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In Collaboration Last updated: August 21, 2023
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We love working from home, don’t we? Mainly because it’s part work, part naps, and part cleaning your house. But more important, because it is so convenient and efficient at the same time.

Now, how did we get here? Who would have thought this to be the ‘new normal’? Statistics show that there are almost three times more remote jobs than in 2020. Research has also shown that employees are happier and more inclined to work for companies that provide this kind of flexibility.

Well, it took an entire pandemic, some user-friendly technology, and a lot of great remote working tools for this.

remote working

Speaking of great remote working tools, any company that has perfected a remote/hybrid working model has made use of a lot of software. A survey conducted by TrustRadius has shown that two-thirds of businesses are investing in web conferencing software.

For task tracking, collaborative working, or employee interaction, there are many tools in the market. Another flip side to this – with so many available tools in the market, how do you decide which one is the best for your business?

And that’s where we come in with Miro.

What Is Miro?

Miro (formerly known as RealTimeBoard) is a visual collaboration tool founded in 2011. It is a visual platform that allows your team to work together in this era of hybrid workspaces without any loss in productivity. It is a tool for businesses, big and small (because size doesn’t matter for Miro 😛) and even places like schools, NPOs, and consultants.

It has been a choice for some of the top companies out there, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, we are here to tell you exactly how Miro can help your organization!

How Can Miro Help You?

Miro has a great many use cases for different aspects of your organization. Its flexible whiteboard, multiple templates, and innovative, collaborative functions will allow your team to incorporate Miro as an everyday tool in every facet of their work. Let us see how you can use Miro for these different use cases –

#1. Meetings & Workshops

A big part of remote working is holding online meetings and workshops. Now, A simple Google Meet or Zoom may no longer cut it. Because meetings aren’t just about talking anymore, there’s much more to it. And this is where Miro helps out.

Not only does Miro provide you with a platform for online meetings, but its variety of templates also makes the meeting more fun, interactive, and creative. Whether it’s an –

  • ice breaker meeting with a set of fresh joiners,
  • or a daily standup meeting,
  • or an agenda meeting
  • or even an emotional wheel activity for a little team bonding,

Miro’s templates are right here for you. It has a total of 56 templates just for meetings and workshops. It gives a sort of in-person feeling to employees and also facilitates better productivity during remote work. And to add to that, it also has an option to add sounds and music to your meetings!

#2. Brainstorming

Innovation and creativity come best when everyone works together. And Miro’s infinite canvas makes it even more fun! You can choose a template for your brainstorming board out of hundreds of templates available on Miro, such as –

  • sticky notes pack template
  • six thinking hat template
  • reverse brainstorming template
  • random words template

and so on! In fact, there are more than 300 of them! Go wild, little one. The tool has even more features that help your team brainstorm better.

You can democratize your process through anonymous voting, organize your process through keyword search and manage your whiteboard for future references. You can also capture physical boards with their Stickies capture feature and allow your team to annotate.

Their virtual canvas has a feature of Frames that helps you organize your stuff better and makes it easier for the team to plan. Talk about integrating your physical and digital space! And lastly, track your entire idea through the pipeline from ideation to execution!

#3. Project Management

Managing a project all at once isn’t easy. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, either. Projects need to be taken one day and one task at a time. Now these multiple tasks and people need to be managed and kept track of. That may be difficult unless you have Miro to do it for you!

Miro is a great tool that will visualize your tasks, subtasks, and dependencies to help you understand actionable work to achieve your project. It develops project alignment across cross-functional teams to keep everyone in the loop regarding work and progress. Here are some Miro features that make project management so much easier –

  • Mind mapping and user story mapping features help visualize tasks better and design the workflow better to develop a work breakdown structure.
  • Miro’s task tracking feature gives you a bird’s eye view of all information to ensure no task falls through the cracks.
  • Tools such as PI Planning, brainwriting, and more allow project managers to better prepare for meetings and conduct better workshops for team upskilling.
  • Centralize Kanban boards, Gantt charts, RACI matrices, and user story maps to enable transparency throughout the project.

#4. Sales Function

We love Miro for being the best remote collaboration tool, but its function for the sales team is definitely a bonus! Miro is an organizational and collaborative tool that helps streamline the sales function and enhances customer relationship management. Let’s look at which of Miro’s functions are useful to our sales teams!

  • Miro’s visual canvas is a great way of visualizing sales planning and strategy. One can use the different whiteboard templates to plan their market strategy, highlight key prospects, track leads, perform competitive analysis, and plan campaigns.
  • Miro’s customer journey mapping will help the sales teams effectively track their customers through the sales funnel. This also helps them identify the most effective touchpoints, customer pain points, and areas of development. Visual representation of leads and sales cycles also helps the team with sales pipeline management.
  • Create playbooks, visual training material, guides, etc., using Miro’s visual canvas and improve your sales team’s training and development.
  • Miro’s vast list of integrations also includes CRM tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc., that help your sales team access all their work in one place.

#5. Hybrid Working

Bringing you the star of the evening – hybrid work. Miro is one of the most accessible and intuitive tools when it comes to remote working. It allows for seamless collaboration whether you feel like putting on pants and going to the office or drowning in Doritos on your bed. Let’s take a look at Miro’s remote work features –

  • Meetings in Miro extend beyond the mediums of just text, audio, and video. Your team can get on a board at the same time to create, innovate, and collaborate.
  • Plus, Miro works with all devices, from tablets to smartphones!
  • Customize Miro to your needs with its 100+ apps and integrations.
  • Use bi-directional syncing, automation, and natively embedded Miro boards to get the most out of your existing tools and to sync everything.

Now that we’ve seen some of the use cases that Miro can have for your organization let’s understand some of the features of the tool that make it stand out.

Miro’s Unique Features

Here are some features that make Miro unique and why it should be the right choice for your company’s work!

#1. Diagramming

Nothing makes work easier than creating a visually appealing chart about it. In fact, nearly 70% of Miro users surveyed use Miro to create diagrams and map out processes. Miro has a variety of unique tools that help you create the most intuitive and representative workflow diagrams. Make use of basic flow charts, BPMN, UML diagram tools, complex network architecture, and more for diagramming.

Miro’s extensive flowchart template library with its swimlane diagram, data flow diagram, opportunity solution tree, and many more is there for you every time you need to map out a new process or repurpose existing ones.


#2. Agile Workflow

Miro has a number of features to help you supercharge your agile workflow through its various features. You can make your sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint reviews, and retrospectives interactive and engage remote users using Miro’s Agile Workflows.

Import tasks from additional tools like Jira, Asana, Rally, Azure, or even your spreadsheets into Miro and align your workflows in real-time. And lastly, visualize your tasks and dependencies to put your ideas into action using their customizable Kanban boards.

#3. Miroverse

If you’re bored of the latest Marvel movies and looking for a new fandom, Miroverse might be the place for you. It is a common forum where you can access what others have created using Miro and take inspiration from it.

So if you’re still looking for ideas even after the thousands of templates Miro has already made for you (very unlikely that you would), you can come and check out the boards at Miroverse and search for them by topic, company, or creator!


#4. Wireframing

Now we’re wondering if there’s anything that Miro can’t do. Create lo-fi templates for website pages and product screens in a jiffy with Miro’s wireframe templates and UI library. Miro integrates with platforms like IconFinder and Unsplash to allow you instant access to graphics. Use frames to show multiple web or product screens and connect them using features like arrows and Links to showcase flow.

What Makes Miro The Best Tool?

The best thing about Miro, even after everything we just told you, is that you can use Miro instead of using ten other tools for different purposes.

Miro caters to functionalities that a tool like Asana can do, such as task and project management. But what it can also do is visualize your tasks and workflow at the same time, making it more remotely collaborative, and its templates allow for more creativity, flexibility, and ease of use. At the same time, Miro also trumps tools like Trello in the variety of visual formats it offers apart from Kanban boards.

It has more integrations and thousands of pre-existing templates than other competitors in the market. It provides an end-to-end integration of your work that many other tools are yet to imagine. And additionally, the user interface and ease of use make your experience very smooth and easy on the eyes.

How Can You Get Miro?

Just visit Miro’s website today and sign up with your email for a free trial. Check everything that we’ve said about Miro so far. Once you want to upgrade to a plan, Miro’s sales team will help you get the best plan for you. They have three different kinds of plans –

  1. Starter – Starts at $8 per member/month billed annually or $10 billed monthly.
  2. Business – Starts at $16 per member/month billed annually or $20 billed monthly.
  3. Enterprise – Customizable basis the features you want.

They have a 24×7 support team available to help you in case of anything and will be the utmost helpful in training you for their app. They also have a wide variety of support documents that will make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Final Words!

Now we can safely say that we have told you as much about Miro as you should know before you try it out. We absolutely love the platform and know that it is the solution that your business needs! So head over to Miro’s website today and try on that magic for yourself!

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