. 

Download: Android | iOS

My Personal Opinion

According to me, Everlance and Zoho expenses are the best of their time mileage tracking apps. But that doesn’t mean I ignore other apps.  Each application mentioned in the post has one or the other use cases. So try to choose the one that best fits your organizational needs.

You may also look at these GPS time-tracking apps.

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