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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Content is available everywhere, and everyone’s trying to monetize it. Are you also trying to do the same? Read further to get some ideas.

The growth of the internet has led to an increase in the number of content available to viewers. The internet has provided people from different sectors of life with a way to share their knowledge, thoughts, views, and skills with many people.

It’s no doubt that content creation and content writing is one of the most desirable fields of work. It’s because it pays and increases the worker’s creativity. 

Now, if you’re wondering where content creators earn money comes from, then the answer is content monetization. Yes! You can monetize or “earn” money from the content you write. There are various ways and benefits of monetizing your content. 

Monetizing content has come into a trend in recent times. More people have started to think of ways through which they can earn money and also showcase their content. Another plus point of monetizing content is that you would feel appreciated and rewarded when you make it. 

What is Content Monetization?

To better understand content monetization, let us first understand what monetization means. The process by which a person or an organization transforms otherwise non-cash-generating things or services into cash flows is referred to as “monetizing.” Finding new or unusual income streams is sometimes the first step toward monetization. 


When website owners monetize their websites by making spaces accessible to advertising, they make money from the several kinds of material published on their sites. This is an example of monetization. Social media networks that monetize by selling specific user data to the highest bidder are another example of doing so. 

Since it is essential to an organization’s strategic planning, the monetization process is crucial to developing any given firm or entity. Indeed, today’s entrepreneurs and investors are interested in discovering creative methods to convert traditionally neutral or expensive corporate functions into profit centers. 

Now let us understand what content monetization is. Utilizing material to generate income from those who see it is known as content monetization. You can get payment from users directly or third-party adverting items via your content.

The most popular and successful methods of receiving money directly from customers are subscriber-only access and online courses, and from other parties are influencer marketing, product endorsements, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

Benefits of Content Monetization

Making your content monetizable is a smart strategy to raise your publication’s stature and give your paying viewers a sense of importance. You foster a sense of uniqueness when you place a portion or all of your material behind subscription services or memberships. Many readers are willing to pay for unique material. 

Offering unique, exclusive material only accessible through membership or small charges will make it easier for you to stand out from other publications. You must put more time and effort into creating outstanding content as soon as you start to sell it. Additionally, if your material is profitable, you’ll have the funds to hire better authors or expand your staff of writers.

By monetizing your content, you can establish various revenue sources. Instead of depending just on sales of products, services, or paper subscriptions, you may create several other revenue streams. You can improve reader loyalty to your publication by monetizing your content using membership or micropayments. 

People are more devoted to a company or newspaper if they invest in it by subscribing to it. Subscription holders have an interest in the success of the publication. They are more inclined to spread the word about it than non-holders. A priceless by-product of selling your content is reader loyalty.

What Is Notion?

Notion is a single workspace that allows you to write, plan, work with others, and organize yourself. You can organize projects, create tasks, and take notes.

Notion gives you the building blocks to design your workspaces and toolbox. Notion is sometimes called an “internal wiki” that enables groups and individuals to organize their projects, tasks, and objectives. 

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You can organize using a Kanban view, a calendar, or a straightforward list view in this workspace in addition to writing in a stunning, clutter-free environment and creating your wiki with limitless levels of material.

Lastly, it provides extra tools to document your processes and everything you do while producing databases and spreadsheets. Notion functions on all platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the Web.

What Is Airtable?

Airtable is a user-friendly project management tool that integrates and saves data as spreadsheets and aids in organizing and structuring business teams’ data workloads. It is a cutting-edge spreadsheet program with database capabilities.

Similar to relational databases, it is a cloud-based collaborative data platform. Companies can employ it to store, distribute, and change data. As a database tool, Airtable can be useful for those starting their first legitimate business. Established firms, however, use the platform to coordinate their objectives across all divisions.

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Although they are not identical, an Airtable file and a spreadsheet appear similarly. In reality, it manages a relational database or data that ties together. However, this does not imply that you require a relational database to begin using Airtable.  

When working with a lot of data, Airtable is much simpler to analyze conceptually than Excel Spreadsheet. Spreadsheets cannot compare to Airtable’s capabilities for data kinds. You can add virtually any document to an area designated for attachments, including huge films, PDFs, presentations, and photos.

How Will Monetizing Airtable and Notion Help You?

Airtable and Notion are two platforms that are greatly helping people in organizing their tasks. If you’re wondering how monetizing content on these platforms will benefit you, the answer is given below. 

  • As an all-in-one workspace that enables you to create your custom processes, Notion is unparalleled software. Thus, the only restriction on the things you may construct with this tool is your creativity. 
  • The traditional method of earning money with Notion is by producing templates for Notion workplaces. You merely need to sell your creation on Gumroad or one of the many other marketplaces after sharing it on social media. By creating high-quality templates and coming up with original or unconventional solutions, you can earn a respectable living.
  • Drawing graphics in the Notion style can be an appealing job for you if design interests you more than coding. In reality, there is a great demand for images or icons in the Notion style. The issue with templates is that customers need to alter them to suit their requirements. 
  • Customization is challenging, and many users lack the time or energy to go into Notion to make the desired adjustments truly. A growing number of people are using the service of creating personalized workspaces for themselves or their companies.
  • It is easier for freelance writers to maintain their workload and have more time to seek new writing clients when they keep track of and arrange their client writing tasks. For growth-oriented freelance writers, using technology like Airtable to optimize your writing is an obvious choice.
  • Today’s busy freelancers are fortunate as there are many automated tricks you may utilize to increase your productivity. Increasing your reliance on Airtable is wise whether you want to make document creation quicker and simpler or if you wish to improve client communication simply. 

Next, we will explore the tools for Monetizing Airtable and Notion.


As we have discussed before, there are many ways in which you can earn money on platforms like Airtable and Notion. There’s no doubt that using some additional tools that facilitate the process of monetizing money is a plus. Given below are tools that help monetize your content on Airtable and Notion. 

#1. Paytable

Paytable is the ideal solution to monetize your curated bases, including research goods, information databases, lead-magnet curated galleries, job vacancies, resource lists, calendars, and anything else that might benefit your audience.

It has never been simpler to monetize Airtable and Notion data. Paytable eliminates the problem of providing genuine Airtable and Notion shared view URLs. So, there are no longer any leaked access links. 


You may charge a one-time fee or a monthly subscription to access some or all of your Airtable or Notion bases using this tool. With Paytable, you can manage subscriptions, charge for access using Stripe or Gumroad, and quickly embed the widget into your website. Your Airtable and Notion shared view URLs are also hidden.

#2. Softr

Softr is a framework that enables developers to build marketing websites and dynamic web apps. To begin creating an app, there is no learning curve.

Users may access their contacts and exchange information without having to worry about code. Any template may be altered to provide your projects with special features and functionality. 

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To make your website more engaging and interesting to the intended audience, you could add restricted content, payments, upvoting, and comments. This is how Softr creates an Airtable and Notion-based website, web application, or portal.

Any firm can use Softr without code to bring in income. Small enterprises and nonprofit organizations can even use the free version. The website’s main page also provides access to the platform’s documentation and support.

Author’s Note

The key to efficient working is proper management and organization. Airtable and Notion are two platforms that play a very big role in the work life of employees, employers, and individuals. Monetizing content on these platforms has provided the writers with a source of income but has also helped in motivating and guiding the writers.

The tools like Paytable and Softr are helping individuals in earning income while focusing on their creative sides. Lastly, these tools have become a boon in the lives of people who want to get away from the monotonous work life and earn through the creative content they write. 

Content monetization can be a fantastic side job or perhaps your full-time job if you have expertise and experience in a certain field, receive plenty of engagement from your followers, and notice an increase in new followers.

There is never a better moment than now to begin monetizing your content. All you need to do is keep in mind to unwind and be open to trying new things.

Next, you can check out tools to supercharge Airtable.

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