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YouTube isn’t just a video-streaming platform anymore. It’s a home for creators to put out content, get recognized, and earn money through it!

You all are habitual with YouTube. It is a popular video-sharing platform offering its subscribers a vast range of entertainment. However, YouTube has become a go-to source of entertainment nowadays. This platform has also shaped content creation and revolutionized business and marketing.

Moreover, this video-sharing platform offers numerous opportunities to earn money from your content. 

However, YouTube is a platform on which you can share your talent with the world. You can turn your views into dollars by creating your channel and monetizing it. Now, creators can not only follow their passion but also pursue it.

Today, in this article, we’ll read about how to monetize your YouTube channel and turn views into dollars. Let’s check into various strategies and steps to help monetize your channel without delay. I must say that this is the best opportunity for people who are into creating video content.

Reasons behind the popularity of this video-sharing platform: YouTube

Most people nowadays use YouTube as their primary source of entertainment, but it is also a popular platform for content creators. However, content creators can use this platform to direct viewers to their content and channel.

YouTube has evolved from a consuming platform into a marketplace for steadfastly creating your content. There are several factors contributing to its success in society. A few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Vast and Diverse Content – Users can search videos according to their needs on any topic, as an extensive range of content is available on this platform. 
  1. User-friendly Interface – YouTube is an easy-to-use platform. Even a toddler can find videos based on his interests. This platform is easy to access from various devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, and many more. 
  1. Innovative – YouTube keeps adapting changes to keep the platform up-to-date to meet evolving user demands and stay relevant. 
  1. Monetization Options – This application offers multiple ways to earn money. Multiple monetization opportunities have made it an attractive platform for content creators. An individual can turn his passion into a career to earn through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and brand deals. 

Lastly, the increasing popularity of YouTube is due to its availability of vast resources, ability to connect people, and adaptation to evolve according to changing times. Let’s put a glaze on the ways to monetize your YouTube channel seamlessly. 

What is YouTube Monetization?  

Firstly, let’s know about monetization. It is the process of generating revenue from your service or content. Monetizing an account is the dream of every creator wanting to grow. You need to monetize your account to turn your passion into a full-time job. Creating a channel isn’t enough to earn money via your channel.

You must fulfill a few criteria, such as having 1K+ subscribers and 4K+ watch hours over the past 12 months. 

Furthermore, the simplest way to monetize your YouTube account is through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Moreover, your content should be creative and understandable to attract an audience. All these ways require dedication, creativity, and persistence. However, to get a successful channel will take time, so stay committed to your passion. 

In addition, the revenue you will get by turning views into dollars will be divided between you and YouTube. YouTube content creators will get 55% of the revenue, whereas YouTube will take the remaining 45%.

Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Let’s have a look at the ways by which you can attract an audience to turn them into a source of income. 

  1. Ad revenue: This is the simplest way to get paid. YouTube displays ads before or after your video. Creators earn in this via the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). 
  1. Sponsorship: The creators partner with a brand or a company to sponsor their content on your videos. However, creators are paid for promoting their services. 
  1. Super features: Creators can get features such as super chat, super stickers, and many more to highlight their chat during live streaming.
  1. Creating fan clubs: You can create a club for which your dedicated fans will pay a subscription fee to access your content. 
  1. Collaboration: Creators can collaborate with other YouTubers to expand their viewers. 
  1. Affiliates: Affiliate programs can send your audience to another page via an affiliate link. If the user tends to make any purchase, they will earn a commission.
  1. Channel membership: Creators can offer channel membership to their subscribers. They can offer monthly or yearly subscriptions for their content. 
  1. Merchandise: YouTubers can generate revenue by selling branded merchandise to their subscribers on the platform. For this, one must have at least 10,000 subscribers.
  1. YouTube Shorts: Creators can earn via making Shorts. You don’t need to be a part of YPP to receive this one. 
  1. YouTube Premium: The Premium version of YouTube allows users the benefits of subscription revenue payments. This payment depends upon the premium members who watch your videos. 

Lastly, remember to select monetization methods that will boost your content. You can combine multiple ways to get revenue for a more stable income. In addition, maintaining transparency and trust with your audience can help you in the long run. 

Eligibility Requirements to Monetize a YouTube Channel 

As we know, eligibility criteria are a must. Eligibility criteria help in maintaining a level of quality on the platforms. If a YouTuber wants to monetize their channel, they must meet eligibility criteria set by YouTube. These criteria exist to maintain the integrity of the platform. 

First of all, creators have to learn the YouTube Partner Program requirements. The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) gives creators greater access to YouTube resources. YPP also allows creators to access the Creator Support team. 

YouTube monetization policies that one should follow:

  • YouTubers must follow the YouTube Channel Monetization Policies.
  • Your channel on YouTube should not have any active Community Guidelines strikes. 
  • Creators must have an active AdSense account that they’ll link to their channel. This helps in the promotion of the channel. 
  • 2-Step Verification should be turned on for your Google Account for security purposes. 
  • It must be within copyright laws. 

You can apply for YouTube Partner Programme membership if you meet all the above criteria. If you want YouTube to notify you when you’re eligible, you can tap Notify me when I’m eligible.

You’ll get an email once you’ve met the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • Your account must have 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • One thousand subscribers with 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days. 

After meeting all these requirements for YouTube sets, you can apply for monetization. Below, I have highlighted the steps to make your monetization process seamless. 

How to Apply for YouTube Monetization

With proper guidance, applying for YouTube monetization can become seamless for creators. To apply to the YouTube Partner Program, an individual needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open YouTube
  • Log into your Google Account connected with your channel.
  • Tap YouTube Studio from the menu
  • Tap on the ‘Earn’ option.
  • Read all the instructions thoroughly.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Link your AdSense Account to your channel. 
  • Set your monetization preferences. 
  • Return to the dashboard. 
  • Select the ‘Analytics’ tab present on the left side.
  • Select revenue and set up Ad preferences.
  • Continue creating more content to keep your audience engaged. 

In addition to these, if the YouTube Partner Program rejects your application, don’t panic. You can wait for 21-30 days to reapply. Delays are possible due to higher application submissions. Moreover, you can turn ON monetization features and get paid for your passion. However, there’s no limit to reapplying for YPP. 

Importance of diversifying the revenue streams on YouTube

Diversifying revenue streams involve generating revenue from various sources without relying on a single source. This is a crucial strategy that must be balanced for content creators. Moreover, diversification can enhance income and reduce the risk of falters. By stepping into different opportunities and sources, creators can earn more than earlier. 

Furthermore, expanding bandwidth can make creators more adaptable and ease the process of getting more revenue. Moreover, this process can also open up new chances for growth. Creators may discover new markets or audiences by offering a vast range of content. Finally, diversification can upgrade your content and help creators to create more robust content. 

In addition, by reducing risk and increasing income, you can expand the longevity of your channel for long-term success. However, increasing revenue motivates you to grow and expand more. Lastly, earning through multiple sources is much better than relying on one. Now, let me walk you through the importance of creating high-quality content. 

What is the importance of creating high-quality content on YouTube? 

Creating consistent, high-quality content can maximize income and build a successful online presence on the platform. One of the most effective ways to grow audience engagement is to stay consistent.

Consistent, high-quality content can attract a large crowd and keep them engaged. High-quality content can capture the audience’s attention, reinforcing a positive impression. 

Having active subscribers can boost your impressions and help you get high revenue. This engagement boosts the visibility of your channel. Furthermore, quality content will help you build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. Keep in mind that more viewers ultimately increase your revenue potential. Moreover, this will open doors to various diversification opportunities. 

In addition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make your content visible by ranking it higher in search results. This visibility can drive organic traffic and result in boosting your revenue.

YouTube often allows consistent YouTubers to appear in recommendations. So, if you want a diverse revenue stream, remember to create valuable content. Lastly, creating high-quality content can strengthen the foundation of your channel. 

What are the things creators should avoid being content creators on YouTube?

As we know, YouTube allows creators to do anything, but remember that there are some barriers, too. However, starting a career on YouTube is an exciting, joyful, and creative task. There are a few things to avoid to achieve long-term success. First, avoid misleading YouTube thumbnails, which can ruin your relationship with your viewers.

There are a few guidelines that everyone on YouTube must follow. However, overnight success is a myth. Creators must create relevant content to prove their value to their audience. Thus, this free-to-access platform seeks dedication, consistency, and high-quality content for success. 

Furthermore, creators must refrain from investing in their channel’s promotion as this over-investment may result in debt without any viable return. The main focus should be on increasing views and subscribers. Participate and share your content where you find it relevant. Excessive self-promoting can be considered as spamming. 

Moreover, copying others’ content can affect the growth of your channel. Neglecting SEO can stop you from ranking in search engines. Creators must take some time to learn about SEO. In addition, updating your content according to trends and audience interest can elevate your growth.


To sum up, creating valuable content carries a tremendously successful future ahead. With proper guidance about monetization, earning revenue for your passion can become straightforward. Moreover, creators can elevate their accounts to the next level of success by creating engaged content for their audience.

I have highlighted a few ways to monetize your channel in this article. Monetization can elevate your channel’s potential. By following the ways mentioned earlier, you can seamlessly increase your views. Moreover, you can turn your views into dollars via monetization.

You may also explore some best ways to promote your YouTube channel.

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